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AC4 Antocha Wreck

Antocha Wreck

The Antocha wreck was a shipwreck located in the Charlotte region of the Caribbean. Home to several sharks, it was explored by the pirate Edward Kenway during the early 18th century.

While searching the wreck of the ill-fated galleon Antocha, Edward managed to locate and loot several treasure chests that had sunk with the ship, gaining money and an upgrade plan for his own vessel, the Jackdaw.


  • The ship's name is a variation of the Atocha, a real Spanish galleon that sank in a treasure fleet off Florida in 1622. Its treasure was salvaged in the 1980s.
  • If Edward returned to the wreck, a tentacle coming from within the captain's quarters could be seen beckoning him. Looking through one of the room's windows would then trigger a short cutscene in which a white whale was attacked by a giant squid.



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