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In Assassin's Creed II: Discovery, Animus hacks were cheats which were implemented and could be purchased from the Animus interface menu. The hacks could be obtained by spending points, which were in turn gained by achieving high synchronization levels in the genetic memories, and could only be used while replaying a memory.

Animus Hacks

Hack Requirement Hack Effect
Faster Synch Regen 300 points Increases the speed at which synchronization is restored.
Antonio disguise 600 points Equips the skin of Antonio de Magianis.
No Radar Mode 900 points Removes the in-game radar and mini-map.
Fast Wall Climb 1,300 points Ezio can wall climb faster.
Spanish Assassin disguise 1,700 points Equips the skin of a generic Spanish Assassin.
Hard mode 2,100 points Activates hard mode: Ezio takes more damage in combat.
Unlimited throwing knives 2,500 points Grants Ezio infinite throwing knives.
Raphael disguise 2,900 points Equips the skin of Raphael Sánchez.
Ted mode 3,300 points Removes the radar and mini-map, and turns all guards into Brutes.
Guard Captain disguise 3,800 points Equips the skin of a Guard Captain.
Super stealth 4,300 points Ezio is never detected by guards.


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