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Anicius was an acolyte of the Hidden Ones, based at the Camulodonum bureau around 100 CE.


Forty years after Boudicca's revolt, the Iceni tribe still suffered the effects of the Roman wrath, being denied any form of citizenship, despite pleas sent to the Governor, Verus, and to Emperor Domitian. Wishing to help the Iceni, the Hidden Ones decided to send a message the Senate could not ignore by killing Verus.[1]

Anicius was chosen for the mission, with instructions to make a spectacle of the execution, and the acolyte successfully killed the Governor.[1]


Seven centuries later, the report of Anicius's mission was recovered by the Viking Eivor Varinsdottir as she explored the Roman ruins of the Camulodonum bureau in Colcestre.[1]