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ACS Anna Abramson

Anna Abramson

Anna Abramson was a British criminal operating in London during the Victorian era.


Abramson was born into a wealthy family, but found her situation to be so restricting that she often wished herself to be an orphan. When her parents died under suspicious circumstances, Abramson took to the streets and started living with the other orphans.

She eventually came to join the Blighters, the street gang that dominated London's streets, as she grew older. She also amassed a group of orphans around her, making Abramson the ringleader of a small group of young pickpockets, even though she found the children to be immature and selfish.

By 1868, the Metropolitan Police Service had taken an interest in Abramson, and Sergeant Frederick Abberline enlisted the help of Jacob and Evie Frye. The two Assassins then abducted Abramson from Waterloo station and delivered them to Abberline for imprisonment.



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