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"Good morning sir, it would appear that we have a situation. Project Legacy has been compromised!"
―Anson Peake in Erudito's phonetap 1

Anson Peake was the Project Manager for Abstergo Industries, and he specialized in User Stability and the link between the recruits in Project Legacy and Abstergo Industries. He provided information about the overall objective of Project Legacy, helped recruits when problems arose, and provided news in the Fan Page of the Project. Soon after the suspension of Project Legacy, Peake was announced missing.


Born in Manchester, England, Anson Peake earned degrees in business management and psychology before joining Abstergo Industries. As the manager of Project Legacy, Peake was responsible for the smooth running of day-to-day operations. His daily tasks revolved around recruit monitoring, troubleshooting, and the compilation of daily reports for his superiors. Peake took his job very seriously, but apparently was not aware of either the true objectives of the project or the fact that his employer was the corporate front of the Templar Order.

Peake was aware that Project Legacy had been compromised by Erudito. Though he attempted to follow procedure and ensure that the Project remained secure, standard Abstergo security measures proved to be insufficient. Abstergo leadership decided to put the Project on hold after repeated security breaches. Erudito released two phonetaps of Peake's conversations with his boss.

Soon after the suspension of Project Legacy, the company announced that Peake had gone missing and asked for the recruits' cooperation in the event that he contacted any of them.[1] However, Erudito thought he was "hooked into the machine".[2]

Personality and traits[]

Anson Peake loved to play Solitaire, and considered it good therapy after a long day of hard work. He himself said that he is a skilled player, though Erudito disputed this information. According to Erudito, Anson Peake also had an unconditional love for his cats, and owned more than 200 pictures of them. Friendly and outgoing, but somewhat pompous, Peake reportedly loved to spend time with his cats and watch football- not surprisingly, Peake was a huge fan of Manchester United.