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AC4 Anotto Bay

Anotto Bay

Anotto Bay, located on the northern coast of Jamaica, was one of several smuggler dens in the Caribbean. It was found and robbed of its supplies by the pirate Edward Kenway during the early 18th century.

The hideout, used to store various wares and cargo, consisted of a cavern partially filled with water, necessitating the construction of wooden walkways. It could be accessed via a set of flooded mining tunnels, many of which had caved in due to the frequent tremors that occurred in the region.[1]

The den was at one point occupied by a smuggler chief that traded with the Templars and killed innocent men and women in the process. Said individual was subsequently assassinated by Edward as part of an assassination contract.[1]


  • If Edward was detected by the shark living in the mining tunnels, he would be killed instantly.




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