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Andrea Cortés was a mercenary of the militant group Lobos Silenciosos who, under the direction of Álvaro de Espinosa, joined the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins when Álvaro pledged his group to their cause.


The daughter of pig farmers, Andrea Cortés was the only girl of her parents' eight children. She loathed her impoverished life as a peasant spending all her days attending to pigs. As a reprieve from the monotony, she regularly engaged in sword-fighting and wrestling with her brothers, all of whom were members of the local militia.[1]

One rainy night, a group of mercenaries named "The Silent Wolves" led by Álvaro de Espinosa offered to pay more gold she had ever seen for a single night of shelter on her family's farm. Thrilled by their stories of gold and riches, she packed her things and left with Álvaro the next morning. Under Álvaro, Andrea was trained into a full-fledged mercenary, and over time, she came to regard him as a second father.[1]

When Álvaro attempted to convince his mercenaries to serve the cause of the Assassins, most of them dissented and left, but Andrea was among the few who remained loyal and assented to joining the Brotherhood with him.[1]

Personality and traits

Growing up as the only girl among seven brothers, Andrea Cortés developed a fierce tomboy personality. She prided herself as a tough individual who revelled in the sparring sessions she participated in with her brothers. With a nature as aggressive as hers, she only felt violently constrained by the docile and repetitive life of a destitute peasant.[1]

When mercenaries offered her an escape from this life, she was easily lured by their promise of wealth and adventure. In spite of this, she supported the decision of her boss Álvaro to change their service to the Assassins rather than mere gold. This was controversial to many of their comrades, but her respect and loyalty to the man she had grown to see as a second father was too steadfast for her to disapprove.[1]

Equipment and skills

Given her prior profession, Andrea's approach in missions was straightforward. She was one of those Assassins who veered away from their mainstream doctrine of stealth and assassinations,[2] engaging in direct confrontations with a spiked club or war hammer.[3] Her use of brutish weapons was not without sophistication; she would deliberately employ techniques which exploited weaknesses in her enemies' armor to sunder them apart. Likewise, her precise maneuver frequently focused on their vital areas. As a seasoned warrior, she was experienced at mending her own wounds with first aid when out on the field.[2]

Behind the scenes

Andrea Cortés is a playable hero in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion, she is a common rarity unlockable costing 10 DNA fragments. Her class is enforcer, and her subclass is DPS.


Andrea is the feminine name of Greek origin derived from the word ανδρείος (andreios) "brave; valiant; manly." Cortés is a surname of Spanish origin, derived from the Old French corteis or curteis "courteous; polite."



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