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Anthony Del Col (born 27 August 1977) is a writer who has worked on several Assassin's Creed transmedia projects, primarily for comics published by Titan Comics. With his writing partner Conor McCreery, with whom he previously co-wrote the series Kill Shakespeare, he co-scripted the Assassin's Creed comic series.


Early life

Anthony Del Col was born in Porcupine, Ontario, Canada. He attended the Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab, and later graduated from the Canadian Film Centre.[2]

Assassin's Creed

In 2015, Del Col and his writing partner Conor McCreery were hired by Titan Comics to write an original comic series based upon Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IP. The series was the first to star a female modern-day character, Charlotte de la Cruz.[2] During the development phase, Ubisoft had the final say in story details, providing Del Col with details he had to include and how everything fitted into the Assassin's Creed lore.[3] The first issue of the comic was released on 14 October.[4] Del Col also wrote the 2016 Free Comic Book Day one-shot for Assassin's Creed that also crossed over with the Assassin's Creed: Templars comic book series written by Fred Van Lente.[5] Assassin's Creed then concluded on 28 December 2016 with 14 issues total. While writing the historical segments, Del Col stated that he didn't want to overlook the seriousness of events such as the Salem witch trials and Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire and wished to truly show them how they happened.[6] Del Col, also wanted to explore de la Cruz's grandmother Florencia's past in a 1970s setting during the Dirty War in a fourth volume of Assassin's Creed.[3]

In January 2018, it was reported that Del Col was returning to write Assassin's Creed: Origins with writer and Egyptologist Anne Toole, a comic book covering Amunet's journey in Rome after the events of the game.[7] Del Col recalled that he was not even halfway through the game before Ubisoft contacted him and he accepted.[3] The first issue was released on 7 March.[8] Origins then concluded on 27 June 2018 with four issues.

In November 2019, Del Col was hired to write the script to Assassin's Creed: Gold an eight episode audio drama exclusive to Audible. In the early stages of development, Del Col was given a list of established characters he could include, alongside his originally created characters. Both Ubisoft and Audible wished for Shaun Hastings to appear and so Del Col successfully found a way to incorporate him into the story. Wishing to create an authentic story for the historical setting, Del Col read many books on Isaac Newton, the Great Recoinage of 1696, and also about modern-day crypto-currency and how it works. Assassin's Creed: Gold was then fully released on Audible on 27 February 2020.[3] When asked about the setting of the modern-day story in Gold, Del Col wrote with September 2019 in mind.[9]

Personal life

Del Col currently lives with his wife Lisa in Brooklyn, New York.[2] When Ubisoft release a replica of Charlotte de la Cruz's hoodie, Del Col immediately bought one for his wife.[3]

Assassin's Creed bibliography


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