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The Annunciation

Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation is a depiction of the annunciation of Mary, the future mother of Jesus Christ, by the arch-angel Gabriel.

Painted between 1472 and 1475, Leonardo's Annunciation was eventually purchased by Ezio Auditore da Firenze and placed in the gallery at the Villa Auditore.[1] The painting was later lost during the Papal attack on Monteriggioni, led by the Templar Cesare Borgia.[2]

Six years after the attack on Monteriggioni, in 1506, Ezio Auditore - whilst looking for a kidnapped Leonardo - learned that the Annunciation held part of a map identifying the location of the Temple of Pythagoras, and that the painting was in the possession of Lucrezia Borgia, who resided with her husband in Delizia di Belriguardo.[3]

Ezio travelled to Belriguardo and, after tricking Lucrezia into revealing the painting's location, regained it for himself.[3]