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An Old Friend was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


With her Mentor dead, Shao Jun must turn to an old friend to help with her fight against the Eight Tigers.


  • Jun: I was born into captivity. One of many Concubines. When the Brotherhood came for us, I saw freedom, I saw a future. Now it is up to me to offer hope for those who see none. When Zhang Yong and Qiu Ju are dead, when I have the box, I will deliver that. Now my journey has come full circle, my past has returned to aid my future. My old friend, once a Concubine like me is now Empress, and she's risking her life to help me. She knows where to find Zhang Yong, but I fear she and the Concubines are in grave danger. If the Templars suspect they are helping me, they will kill them in the blink of an eye.

Shao Jun entered a building and noticed a concubine in trouble.

  • Concubine 1: No. Please...
  • Jun: These Concubines are in danger. I need to kill the guards protecting them. Give the girls a chance to get out of here...

Shao Jun killed the guard and saved the concubine.

  • Concubine 1: Please, help the others.

After saving the first concubine, Shao Jun found another being held captive.

  • Concubine 2: No. Please, no!

Shao Jun rescued the concubine.

  • Concubine 2: I am forever grateful.

Shao Jun reached the gardens, finding a third concubine in danger.

  • Concubine 3: No!

Shao Jun eliminated the guard and freed the concubine.

  • Concubine 3: Bless you.

After saving the concubines, Shao Jun reached the garden bridges, overhearing guards talking.

  • Guard 1: Have you seen the intruder?
  • Guard 2: They won't get far.
  • Guard 3: Wang Yangming is dead, the Assassin is all alone.
  • Guard 4: She'd be a fool to continue to fight us now.

Navigating the gardens, Shao Jun reached Empress Zhang's quarters.

  • Jun: Your Highness, it is good to see you again. What is wrong?

The Empress was joined by Qiu Ju and Zhang Yong.

  • Empress: I'm sorry...


Shao Jun made it to Empress Zhang, who was in the company of the remaining Tigers.



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