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Angela Carillo was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood. Initially working as a courtesan in Seville, she joined the Assassins to oppose the Spanish Inquisition, having witnessed firsthand their debauchery at her brothel.


Born in the 15th century, Angela Carillo was a young courtesan who worked at a renowned brothel in Seville called La Reina Sonriente ('the Smiling Queen'). Her career was a successful one, with her popularity among patrons being second only to her best friend Flora de la Cruz, and she could frequently bait secrets from clients with her charm. Because La Reina Sonriente was owned and operated by the Spanish Thieves' Guild, itself with connections to the Assassins, her talent was eventually noticed by the Spanish Brotherhood. They approached her with an invitation to join their cause, an offer she readily supported due to her distaste for the Spanish Inquisition's constant abuse of her fellow courtesans.[1]

Personality and characteristics

An attractive woman who thrived as a courtesan, Angela Carillo was agile in mind and cunning in tongue. Her clever humor and charm was enticing to many patrons of her brothel. Combined with her knack for engaging conversation, she could easily beguile the men who visited her into spilling their darkest secrets. These men, many of whom were rich and powerful, were often all too willing to oblige her if only to spend more time with her. Her reputation was such that it was said that she could "bring a smile to dead man's face".[1]

Angela cared for her fellow colleagues at La Reina Sonriente and resented the depravity and abuse that soldiers of the Inquisition subjected her friends to. It was this desire to help them that motivated her to lend her skills to the Assassin cause, for they fought against the Inquisition.[1]

As an Assassin, Angela was not a combat specialist and contributed in a largely support role. She was trained in freerunning, but not so much stealth or assassination. In the field, she was primarily a medic. Nevertheless, when the situation called for it, she knew how to apply her expertise at seduction to lower her enemies' guard for a kill, and this was her iconic skill.[2]

Behind the scenes


The name Angela is ultimately derived from the Greek word αγγελος (angelos), meaning 'messenger'.[3] Carillo is a Spanish word used colloquially to mean 'a bit expensive'. [citation needed]


Like Flora de la Cruz, Angela shares her profession and character design with both Fiora Cavazza and Fabiola Cavazza, the Courtesan Animi Avatars in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed: Revelations respectively.



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