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"All affairs of freedom are Assassins' affairs!"
―Antó to Edward, 1716.[src]

Antó (born 1670) was a former Akan slave who became a member of the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins, leading their bureau in Kingston during the early-to-mid 18th century. Dedicated to freeing his brethren, he entered into a long-standing conflict with the forces of the West Indies Templar Kenneth Abraham, who sought to defeat the Maroons.


Early life[]

Antó was born in the Ashanti Empire in 1670. Sold into slavery as a young man, he was sent to Jamaica to work on a sugar plantation. However, he managed to escape with the help of the warrior Cudjoe and fled to Kingston, where he founded a Maroon community.[1]

Forging connections with the local traders, Antó began coordinating plantation raids to free slaves and build an army. He eventually joined the Assassin Brotherhood and became the leader of the Kingston bureau, which functioned as a safe haven for the men he rescued. While he was dedicated to the Assassins, Antó's first priority was always to free slaves from captivity.[1]

Working with Edward Kenway[]

"The Templar's name is Kenneth Abraham. He's part of an ongoing war with the Maroons. But we have held strong, and will not be defeated."
―Antó regarding his conflict with Abraham, 1716.[src]

His involvement with the Maroons pitted Antó against the Templar Kenneth Abraham, whose forces were far more numerous and better-equipped. In 1716, the Assassin was approached by the pirate Edward Kenway, who admitted to having sold out his bureau's location to the Templars, thus putting Antó and his men at risk.[2]

Realizing the pirate owed him a debt, Antó made use of Edward by having him eavesdrop on guards to learn where some captured Maroons were being held. After both men had carried out their respective investigations, they reunited, with Edward reluctantly agreeing to help Antó free his allies, in exchange for a Templar key to a vault on Great Inagua.[2]

After they had liberated Antó's men, the two men argued over the fact that the Templar key had not been found, though Edward's desire to recover it ensured their alliance continued. The pair subsequently defended Antó's bureau against a Templar attack, following which Antó told Edward about Abraham. Working together, the two managed to track down the Templar and assassinate him. In his last moments, Abraham wondered how his numerically and tactically superior army failed to best the Maroons to which Antó responded that the Templar's forces lacked the conviction and drive to win, unlike the Maroons whose freedom and lives hinged on victory.[2]

In 1721, Antó met with Edward again on noticeably better terms, as the pirate had decided to fully commit to the Assassins, to aid the latter in his assassination of the Templar Woodes Rogers. As Rogers was hosting a party before his return to England, Antó suggested that Edward assassinate the Italian diplomat Ruggiero Ferraro and assume his identity, as Ferraro had been on the Assassins' list for some time. Before setting off, Edward requested Antó send a letter to his wife, Caroline; Antó did so, sending it on a ship which was to depart for England the next day.[2]

Later life[]

In 1738, Antó contacted the Haitian Brotherhood's Mentor François Mackandal in the hope of strengthening the Maroon cause and reining in Mackandal's violent tendencies. However, Mackandal rejected Antó's calls for peace, claiming he had been taught by a soft Mentor and could not hope to understand the Creed the way Mackandal himself did.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Antó is a character introduced in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in the Templar Hunt side mission "The Maroon Assassin", where he is voiced by Canadian actor Kwasi Songui. During the memory "Traveling Salesman", Grand Master Laureano de Torres y Ayala walks right through Antó's bureau.

Antó is an Akan name, given when the child is "born after the death of his father", and meaning 'didn't meet him'.[4]




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