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AC2 Animi Room

The Animi room in the Roman facility

The Animi Training Program was a secret Templar initiative to train Abstergo Industries employees in the skills they needed to fight against the remnants of the Assassin Order, such as combat and freerunning, through the use of the Animus, a device created by Abstergo that could allow a person to relive genetic memories.[1]

Initiated shortly after the 'escape' of Desmond Miles, Subject 17 of the original Animus Project, the Animi Training Program was conducted by Warren Vidic at Abstergo's campus in Rome, where dozens of Animi were located.

During the first stage of the program, subjects relived the lives of notable Italian Templars and non-Assassins during the Renaissance, and used their genetic memories to face off against one another in various types of virtual training.[1]

ACR Vidic Recruits

Warren Vidic briefing the second stage recruits

During the second stage of the project, subjects were transposed onto individuals who lived during the age of the Ottoman Empire, and more types of training were made available in various locations throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East.[2]

In addition, Vidic and Theodore Rizzo employed the aid of Daniel Cross in the training of the agents.[3] At least one agent, Juhani Otso Berg, was eventually promoted to the rank of Master Templar and allowed entry into the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order, before being assigned to take out the Assassin leader William Miles.[2][3]

Berg was a part of the team that captured William in Cairo, Egypt while the Assassin attempted to obtain a power source for the Grand Temple from a local museum, to which they brought him back to the Roman facility for interrogation.[4]



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