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"My father wanted this life, Anna, not I. He came to this country with a dream and made the Narodnaya Volya his cause. I do not know if I have the strength to serve the Order of Assassins as he did."
―Nikolai Orelov telling his wife about Andrei and the Assassins, 1888.[src]

Andrei Orelov was a Czech member of the Narodnaya Volya and of the Russian Brotherhood of Assassins, the father of Nikolai Orelov, and an ancestor to Daniel Cross.


After moving to Russia from Czechia, Andrei joined the Narodnaya Volya, desiring to bring down the aristocratic rule over the country, who saw the organization to be terrorist in nature. When Nikolai was old enough, his father had him inducted into the Order as he had been, despite his son's own reservations.[1]

Andrei later died as of 1917, but was mentioned in a letter to Nikolai that had been composed by Vladimir Lenin.[2]


  • The name Andrei can be translated as "manly", derived ultimately from Greek aner, "man". Orelov is a foreign name and is most similar to "Orlov" (Оpлов), which means "syn orla" (сын орла), or "son of eagle".