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Anniversary Tour – Egypt was an altered representation of a glitched genetic memory.


Return to the Haueris Nome in Ancient Egypt! The Ibis and his minions will have to wait, as this time, you will be looking for the highest point in the mission to synchronize with the genetic memory!


Three Hidden Ones met outside a temple.

  • Hidden One: We know Medunamun is in here somewhere. Let us find our entry and end him once and for all.

As they approached it, the Animus user noticed the memory was littered with glitches.

  • Player Admin: Greetings users! It seems your Animus simulation is behaving incorrectly. Please disregard these visual anomalies. They seem to be localized to your device. We will attempt to solve your issue as fast as we can. If you would continue towards the new 'Synchronization Point,' you can continue your adventure and aid in our debug procedure.

The user moved the Hidden Ones through the temple and soon reached an attic room from where they could access a rooftop viewpoint.

  • Player Admin: User, you have reached a potential synchronization point. Climb to the top and synchronize. The data generated will help us fix the glitches in your Mobile Animus.

A Hidden One climbed to the viewpoint and synchronized. After doing so, ghostly Animus figures appeared.

The ghosts faded.

  • Player Admin: These glitches are causing you to see echoes from the genetic memories of the next mission in the event. Please, continue to synchronize. This is not intended behavior.



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