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Antikles (died 420s BCE) was a Greek male who lived in the Sacred Plains of Demeter in Attika, Greece during the Peloponnesian War.


At some point during the war, Antikles was one of the two suitors, alongside Pelenos, who sought to marry Leda, a farmer and the daughter of Leda and Barnabas, a captain of the Adrestia. Leda had inherited the estate from her mother after her death. Believing both Pelonos and Antikles to be after the estate and wealth, Leda rejected them numerous times, eventually resorting to hiding in a cave near the farm.[1]

Eventually, Leda sought the aid of her father Barnabas, who was revealed to be alive, and the misthios Kassandra to deal with the suitors. They travelled to the Sanctuary of Eleusis, killing both Antikles and Pelenos.[1]


  • The name Antikles is derived from the word "anti" (αντι) meaning "against", combined with "kleos" (κλεος) meaning "glory". It was also the name of an Athenian athlete who won the stadion race in the Olympic Games in 340 BCE.



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