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An Urgent Favor was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline returned to the de Grandpré manor, where she checked in on her sick father. Following this, her stepmother, Madeleine de L'Isle, asked Aveline in confidence to escort a slave to safety.


Aveline joined her bedridden father.

  • Aveline: Papa you're the face of death! What does the doctor say?
  • Philippe: Do not worry, ma chérie (my dear). It is only a–

Philippe winced in pain.

  • Aveline: Papa!
  • Philippe: My dear love, do not frown so. Between your worry and your stepmother's tonic, the maladie (malady) hurts less than the cure! Jeanne... you were always so protective of that locket. I have always regretted–
  • Madeleine: Aveline, I am sorry for interrupting, but I need your assistance – it is urgent.
  • Aveline: Of course.

Aveline kissed her father's brow.

  • Aveline: I love you, Papa.

Aveline joined her stepmother in conversation.

  • Madeleine: There is a slave, George. I promised him safe passage to the North, but during his escape, he was discovered by soldiers. He hides, but – Please, is there anything you can do? With your business booming, and your contacts in the bayou...
  • Aveline: Oui (Yes). I will get him to safety... in utmost discretion.

Aveline set out to find George, and upon locating him, saved him from the attacking soldiers.

An Urgent Favor 3

Aveline leading George through the city

  • Aveline: George?
  • George: Yes?
  • Aveline: Come with me.
  • George: What?
  • Aveline: Hurry, they're closing in!

Aveline escorted George to the city gates.

  • George: Who are you? What are you? No one said anything about avenging angels or...
  • Aveline: Go! Find safety in the Bayou.


As requested by her stepmother, Aveline managed to escort George to safety, sending him to the Louisiana Bayou.


  • In the original Vita iteration, George is in hiding before he is found by Aveline, whereas in the HD remake, he is already battling guards on his own when she arrives.