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Anais was a Greek farmer who lived during the 5th century BCE.

A native of Kephallonia, Anais was an old friend of the misthios Kassandra, having shared a close bond and grew up together with her. After departing from Kephallonia, Anais married a Spartan man named Dantos, with whom she had a son named Arion. By the time of the Peloponnesian War, they settled down in a farm in Arkadia near the Forest of Soron.[1]

When Kassandra was a little girl on Kephallonia, a bully threw a rock at Ikaros, nearly breaking several feathers. A raged Kassandra used the Spear of Leonidas to cut off his fingers. This however came at a price since the boy got his brothers and beat up Kassandra, until an angry Anais stepped in between and made the aggressors leave. This was the start of their long friendship.[2]



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