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The Messenger's Burden 1

Ezio speaking with Andrea Allegro

Andrea Allegro was a man living in Forlì during the Renaissance. At some point, he encountered Ezio Auditore da Firenze, whom he asked to deliver a letter to a farmer outside of Forlì.



This is to inform you that your presence is requested at the Palazzo Comunale within the next month. I have received correspondence from your neighbors implying that you have attacked several of them with your sword, even going as far as to mutilate a young girl who crossed your farm.

Though this is your right, as it is your land, they have also claimed that you have committed crimes against God and nature, an accusation of a much more serious nature. Such behavior is forbidden in Forlì. If you are not aware of the charges against you, read Leviticus 18:23.

Report to us, or a contingent of guards will be sent to arrest you.


Andrea Allegro


  • Andrea is an Italian variant of the Greek name Andreas, meaning "manly." Allegro is Italian word meaning "merry, cheerful, joyous."