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Andhrímnir was an Æsirian Isu, often attested to in Norse mythology as the chef for the Æsir and those who died in battle, the einherjar. Every day in Valhalla, he slaughtered the beast Sæhrímnir and cooked it in his cauldron. At night, Sæhrímnir was restored to life to be eaten again the next day.


On one occasion, after Sæhrímnir had been restored to life and escaped his kitchen, Andhrímnir sought the help of Odin in tracking down the beast. Promising the All-Father it would be a vigorous chase, he and several other huntsmen began the hunt. Tracking Sæhrímnir to a nearby opening, Andhrímnir warned his men of the beast's deadliness but backed it up with how delicious he was. After Odin killed the beast, Andhrímnir praised his skill and promised the finest piece of the meat at the feast.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Andhrímnir never once tired from continuously tracking down Sæhrímnir each and every day, as "No hunt is more thrilling, and his meat has no equal".[1]