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Five Animi Avatars from Assassin's Creed III

After the successful training of one of Abstergo Industries' recruits, Juhani Otso Berg, to the rank of Master Templar,[1] the Templar-owned company began a new initiative to distribute their Animus software to modern-day households across the world in the form of a games console sold under the guise of "Abstergo Entertainment".

As a result, the general public were exposed to the genetic memories of various Templars, Assassins, and non-affiliated individuals during the American Revolution, through digital personas known as Animi Avatars.[2]

Animi Avatars[]

  • Bear – After being exiled from his tribe, this Pawnee warrior turned to weapon crafting, his creations complementing his violent temperament. His specialty weapon was a bone-crushing war club, of his own design and craft.
  • Carpenter – A solitary man that was chased away from his homeland by Templars, the Carpenter attempted to start a new life in America. His specialty weapon was a heavy iron mallet, used in both his craft and to crush bones.
  • Commander – Cold and calculating, the Commander was a British military officer whose loyalties lay with the Templars. He wielded an elegant sabre as his specialty weapon, perfect for waging military campaigns.
  • Coyote Man (DLC exclusive) – A fearsome fighter that was affiliated with the Templars and reportedly murdered a Mentor with his bare hands. His specialty weapon was a shank, made from sharpened bone.
  • Governor (DLC exclusive) – As the colonial head of Louisiana and Cuba for a time, this Spanish Governor dealt a major blow to the British Army during the American Revolution, making him a target for the Templars. He wielded a rapier as his specialty weapon, which was hand-crafted with the best materials.
  • Hessian – A loyal servant of the Templar Order, the Hessian was an unstoppable killing machine that relished in the violent chaos of war, murdering any opposition with the infantry rifle.
  • Highlander (DLC exclusive) – With naught but his basket-hilted sword and the clothes on his back, the Highlander arrived in the Colonies after being exiled from his home country. While not particularly interested in the American Revolutionary War, he fought fiercely against the Templars due to his loyalty to the Assassins.
  • Huntsman – With an invented fighting style and lethal iron claw to match, this French nobleman and Assassin fought tooth and nail for his cause in the New World.
  • Independent – A Shawnee woman that had earned her title during her youth, the Independent would fight to the death for her ideals, killing many Templars with her hatchet, a weapon reflecting her fierce temperament.
  • Lady Maverick – A cold-hearted woman that seduced her way up the social ladder and eventually fell in with the Templars, the Lady Maverick traded wealth and power for her only remaining family, the Robber. Her specialty weapon was a poignard dagger, small enough to fit into a purse.
  • Mountebank – Wielding a large carving knife, this sinister doctor of British descent was infamous for his experiments. His elixirs were rumored to keep his Templar patients from the brink of death.
  • Night Stalker – An Assassin motivated by justice, the Night Stalker used rumors to instill fear into the populace, making them believe he was a psychologically unstable mercenary. At night, he hunted for Templars, ripping open their throats with his favorite weapon, a butcher's hook.
  • Pioneer – After the Pioneer's father and brothers were killed by the Templars, this young woman set out on a quest for revenge, making sure to put a bullet through the skull of any she deemed responsible with her ringed musket.
  • Preacher – Guided by his unwavering faith in the Templar cause, the Preacher would travel the land to cleanse it of Assassins, whom he called "sinners". His pilgrim's staff was a deceptively dangerous weapon.
  • Red Coat (Pre-order and DLC exclusive) – Her life heavily regimented in a military fashion, the Red Coat was raised to devote herself to the Templar Order. Concealing her identity, she hid amongst her father's troops and traveled to the British colonies, in an attempt to strike more directly at the Assassin Order. Her specialty weapon was a spadroon, a swift British military sword.
  • Robber – A young man that had grown up on the streets, the Robber broke ties with his sister after she joined the Templars. He later came into contact with the Assassin Order, which put his swift fingers and acrobatic skills to good use. He wielded a crude grappling hook.
  • Sharpshooter (Pre-order and DLC exclusive) – The Sharpshooter was a feisty gunslinger that became part of the Assassin Order after his friends were burned alive by the Templars. He contributed to the American Revolution by guarding the woodland roadways with his deadly hunting rifle.
  • Silent Shadow – Raised away from his people by his Assassin father, who trained him in the art of hunting and murder, the Silent Shadow lived a quiet life, initially. After his father was killed by Templars, he left the forests and stalked the Templar-controlled cities, always looking for a chance to embed his tomahawk into their skulls.
  • Strong Man – This Inuit chieftain traveled great distances to aid his kin in the American Revolutionary War, being deceptively fast for his size. With his harpoon, he was especially lethal at close range.