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"It will be worth the wait, Ezio. Trust me."
―Angelina, after promising Ezio she would "earn" his silence, 1500.[src]-[m]
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Angelina flirting with Ezio Auditore

Angelina Ceresa (died 2 January 1500) was a young woman living in Monteriggioni during the late 15th century, and an acquaintance of Claudia Auditore.


Auditore family party

On the 1st of January, 1500, Angelina helped in the preparations for Claudia Auditore's birthday party, which was to be held in the Villa Auditore. However, she found herself unable to carry a box of flowers up to the Villa, and loudly began to complain that no one was offering to help her.[1]

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Ezio offering to help Angelina

Eventually, she was approached by Claudia's older brother, the Assassin Ezio Auditore, who came to her aid. Though Claudia had meant for the party to be a surprise to her brother, Angelina did not recognize Ezio, and invited him to accompany her to the celebrations.[1]

When she eventually realized her mistake, Angelina flirtatiously promised to "earn" Ezio's silence, with only the condition that he needed to wait for the next day. Ezio begrudgingly accepted her terms, and Angelina resumed her plans for the party.[1]


The following day, Cesare Borgia's forces besieged Monteriggioni, preventing the party from taking place, and Angelina from keeping her promise.[1]

During the attack, as Ezio rode to the outer walls to defend the town, he saw Angelina crying outside the remains of her destroyed home. Later during the fighting, she was killed, and her head was stuck upon the pike of a Borgia soldier's halberd, much to Ezio's dismay.[2]


  • Angelina is a feminine diminutive name ultimately derived from the Greek word angelos, meaning 'messenger'. Ceresa is a name related to Latin ceresia and Ancient Greek kerasion, both meaning 'cherry'.



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