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"Brissot, Madame Roland, all of them were an impediment to the Revolution! Whoever slows the Revolution is its enemy!"
―Andrés de Guzmán speaking to a crowd, 1794.[src]

Don Andrés Guzmán y Ruiz Castro t'Scerlaes de Tilly, comte de Guzmán, or Andrés María de Guzmán (1753 – 1794), was a Spanish aristocrat and a radical revolutionary of the French Revolution.


Born in Spain, Guzmán moved to France in 1778, where he lived lavishly, bringing him to the verge of bankruptcy. At the height of the French Revolution, he joined the extreme radical camp of Jacques Hébert and the Enragés, becoming an intensely vocal opponent of the Girondists, particularly their policy of spreading the revolution through war.[1]

Guzmán often incited the crowd at the Louvre gardens and advocated polticial execution. He also became part of the Bande noire, a group of speculators who issued false bank notes and purchased various châteaux and abbeys at reduced prices.[2]

After the Girondists were executed, the Assassin Council of the Parisian Brotherhood sent Arno Dorian to eliminate Guzmán as retribution for his role in the deaths of the Girondists. While Guzmán spoke under heavy guard to a crowd in the Louvre gardens on the downfall of the Girondists, Arno was able to kill him.[2]


  • Historically, Andrés de Guzmán was executed by the guillotine the same day as Georges Danton.
  • In his database entry, Andrés de Guzmán is referred as an Enragés even if historically he wasn't a member of this group. It is maybe a confusion between the Enragés and Hébert's group, the Exagérés.



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