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"An Invitation from England" is the first chapter of the manhua Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Blood Brothers written by Feng Zisu.


Scandinavia, 866
A skald is attacked by wolves in the wild. He believes himself dead until two nearby Viking brothers rescued him, the bow-wielding Ulf and his younger brother Björn Stensson, who carried a battleaxe. On the way to their settlement, the skald told them the purpose of his trip: Ivarr the Boneless and Halfdan Ragnarsson had sent him to recruit soldiers for an army in preparation for an invasion of Britain. After returning to the settlement, Jarl Sten judged the victory of his two sons before announcing the start of a banquet. As the feast began, he listened to the skald's recruitment request and received an ornate cross as a gift.

Characters in order of appearance

  • Sons of Ragnar skald
  • Ulf Stensson
  • Björn Stensson
  • Ivarr the Boneless (mentioned only)
  • Halfdan Ragnarsson (mentioned only)
  • Sten Stensson


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