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Anniversary Tour – Florence was an altered representation of a glitched genetic memory.


The Contarini are at it again! But, this time, you will be stalking the streets of Renaissance Florence on the penultimate stop of our Anniversary Tour! Elude Bonacolto's agents and find the highest point in the district to synchronize with the next genetic memory.


Three Spanish Assassins met inside the abandoned Contarini family's house. As in the previous memory, this one was also littered with glitches.

  • 3P3EC74R: Ok! Yeah I think we're on the right track. Our hack is causing a lot of destabilization, though. Crap! I think Abstergo's on to us. We need to keep riding their synchronizations for data and get out before we're traced.

The user moved the Assassins through the house and soon reached the roof, which was attached to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, and had an Assassin climb its dome.

  • 3P3EC74R: Here we go again!

The Assassin synchronized the viewpoint. After doing so, ghostly Animus figures appeared.

  • Kassandra: Are you mad?! We can still stop—
  • Alexios: Enough! We will not stop!
  • Kassandra: I don't want to kill you, Alexios, but I WILL stop you.
  • Alexios: My name is Deimos!

The ghosts faded.

  • 3P3EC74R: Genetic memories from the next era keep leaking through. With all the damage we are doing to this player's Animus, what's going to happen when we finally crack it open?



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