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Ancestral Bow

The Ancestral Bow was a rare predator bow which belonged to Rai, a farmer who lived in the Uab Nome. An heirloom of Rai's family, it was made of black stone taken from the Tomb of Smenkhkare, which was connected to the Isu vault Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat.

The bow was deceptively light, and as a result was highly prized by bandits who discovered the bow's connection to the tomb.[1]


In 48 BCE, a leader of a bandit group attempted to claim the bow for himself, sending his men after Rai and her fellow farmers. When the Medjay Bayek of Siwa assisted Rai and the farmers against the bandits, Rai gave the bow, which had been damaged in battle, to him before he left to eliminate the rest of the bandits.[1]

Bayek eventually located the bandit leader in Smenkhkare's tomb, where he discovered the source of the material of the bow's limb. Bayek recovered a shard of black stone from the bandit leader, fitting it into bow and thus restoring it to its original state.[1]

Weapon statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Rare 117 847 Stealth Damage II

Bleeding on Hit II

Complete Seven Farmers
A humble-looking bow made from surprisingly sturdy materials, optimized for long-range use. Passed down over many generations, the bow's crude appearance belies its almost unnatural precision.



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