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Anniversary Tour – Acre was an altered representation of a glitched genetic memory.


Acre, 1191 CE! Explore the streets and rooftops of the crusader city as you seek a tower from which to synchronize! The Templars will not just let you pass, however. Foil them however you can and reach the Sync point!


Three Levantine Assassins met inside Acre Citadel. As in the previous memory, this one was also littered with glitches.

  • 3P3EC74R: #$#ata's coming through clearer@@*&><ust need to p*^^back their signal the next time'##[_]&%ynchronization triggers and we'll be able to start making sense of this data. Ugh, yes, I am sure they can't hear us; the hack is solid, we're on a private channel. Focus. We need to follow this player's synchronizations to gain access to the genetic memories locked in Abstergo's Helix Database.

The user moved the Assassins through the city and soon reached a bell tower.

  • 3P3EC74R: Here we go, they're approaching the sync point. Stay with them.

An Assassin climbed the tower and synchronized. After doing so, ghostly Animus figures appeared.

The ghosts faded.

  • 3P3EC74R: Hoo boy. The hack is stable but it's causing a lot of chaos. Genetic memories are bleeding into each other.


  • This memory has almost the same layout as With Arms Open from The Eagle's Shadow Event. Just like the original memory, 100% synchronization requires that both treasure chests be unlocked, and the feat is equally as impossible in-game since there is no way to access the second chest. The first chest is on a scaffold on a wall, with the Assassins exiting on the battlement and being unable to descend, while the second chest is in an underground store room which is only accessible from the ground level.
  • The Animus ghosts' dialogue is from the memory Florentine Fiasco in Assassin's Creed II which starts the downloadable mission Bonfire of the Vanities.


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