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The ancient tablets were carved stone tablets containing knowledge of ages past.


5th century BCE

An ancient tablet in the 5th century BCE Greece

During the Peloponnesian War in Greece, the Spartan misthios Kassandra discovered numerous ancient tablets within old ruins. These revealed to her information she could use to refine her ship, the Adrestia.[1]

1st century BCE

An ancient tablet in the 1st century BCE Egypt

"Ancient writing. From the Old Kingdom."
―Bayek, finding an ancient tablet[src]

During the 1st century BCE, ancient tablets were located in some of the ancient tombs in Egypt. These tablets were adorned with the images of the Egyptian god Thoth and his daughter, the goddess Sheshat.[2]

The Medjay Bayek of Siwa found a number of these tablets during his adventures. He believed the tablets were from the Old Kingdom.[2]

Middle Ages and Renaissance

An ancient tablet around the time of the Reconquista

Around the time of the Reconquista, ancient tablets were found by the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins. With the help of these, they discovered ways to craft advanced armor, weapons, and other accessories.[3]