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"I may never succeed. The Assassins may struggle another thousand years in vain. But we will not stop."
―Ratonhnhaké:ton, 1783.[src]

The American Brotherhood of Assassins, originally the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins, is the branch of the Assassins Order located in the United States of America and parts of Canada. Founded in 1746 by Achilles Davenport, the last apprentice of the West Indies Brotherhood's Mentor Ah Tabai, as a guild in what was then the British colonies of continental North America, it was initially based at the Davenport Homestead in Massachusetts.

Despite a productive start cultivating an alliance with New France and various indigenous peoples, the Colonial Brotherhood collapsed calamitously in the French and Indian War at the hands of the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order. Led by Grand Master Haytham Kenway, the Colonial Rite nearly eradicated the Colonial Brotherhood to the last man thanks to the defection of the Assassin Shay Cormac, sparing only Achilles but leaving him a cripple.

For the next decades, the Colonial Brotherhood would languish as an essentially defunct branch while the Templars consolidated their hold over the British colonies unopposed. This changed dramatically with the appearance of the young Kanien'kehá:ka Ratonhnhaké:ton at the prelude to the American Revolution. Ratonhnhaké:ton, reviving some measure of hope within Achilles, became his new apprentice, setting the stage for the revival of the guild.

During the American Revolutionary War, Ratonhnhaké:ton actively supported the revolutionaries' bid for independence. Like Shay before him, his sole activities were enough to destroy the Colonial Rite, as he managed to assassinate each of the leading members of the Colonial Rite, even his father Haytham. In the meantime, his participation in battles alongside the Continental Army was instrumental in some of their victories, but he did so under the flawed assumption that the Patriots would support the autonomy of his people in turn.

After the revolution, the guild was rechristened as the American Brotherhood and continued to expand alongside the United States, involving itself in key events such as the American Civil War and World War II. In the aftermath of the latter conflict, the American Brotherhood, like the greater Assassin Order, revised its millennia-old methods to conform with the emergence of a new era in international politics. For the next half-century, assassinations of Templars diminished, and the covert war was waged primarily by proxy through the support of social movements and manipulation of elections.

Nevertheless, lethal operations persisted sporadically, such as the Templars' assassination of John F. Kennedy, secretly backed by the Assassin extremist cell Bloodstone Unit. Because of this, some Assassins insisted on living in isolation and off-the-grid, as was the case with William Miles and his family, who resided in a compound called The Farm in South Dakota.

In 2000, around the time that the Assassins failed to ensure a presidential victory of Al Gore over George W. Bush, the American Assassin Daniel Cross killed the Mentor in Dubai, having been engineered as a sleeper agent by the Templars. His subsequent retreat to the Templars, divulging his knowledge of Assassin bases all across the world, set off the Great Purge which reduced the American Brotherhood to a fraction of its former strength.

Despite this, critical successes followed when a cell consisting of Shaun Hastings, Rebecca Crane, William Miles and his son Desmond foiled the Templars' Eye-Abstergo plot to dominate the world and saved Earth from the Second Disaster on 21 December 2012, by unlocking the secrets of the Isu from the Grand Temple in Turin, New York.


Early presence in North America

Spanish Florida


Ponce de León killed by Miguel

By 1510, the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins had established their presence in pre-Spanish Florida where they protected the Fountain of Youth, a Piece of Eden. That year, the Brotherhood welcomed the Spanish translator Alonso Carlo and his adoptive son Miguel Ramón Carlo de Lugo, who were accused of plotting to assassinate the governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Ponce de León. Miguel eventually became a member of the Brotherhood.[1]

In July 1521, when de León explored Florida to find the Fountain of Youth, Miguel warned him to turn back. As the governor refused, the Assassin shot him with a poisoned arrow, resulting in his death.[1] During the following century, the Assassins left Florida.[2]

Salem witch trials

Querry: "The Templars are cautious. They believe some of the girls' illnesses and odd behaviors are real."
Stoddard: "And caused by a Piece of Eden? That much is obvious."
—Stoddard and Querry discussing the Templar presence in Salem, 1692.[src]-[m]

In June 1692, during the Salem witch trials, the English Master Assassin Thomas Stoddard was sent to find a Piece of Eden in Salem. After witnessing the hanging of Bridget Bishop, the Assassin met his contacts who turned out to be Templars in disguise. Subsequently killing them, Stoddard met his true contact, the Assassin Jennifer Querry, who informed him of the situation in the city and the involvement of the Templars Samuel Parris and William Stoughton in capturing women suspected of witchcraft.[3]

ACTC Stoddard fighting

Stoddard and Querry facing Puritans

The two Assassins infiltrated a warehouse and found a dungeon underneath with the young Dorothy Osborne and the mute David as prisoners. Querry recognized David as the son she had left years ago but she kept this information secret. As Osborne said she could lead them to the artifact, the Assassins freed them. When Stoddard threatened her with a knife to know if she told the truth, she fainted and recited words from Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy, a book that the Assassin inherited from his father. When citizens attacked them, Stoddard defended the group while Querry found an exit. Stoddard set the basement aflame and the group escaped through the swamp.[3]

Stoddard tried to convince Querry to leave David for the mission but she refused. When she was hit by a bullet, Stoddard left with Osborne to escape to the mob. After losing their pursuers, the young girl was once again possessed by the Isu Consus who delivered a cryptic message to Stoddard, intended for someone else. Stoddard and Osborne then went to the docks and were soon joined by Querry, who had reluctantly left David behind. However, the group was then surrounded by the Templars, who had followed Querry, and captured.[4]

Inside a dungeon, the Assassins were tortured by Stoughton for information. When the Templar threatened to hurt David, Querry ignored Stoddard's command to stay silent. Taking advantage of Osborne once again becoming possessed by Consus, Querry killed a guard and tried to rescue the group but she was shot dead by Stoughton. When the Templar revealed he wanted to create more 'oracles' like Osborne with the captured women, the young girl decided to kill herself by walking into a fire.[5]

Enraged, Stoughton tried to kill Stoddard, but he was shot in the shoulder by Parris, who was against his fellow Templars' violent methods. Stoddard then convinced Parris to let him and David go, and the Templar gave him the keys to the cells where the captured women were held, allowing the Assassin to rescue them. Following this, Stoddard buried Querry and Osborne and decided to adopt David and raise him as his own son.[5]


"I have sent similar letters of friendship across the known world. For I believe that we are growing ever more connected, day by day. If my Brotherhood is to succeed, we will need allies from all empires, of all genders, of all races, who believe in the same thing: The Creed."
―An excerpt from Achilles Davenport's invitation letter, 1746.[src]-[m]

In the early 18th century, Ah Tabai, the Mentor of the West Indies Assassins, was known to have had several contacts with Assassins in the British colonies.[6] Around 1740, Ah Tabai sent Achilles Davenport, the last of his apprentices, to establish a guild in the British colonies in North America. In Norfolk, Virginia, Davenport met John de la Tour, an Acadian Assassin operating on behalf of the Parisian Brotherhood's Council. De la Tour was attempting to build a network of information that would help identify threats against the colonies, and he theorized that the New World contained various Precursor sites and artifacts. The two Assassins then decided to work together, even if Davenport found de la Tour too arrogant at first.[7]

During this period, Davenport began corresponding with the young Wolastoqiyik mercenary Kesegowaase, sending letters through his errand boy Liam O'Brien. In 1743, Liam was inducted into the Brotherhood as Davenport's first pupil.[8] During a mission the following year, the two Assassins were helped by the Frech frontier post commander Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye, who became an ally of the Brotherhood.[9]

In 1744, Davenport and John de la Tour went to Quebec to speak with the executioner Mathieu Léveillé, who had information on the Isu. They discovered that Léveillé had died months ago but that he had shared his secret with his enslaved-bride Angélique-Denise. De la Tour subsequently purchased Angélique-Denise and freed her from slavery, whereupon she agreed to accompany the Assassins and share her knowledge of the Isu with them. Renaming herself Abigail, she and Davenport grew close over the following years and eventually married and had a son, Connor.[10]

In 1745, the Assassins and Abigail went to Louisbourg in search of the safe of the Hermeticist Nicolas Court who studied indigenous mythology. When the city was besieged by the British troops, de la Tour attacked them alone to give time to Davenport and Abigail to find the safehouse. Before going to his death, de la Tour named Davenport Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood and entrusted his robe. The couple found the safehouse empty except for a note saying "SEEK OUT THE SKY WOMAN".[11]

DB Davenport Homestead

The Davenport Homestead, headquarter of the Colonial Assassins

The following year, Davenport honored de la Tour's last command and officially founded the Colonial Brotherhood.[12] Under his direction, the Davenport Homestead was built, serving as the headquarters of the Brotherhood.[13] In less than a year, he was able to gain allies among the English and French colonists as well as the indigenous peoples. To facilitate the expansion of his guild, he sent offer letters to Assassin allies and guilds across the globe.[12]

During this period, the Colonial Brotherhood maintained regular correspondence with other guilds, including the British, Caribbean, French, Spanish, and Saint-Dominigue Brotherhoods. Additionally, they had allies in Stockholm.[12]

With the help of O'Brien serving as his second-in-command, Davenport managed to induct several prominent members into the Brotherhood.[8] Among the first was Gaultier, who had strong connections with the French Army as a naval commander of the Gerfaut.[9] Through him, the Assassins gained allies among smugglers as well as pirates. Le Chasseur, an informative spy, became acquainted with the Brotherhood at this point, lending his aid in their efforts.[14]

Another recruit was Kesegowaase whose influence allowed the Assassins the support of several warriors, hunters and scouts, further strengthening their forces.[15] In New York City, Davenport met the orphan thief Hope Jensen, and in 1747, inducted her into the Brotherhood, tasking her to a network of organized crime, with her gangs soon spread out across the city and from River Valley to North Atlantic.[16] Davenport strengthened the ties between the Brotherhood and the nations of the Iroquois confederacy.[17] Among them, he became acquainted with the Kanien'kehá:ka Kaniehtí:io.[18]

The priest Benjamin Tallmadge, Sr. became an Assassin.[19] At some point, Michael Crawley joined the Assassins becoming a skillful member, but in some way, he betrayed them. To escape them, he hid in the Old Growth Forest in New York and the Brotherhood believed him dead.[20]

By 1748, Shay Cormac, a former sailor and childhood friend of Liam, was inducted for his knowledge of seamanship, and in time became renowned as the second-best sailor in the Colonial Brotherhood.[21] Later that year, Davenport extended an invitation to join the Order to Maria van Antwerpen, however, she declined due to her commitment to serving the Dutch Army.[22]

AC3 Aquila Homestead Bay

The Aquila, flagship of the Assassins' navy

As the Colonial Brotherhood wanted to build a fleet, Davenport demanded the help of the Swedish Assassins but they had difficulties on their own.[23] By 1749, with blueprints from the Spanish Brotherhood, the French Council constructed in Brest a vessel named the Aquila which became the Colonial Brotherhood's flagship.[24]

Around 1750, Davenport served as captain of the Aquila, during which he subsequently rescued the Stalwart captained by Robert Faulkner. Grateful for his help, Faulkner offered his services in creating a shipping route that would connect the Colonial Brotherhood with the European branches of the Order, with the aid of Gaultier.[25] In 1751, Faulkner began investigating two shipping companies the Levesque and de L'Isle families, suspecting that they were affiliated with the Templar Order.[26] By 1753, Faulkner was appointed quartermaster of the Aquila and became an Assassin. Around this point, the Assassins expanded their forces out to the open sea, with several of their Order captaining ships in the Atlantic Ocean.[27]

In 1751, Miko, the leader of the British Assassins, wrote a letter to Davenport, in which he stated his approval of the Colonial Brotherhood, while simultaneously giving Davenport a warning of the threat the British Rite of the Templar Order posed to the American colonies, especially the Grand Master Reginald Birch and his agent Haytham Kenway.[28] Davenport also received a letter from Rhona Dinsmore, detailing that she had been seduced by the Templar Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer who stole from her several Yucatán Peninsula maps that held the location of the Chichen Itza Temples. Dinsmore requested that Davenport eliminate de Ferrer if he was given the opportunity.[29]

Seven Years War

Tracking the artifacts

Way the Wind Blows 6

Liam interrupting Shay and Louis-Joseph to fight

In January 1752, Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Liam O'Brien, and Shay Cormac went to Port-Menier to speak with the smugglers of the Morrigan, a sloop-of-war. While O'Brien and Cormac hunted, Gaultier met the crew before they were ambushed by British soldiers, with some smugglers being taken as hostages on the sloop. As the French lashed on Cormac, a brawl occured between them that O'Brien stopped. While Gaultier tended to his troops, the two Assassins infiltrated the enemy camp, saving the hostages.[30]

With the threat dealt with, the smugglers served the Assassins, Cormac becoming the captain of the Morrigan and O'Brien his First Mate. With the ship, the Assassins sank the British fleet which was attacking the Gerfaut before returning to the Davenport Homestead.[30]

In March, at the Homestead, the Assassins received the visit of the veteran Caribbean Assassin Adéwalé. As he informed them that the Templars stole to the Saint-Domingue Brotherhood the Precursor box and a manuscript, the Colonial Brotherhood searched the two artifacts. The Brotherhood also gave supplies to Adéwalé to help the citizens of Port-au-Prince after the 1751 earthquake.[31] A month later in Anticosti, the Assassins met Le Chasseur who informed them that the Templar leader Lawrence Washington was supposedly in possession of the artifacts.[14]

By Invitation Only 1

The Assassins working to recover the artefacts

In July, the Assassins met at the Two Bends bureau sharing the intel that the Templars showed the manuscript to doctors and native tribs to decipher it. Davenport tasked Cormac to go to Mount Vernon to intercept a package meant for Washington. As it contained a prototype air rifle rather than First Civilization artifacts, the Assassin claimed the weapon and subsequently infiltrated Washington's manor, just as the Precursor box and Voynich Manuscript were entrusted to the Templars Samuel Smith and James Wardrop. Following the meeting, Cormac assassinated Washington and escaped.[32]

Disaster in Lisbon

By May 1754, Le Chasseur located Samuel Smith after his return from Europe. The Morrigan tracked him down and pursued his ship, the Equitas, to the island of Terra Nova. Heading ashore, Cormac managed to assassinate Smith and reclaim the Precursor box.[33] Two months later, Cormac recovered the manuscript by killing James Wardrop in Fort Frederick during the Albany Congress.[34]

Fiat Lux 6

Shay and Hope examining the manuscript's map

Following this, the Assassins enlisted the help of the scientist Benjamin Franklin that the Templars contracted to operate the Precursor box. After recovering Franklin's confiscated tools, Cormac and Jensen helped him to conduct an experiment, which powered the Precursor box and caused it to project a holographic display of the globe with several First Civilization temples marked on it, including one in Lisbon, Portugal.[35]

With the beginning of the Seven Years' War, the Assassins took the side of the Kingdom of France and their native allies as the Templars backed the British Army. During the conflict, many Assassins were tracked and killed by the soldier Lewis Johnson who became a target of the Brotherhood.[36]

Journey to the New World 20

The Aquila pursuing the Providence in a storm

During the summer of 1754, the Aquila tried to intercept the Providence with the Templar Haytham Kenway on board.[37] Due to a storm, the Providence escaped and the Aquila seemingly sank, but it was a ruse to plague the Templar fleet in secret.[38] In the following months in Boston, the Assassins hired a group of mercenaries to steal a chest owned by the Templar William Johnson, containing his research on the First Civilization sites in the region. A group of Templars led by Kenway attacked the fort where the research was being held and recovered it. Before departing, Haytham warned a surviving mercenary to inform his masters their time was over.[39]

The following year, Achilles lost his wife Abigail and their son Connor to typhoid fever,[40][41] weakening his resolve.[42] Later, the Assassins devised their next move at Two Bends, the Mentor tasking Cormac to travel to Lisbon to retrieve the Piece of Eden located within the temple while O'Brien was on another mission.[43]

Kyrie Eleison 25

Shay Cormac watching Lisbon destroyed

On 1st November 1755, Cormac reached Lisbon. Upon arriving, he entered the Carmo Convent and successfully activated the mechanisms to open a hidden vault beneath the structure, locating the Piece of Eden. Upon touching the artifact, Shay indirectly triggered a massive earthquake. He narrowly managed to escape with his own life, but the earthquake took the lives of thousands of innocents.[43]

Shay's betrayal

Months later, returning to the Davenport Homestead, Shay Cormac angrily confronted his Mentor, holding him responsible for the destructive earthquake and claiming it was his goal. Davenport protested his ignorance, but the two failed to mollify their tempers, and Cormac was expelled from the study.[44]

Freewill 14

The Assassins cornering Shay

Feeling guilty for what happened in Lisbon, Cormac stole the Manuscript in the belief this would deprive the Assassins of the means to destroy further cities. As Davenport caught him in action, the Assassins tried to apprehend Cormac, Louis-Joseph Gaultier even launching mortars on the Homestead. They cornered Cormac near a cliff and Hope Jensen attempted to appeal to him. As Cormac was about to commit suicide, Gaultier shot him, causing him to fall into the cold water with the manuscript and leaving him for dead.[44]

After Cormac's disappearance, the Assassins docked the Morrigan in Fort Arsenal kept by their gangs in New York City. By June 1756, the gangs captured the Templar frontiersman Christopher Gist to hang him at the fort. As the gangs harassed the citizens of New York, they were confronted by Cormac who survived thanks to the Templar George Monro. The former Assassin took one of their headquarters and saved Gist, claiming Fort Arsenal and the Morrigan.[45] Later during the attack of Fort La Croix, le Chasseur was killed by Cormac to keep his survival secret.[46]

The same year, the Assassins hired Benjamin Franklin to produce new weapons like the grenade launcher and toxic gases to poison the officials and population of New York City. Their plans were canceled by the Templars and Cormac who used the grenade launcher to destroy the poison tanks.[47]

In 1757, after the Battle of Fort Bull, the Brotherhood recruited the young French corporal Pierre Bellec who avoided rising in the ranks, being a more useful asset as a low-ranking soldier.[48] During the war, he saw Templars slaughtering an entire village to have the chance to kill one Assassin. This experience furthers his hatred of the Order, bordering extremism.[49]

Honour And Loyalty 5

Kesegowaase leading the ambush on Monro

In August 1757, after the Siege of Fort William Henry, a group led by Kesegowaase ambushed Monro and his unit but Cormac arrived to protect him and successfully escaped from his former allies, scarring Kesegowaase. At this moment, the Assassins realized that Cormac was alive and that the manuscript was not destroyed. The Brotherhood placed a contract on Cormac.[50]

Later that year in Orenda, the Assassins with the French Army attacked an Oneida village that was friendly with the British Army. Cormac and the British Army protected the village.[51] On 3 November, Kesegowaase and Liam led an army to storm Albany where Monro was preparing the city defense. Kesegowaase assaulted the fort but was killed by Cormac with a Puckle gun. During the battle, O'Brien mortally wounded Monro and stole the manuscript, leaving the Templar in a house in flame.[52]

After Monro's death, Cormac was officially inducted into the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order, becoming a threat to the Brotherhood and decreasing their gangs' influence across the region. In North Atlantic, the Assassins targeted the suppliers David Borgen, Philippe Beaubien, Conan Brown and the spy Rachel Plourde but Cormac saved them.[53] Across the River Valley, the Assassins planned to kill the political agitator Maria Gurley, the spy Randall Gordon, and the former Assassin Michael Crawley but once again Cormac intervened.[54]

In New York City, the Brotherhood had on their hit list the overseer Scott Lawson, the Pamphleter Kelly Snider, the Assassins-hunter Lewis Johnson, and the arm-dealer Franklin Greear, but Cormac foiled their plan. To eliminate the Templar, the Assassins captured the political figure Marla Capps and made a contract to ambush Cormac. Even with the element of surprise, the Assassins were killed by the Templar who freed Capps.[55]

To maintain the French Navy's dominance on the Arctic seas, the Assassins sent the ships the Storm Fortress, the Argonaut and the Sceptre to attack the British navy. During a naval battle, the three ships were sunk by the Morrigan.[56]

The Heist 1

The Assassins meeting in New York

In October 1759, the Assassins reunited in New York City to reproduce Franklin's experiment to find another Temple. The Templars framed the gang in a heist to turn the city authorities against the Brotherhood.[57] While the troops stormed Jensen's mansion, the Assassins used the box and the manuscript and found the next Temple in the Arctic. O'Brien left the manor with the two artifacts and Jensen trapped Cormac in a room with poison gas.[58]

As the Templar escaped, Jensen threw a poison dart at Cormac while she fled with the antidote. Eventually, the Assassin was killed by Cormac who took the antidote. In her last breath, she declared she had given enough time to O'Brien to leave the city.[58]

Confrontation in the Arctic

Cold Fire 5

The Morrigan engaging the Gerfault

The last high-ranking Assassins dived their forces: while Davenport and O'Brien went to the Arctic Temple with the manuscript, Gaultier sent the Precursor box away from the Colonies and served as a diversion for leading Cormac on a wrong lead in the North Atlantic. During a blizzard, the Gerfaut and the Morrigan engaged a naval combat. The Assassin's Man O'War was incapacitated and boarded by the Templar Sloop-of-war. Gaultier was defeated by Cormac who threw the captain in the cold water after learning he was only a decoy.[59]

In March 1760, Davenport and O'Brien arrived in the Arctic with a group of Assassins. The two last leaders of the Colonial branch entered in the cold cave where was the Isu Temple. Finding the artifact, O'Brien would take it but Davenport stopped him, realizing that Cormac was right about the power. At this moment, the Assassins were confronted by Kenway and Cormac. After a heated argument, O'Brien tried to shoot Shay but Davenport stopped, and in the struggle, the artifact fell, triggering seismic activity.[60]

Non Nobis Domine 17

Achilles crippled by Haytham

As the Temple collapsed, the two leaders taking a route while the two former friends went through another way. O'Brien fought Cormac but they fell together from a waterfall. The Assassin bled to death blaming Cormac for his betrayal while the Templar said it was to save the world, O'Brien ironically expecting it would be a good one. Cormac recovered the manuscript on his corpse. In the meantime, the two leaders fought, the Mentor being disarmed by the Grand Master.[60]

As Kenway was about to kill his opponent, Cormac asked to spare his former Mentor to warn the Assassins to not search these Temples. Kenway accepted but shot the Assassin in the right shin, leaving him crippled for life, at the expense of never forgetting what happens.[60]


After the events of the Arctic Temple, the Templars began a massive purge against the Colonial Assassins. In 1762, Pierre Bellec left the Colonies and became a member of the French Council.[48] The Assassin Lawrence Cato survived by running away and becoming a peddler.[61] Benjamin Tallmadge, Sr. also managed to escape the Templars' purge.[19]

AC3 Aquila Wreck

The wreck of the Aquila

In 1763, the Templars launched an attack on the Assassins in the colonies and the Brotherhood was all but destroyed. All members of the chapter were hunted down and killed, except for Achilles Davenport, who was captured and tried by the Templars. However, confident that they had broken his spirit, the Templars set Davenport free on the condition that he abandon the Assassins' cause and live quietly in his manor.[42] The Mentor even hid in a cave the robes that John de la Tour granted him two decades earlier.[62]

In 1768, the Aquila was ambushed by three Templar frigates and nearly destroyed. Robert Faulkner had the ship towed into the Homestead's bay and began to drink secluded in a small house on the Homestead.[38]

American Revolution


During the following years, even though he was retired from his role of Mentor, Achilles Davenport made an acquaintance of politician Samuel Adams who was also a member of the Sons of Liberty, a group promoting the right of the colonists and fight the British taxation.[63] With no maintenance, the Davenport Homestead slowly deteriorated.[64]

ACIII-BoorishMan 3

Achilles and Ratonhnhaké:ton meeting for the first time

In October 1769, while crossing the Frontier, Davenport was tracked by robbers. The old man escaped on his horse, nearly trampling on Kanien'kehá:ka teen before reaching his Homestead. There, he received the visit of the teen, Ratonhnhaké:ton, Haytham Kenway and Kaniehtí:io's son, who wanted to be trained as an Assassin. As the former Mentor refused, the young man took camp on the Homestead to try again to convince the old man. One night, he saw the robbers trying to break into the mansion and fight them.[64]

Defeated, Ratonhnhaké:ton was saved by Davenport who authorized him to enter his home. As the teen explained a spirit tasked him to join the Assassins to protect his village Kanatahséton, the old man told him the Brotherhood's story and agreed to train him to see if he could be an Assassin.[64]

Six months later, Davenport and Ratonhnhaké:ton went to Boston to buy materials to repair the Homestead. The Mentor rechristianed his pupil with his late son's name Connor to facilitate contact with the colonists. On 5 March 1770, as an angry mob was gathering before the Old State House, Davenport and Connor spotted Kenway giving instructions to a man. Following him, the young man killed him to prevent him from shooting at the crowd only to see on the other roof Charles Lee, the Templar he blamed for his village's burning and his mother's death. Shooting in the air, the Templar scared the soldiers leading to the Boston Massacre and Kenway designated his son as the shooter, forcing him to flee.[65]

ACIII-LostSon 2

Connor receiving his Hidden Blades

As his apprentice was searched by all the guards of Boston, Davenport contacted Adams to help Connor while he returned to the Homestead.[63] With the help of the politician, Connor learned how to reduce his notoriety through bribery and the printing press.[66] Adams also showed him the Freemasons tunnels, permitting him to navigate through the city unseen.[67] At the Homestead, Davenport granted to his pupils the Hidden Blades.[68]

Later, Connor saved the lumberjack Terry from drowning. To repay his debt, he, his colleague Godfrey, and their families stayed at the Homestead building a sawmill to provide woods for reparation.[69] Connor also saved the carpenter Lance O'Donnell who was attacked by bandits.[70] Also installed himself at the Homestead, O'Donnell worked the wood provided by the sawmill, permitting tocraft equipment Connor would need or sell through the Colonies.[71]

ACIII-HardWay 16

Connor receiving his robes

Later, Davenport met Robert Faulkner to repair the Aquila and mentored Connor in sailing.[71] By September 1773, the Assassin's ship was ready to sail, with Connor as his new captain and Faulkner staying as first mate. During a trip to Martha's Vineyard to recruit sailors and buy cannons, Connor spotted the Templar Benjamin Church and the British Navy junior officer Nicholas Biddle. As he interrogated them on Lee, Faulkner stopped this before the discussion got heated.[72]

Later, while practicing with the cannons, the Aquila's crew was attacked by British ships. The Assassin's ship was victorious and returned to the Homestead. There, Davenport gave Connor his Assassin's robes and granted him the rank of Assassin.[72] For his first mission, Connor was tasked to assassinate a British Officer, an assignment he succeeded.[73]

Promoting the Revolution

On the Aquila, Connor and Faulkner participated in privateer contracts near Florida, protecting the Henderson and destroying many British ships, the Saint James among them.[74] Near Boston, Connor sank the HMS Dartmoor which contained a secret that could jeopardize the Revolution.[75] In the Bahamas, the Aquila sank the Windermere as she carried a mysterious shipment the Templars wanted.[76]

ACIII-Chase 8

Connor and Faulkner after the destruction of Fort Phoenix

Later, the Assassins destroyed the Leviathan, killing a Templar emissary on board.[77] Near Martha's Vineyard, the Aquila investigated a disturbance created by a Royal Navy fleet. Destroying the ships and Fort Phoenix, the Assassins speculated that the Templars were behind this.[78]

By November 1773, the Assassins received the visit of Ratonhnhaké:ton's friend Kanen'tó:kon who informed them that the Templar William Johnson was buying Iroquois lands, Kanataseton among them. Connor decided to go to Boston to stop the Templar.[79] On the way, he met Myriam, a huntress wounded by a group of poachers on the Homestead. While Davenport healed her, Connor killed the group except one to send a warning. Later, Myriam installed her camp on the Homestead and provided meat games for the community.[80]

ACIII-Teaparty 12

Connor and Stephane at the Boston Tea Party

In Boston, after Connor met Adams, the Assassin helped the chef Stephane Chapheau who was harassed by a taxman and British regulars. They later met again at William Molineux's tavern where Adams explained that Johnson gained his fund by smuggling tea of the East India Company in the city.[79] After destroying the smuggled Tea, Connor worked with Chapheau to stop the taxmen who also worked for the Templars.[81] After that, Chapheau became Connor's apprentice and the two Assassins participated in the Boston Tea Party, depriving the Templars of their funding by throwing the tea in the sea.[82]

With Faulkner, Connor began to search for the Treasure of William Kidd and the four parts of the map he sent to his sailors. Aboard the Aquila, Connor infiltrated Fort George on Goat Island where was imprisoned Lucky Lem. Finding the map, Connor escaped as the Aquila bombarded the fort.[83] Later, the two Assassins went to Dead Chest Island where Abel Owens died. Connor took back the map from a scavenger who found it in the shipwreck.[84] Connor also explored the ruins of Cerros and recovered Captain Kidd's Sawtooth Cutlass.[85]

After that Connor continued to recruit apprentices among Boston citizens. With the former priest Duncan Little, Connor stopped a gang terrorizing the merchants and citizens of North Boston.[86] The two confronted the leader and discovered he was a Templar. After his death, Little joined the Brotherhood.[87] When Boston's citizens were forcefully drafted into the army, Connor worked with Clipper Wilkinson to hinder the soldiers' efforts.[88] Finding the Templar responsible for the draft, Wilkinson shot him and became Connor's apprentice.[89] Connor also captured Fort Hill and South Battery and Fort Independence for the Patriots, reducing the Templars presence and the taxes in the city.[90]

ACIII-HostileNegotiations 8

Connor assassinating William Johnson

In July 1774, Connor assassinated Johnson who had found other ways to finance the purchase of Iroquois' territories. Connor learned that the Templars wanted to protect the Iroquois from the colonists' expansion.[91] The Assassins discovered a letter from the British Major and Templar John Pitcairn who asked to destroy the Patriots' weapons and powder.[92]

In the following months, Connor sent his apprentices to stir up rebellion in other colonies. When the British Parliament created the Province of Quebec, granting vast parts of the Ohio territory, the population was outraged. The Assassins tried to prevent the people of Quebec from being hauled into the Revolution.[93] On 1st September during the Powder Alarm, as Bostonians were raiding powder stores and making their own stocks, the Assassins searched the secret magazines.[94]

In October, the Assassins helped James Mitchell Varnum to organize the Kentish Guard in Rhode Island.[95] On 19 October, the Assassins burnt the Peggy Stewart which transported Tea to Annapolis, rallying rebels in Maryland.[96] In New Hampshire, after the Patriots had raided and stockpiled munitions, the Assassins checked that the weapons were safe.[97] On 22 December, the Assassins organized the Greenwich Tea Party to rally the rebels of New Jersey.[98]

Igniting the Revolutionary War

ACIII-LexingtonandConcord 16

Connor directing the militia during the battle

In April 1775, the Assassins were informed by the Sons of Liberty that John Pitcairn planned to attack Lexington to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Connor rode with Paul Revere to warn them and prepared the defense of the city.[99] During the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Connor led the Patriots against the British regulars of Pitcairn. After heavy losses, the Templar retreated his troops.[100]

After the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, the Assassins primarily sided with the Patriots. In Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut, the Assassins promoted the Patriots' cause as the Templars influenced the population to stay Loyalists.[101] They also helped in the formation of regiments in Maryland and Delaware.[102] In Connecticut, the Assassins hadsuspicions on the true allegiance of the Patriots governor Jonathan Trumbull.[103] With the Patriot General Benedict Arnold, the Assassins captured Fort Ticonderoga in New York.[104]

During the Second Continental Congress, Connor escorted Adams to Philadelphia. George Washington was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army while the Templar Charles Lee became his second-in-command.[105]

Battle of Bunker Hill 8

Connor assassinating John Pitcairn

When the Continental Army besieged Boston, Pitcairn led a British Army to attack the Patriots in Charlestown. Connor helped the Genreral Israel Putnam, sabotaging two Man'O Wars that bombarded the city and Breed's Hill.[105] During the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Assassin ran through the battlefield and infiltrated the British camp, killing Pitcairn. In his last moment, he revealed that he did not want to kill Adams and Hancock but negotiated peace between the Patriots and the British. On his body, Connor found a letter that ordered the assassination of George Washington and informed Putnam.[106]

During the Siege of Boston, the Assassins were active in Massachusetts. At the battle of Gloucester, Robert Faulkner and some apprentices aboard the Aquila captured British schooners for the Patriots.[107] They also accompanied French ships that delivered gunpowder for the Patriots.[108] The Assassins provided food and protection for Bostonians during the siege.[109] In the city, Connor saved the Sons of Liberty Zadock Perry and Jonathan Ferguson who were captured by Aidan Galway the Major Rawle. The Assassin recovered the Sons of Liberty's coded dispatches and killed Galway and Rawle.[110]

During the Canadian campaign, the Assassins prevented the British Major Guy Carlton from arriving to relieve the siege of Fort St-Jean.[111] Recognizing that Canadians did not want independence from the British Crown, the Assassins hindered the Continental Army's actions. They sided with the British during the attack on Quebec by General Richard Montgomery.[112] In Trois-rivières, the Assassins supported the population against the general William Thompson.[113] The Assassins also fought the Templars in Montreal and Quebec.[114]

The Brothehood protected twice the British Lord Dunmore. Once from the Templars while he was governor of Virginia, and once from the Continental Army during the Burning of Norfolk in January 1776.[115][116]

In February 1776, the Assassins taught clever tactics to North Carolina militiamen before the Battle of Moore's Creek, assuring their victory over a larger British Army.[117] On Sullivan Island, the Assassins informed the Continental Army about the property palmetto wood to absorb the cannonade more efficiently. They helped them build fortifications against the Royal Navy.[118]

The Assassins helped the general Henry Knox transport artillery from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights.[119] They also helped build fortifications for the guns.[120] As Knox was about to bombard Boston, Connor infiltrated the city to warn Ferguson. The spy informed him about a Templar's cell in the city. Connor found their underground hideout where a Templar Master proposed him to join the Order. The Assassin refused and killed all the Templars, ending their influence in Boston.[121]

When New Hampshire established an Independent Government, the Assassins feared that the Templars would infiltrate the State.[122] After finding Templar couriers in Portsmouth, the Brotherhood discovered that Lee gathered the munitions of the State. The Assassins returned the stocks and maintained a watchful eye to keep the State free of Templars' influence.[123]

When Rhode Island declared its independence from the British Crown, the Assassins went to Newport to understand what made it work there.[124] The Brotherhood also discovered a Templar hideout in Providence and eliminated all its agents.[125]

Protecting Washington

ACIII-Publicexecution 7

Connor on the scaffold with Charles Lee while one of his apprentices secured the roofs

In June 1776, the Assassins were informed by Benjamin Tallmadge that Thomas Hickey, a member of George Washington's private guard and a Templar would kill the Commander-in-Chief. Connor went to New York to kill the Templar but was arrested with Hickey and sent to the Bridewell Prison.[126] In prison, Connor tried to kill Hickey but was framed for the director's murder and charged by the Templars for the plot to kill Washington.[127] Achilles Davenport and the Assassins went to New York to save Connor on the day of his execution. One of the Assassins fired an arrow, helping to sever the noose, which later allowed Connor to escape and assassinate Hickey before he could kill Washington.[128]

Suspecting another plot to kill Washington, Connor went to Philadelphia to warn the Commander about the existence of the Assassins and the Templars. But Achilles refused, believing it would weaken Washington and the Continental Army. This created friction between the Mentor and his apprentice.[128] On 4 July, Connor witnessed the signature of the Declaration of Independence. As the signatories came across the East Coast to sign the Declaration, the Assassins stayed in Philadelphia to protect them.[129]

ACIII-Rescue 5

The Aquila fighting British ships

Aboard the Aquila, Connor and Robert Faulkner secured the trade routes of Louisbourg and the Bahamas from British privateers.[130][131]Later, the two Assassins learned by the spy Amanda Bailey that the Templar Nicholas Biddle served in the Continental Navy but raided Nantucket's coasts for the Royal Navy. The Assassins tried to stop the Templars on his ship the Randolph but they abandoned to save a merchant ship from the British Navy.[132]

Later, the Aquila went into the Caribbean Sea to escort La Belladonna, a French ship secretly transporting gunpowder for the Patriots. When they learned that the Randolph abandoned the French ship, they were attacked by the Royal Navy. The Aquila's crew boarded the British ship and Connor killed the captain. Discovering that he was a Templar working for Biddle and seeing the Randolph at the horizon, Connor decided to stay to protect La Belladonna, permitting once again the Templar to flee.[133]

Ghost Ship 2

Connor seeing the Octavius frozen in the Northwest Passage

Connor and Faulkner resumed their search for Kidd's map. They traveled to the Northwest Passage finding the frozen Octavius, the ship of Kidd's former quartermaster Hendrick van der Heul. Connor recovered the part of the map before the ship sank in the cold water.[134] Then, the two Assassins sailed to Jamaica. Connor infiltrated the Edinburgh Castle where the last part of the map was kept in the museum of the serial killer of Lewis Hutchinson. The Assassin found it on the skeleton of a robber who was a victim of the killer.[135]

During the New York campaign, the Assassins supported Washington's army, helping them to retreat during the Battle of Long Island.[136] When soldiers called for Lee's ascension as commander-in-chief, the Assassins permitted Washington to stay.[137] Afterward, the Assassins reported the British regulars' insults, infuriating the Patriots enough to win the Battle of Harlem Heights.[138] The Assassin also protected Rufus Putnam during a reconnaissance mission on Harlem Heights.[139]

In the Wolf's Lair 3

Connor with two of his recruits disguised as British regulars to ambush the Templars

During New York's occupation by the British, Connor recruited new apprentices in the city. As a Templar imposed martial law in the eastern district, Connor aided the Hessian mercenary Jacob Zenger, preventing executions and denunciations.[140] With Zenger and other apprentices disguised as soldiers, Connor approached his target as a prisoner and killed the Templar.[141] When the Templars spread smallpox in the western district damaged by the Great Fire, Connor helped the doctor Jamie Colley.[142] He destroyed the infected clothes and helped with the inoculation.[143] Later, Connor assisted the courier Deborah Carter in ridding the northern district of a Templar merchant hoarding food supplies to later sell them at inflated prices.[144] To decrease the Templars' influence in New York, Connor captured the Fort Division and Fort Washington.[90]

During the night between the 25 and 26 December, Connor crossed the Delaware with Washington and his apprentices killed the Hessian Templar Johann Rall during the Battle of Trenton.[145][146] The Brotherhood supported the Continental Army in the New Jersey campaign until they won.[147]

A Fool's Errand 1

Connor meeting Aveline de Grandpré

During the winter of 1777, Connor worked with the Louisiana Assassin Aveline de Grandpré from New Orleans to track the Templar Officer George Davidson of the Ethiopian Regiment. As the target was hiding in a fort in the New York Frontier, Connor destroyed the gunpowder stock giving the opportunity to de Grandpré to kill Davidson.[148] Across the Frontier, Connor captured Fort Monmouth, Fort Duquesne and Fort St-Mathieu decreasing the Templars' presence and the taxes.[90]

Connor and Faulkner sailed to the Virgin Islands to secure the trade routes against British privateers, sinking the Sea Wolves, the Orpheus and the Greyhound.[149] The two Assassins also went to Oak Island and found Kidd's Treasure, a Ring of Eden, an Isu artifact producing a magnetic field. Connor wore it to deflect musket bullets.[150]

In Alexandria, the Assassins provided inoculation to the 2nd North Carolina Regiment, preventing the risk of a smallpox outbreak before they joined Washington's Army.[151] When the British occupied Danbury, the Assassins assembled the surrounding militias to prevent the drunken regulars from burning the town.[152]

In July, Connor worked with Major William Barton to capture the British General Richard Prescott. In Newport, the Assassin met the spymaster Jeremiah Scudder who had intel on Prescott but only gave them if Connor helped him.[153] After saving the spy Aldon Beckworth and destroying any information on the spy ring, Connor received the intel and raided Prescott's house with Barton and his men, capturing the general. In the basement, Connor met the former Assassin Lawrence Cato who worked as a spy for Scudder and revealed that the spymaster was a Templar.[154] Connor confronted Scudder who proposed to him to join the Order, but the Assassin refused and killed the Templar.[61]

In August, during the battle of Bennington, the Assassins killed the Hessian General Friedrich Baum, permitting the Continental troops of John Stark to win the battle.[155]


Connor riding through the Frontier with Washington and the Continental Army

During the Philadephia campaign, the Assassins ensured that the Continental Army suffered as few casualties as possible during the battles of Cooch's Bridge and Paoli.[156][157] They also captured and questioned the President of Delaware John McKinly for his surrender of Wilmington.[158] With the Aquila, the Assassins helped Caesar Rodney to control the Delaware River against the Royal Navy and the Templars.[159]

In October, during the Battle of Germantown, the Brotherhood protected Washington from any harm.[160] When the Continental soldiers were in Whitemarsh, the Brotherhood supplied them.[161] During the Battle of Red Bank, the Assassins killed the Hessian colonel Carl Emilius von Donop.[162]

In December 1777, the Assassins freed the statesman Woodbury Langdon who was held in New York by General Howe.[163] As the Pennsylvania Line was about to defect for the British Army, the Assassins kept them in line during the New Year celebration.[164]

With the war, the Brotherhood grew with new recruits. Among them were the New Yorker vigilante Joe, the Continental soldier Caleb Garret, the hunter Kanien'kehá:ka Atasá:ta, the frontiersman Jock MacRae, the Highlander Duncan McGill and the French Assassin William de Saint-Prix. They also had new allies, such as the Irish carpenter John O'Brien, the pioneer Emily Burke, the thief Fillian McCarthy, and the Shawnee Alsoomse.[165]

The Wedding 9

The Homesteaders celebrating Norris and Myriam's wedding

As Connor helped many people through his adventures, he proposed they settle in the Davenport Homestead to find peace and help the growing community. The farmer couple Warren and Prudence produced food for the town while founding a family.[166] The doctor Lyle White helped Prudence in her pregnancy while creating remedies.[167] The couple Oliver and Corrine built an inn giving a place for the settlers to relax and meet.[168] The Father Timothy installed a church on the Homestead giving spiritual support.[169]

When the seamstress Ellen settled with her daughter Maria, the Homesteaders defended her against her abusive estranged husband Quincent.[170] They did the same thing to protect the British deserter blacksmith David Walston when the Redcoats tried to capture him.[171] The miner Norris explored the mines of the Homestead and married Myriam, with Connor and Davenport participating both in the wedding celebration.[172]

Davenport tasked Connor to record the activities of the Homesteaders in an Encyclopedia of the Common Man for future generations.[173] He also tasked Connor to recover John de la Tour's robes. After explaining its story, the old Mentor promised that one day, Connor would wear it.[62]

Broken alliances

Missing Supplies 3

Connor and Haytham establishing a truce

In late 1777, going against Achilles Davenport's advice, Connor left the Homestead to go to Valley Forge and revealed the Assassin-Templar War to George Washington. But in the encampment, Connor was tasked by the Commander to find missing supplies stolen by the Templar and Patriot traitor Benjamin Church. During his investigation, the Assassin met his father Haytham Kenway, who also tracked Church for betraying the Templar Order. Understanding they had the same target, the father and the son established a truce. Across the woods, they found Church's mercenaries who captured Kenway but Connor saved him and killed the men.[174]

In January 1778, the father and son resumed their investigation in New York City. While the two shared their view on their factions and relationship, they found Church's hideout in the abandoned Smith and Company Brewery. Connor disguised himself as a mercenary to infiltrate the place with his father.[175] While they thought they confronted Church, he was an impostor to ambush them. After the fight, they interrogated the impostor who revealed that Church sailed to Martinique with the supplies. As the place burned, the father and son escaped before taking the Aquila to hunt Church.[176]

ACIII-Bitterend 10

Connor and Haytham confronting Benjamin Church

In March, Connor, Faulkner, and Kenway arrived in Martinique and found Church's ship the Welcome. Ambushed by a British fleet, the Aquila nonetheless succeeded, incapacitating the Welcome and boarding her. After killing the captain, Connor found that the hold was empty. As his father brutally beat up Church, the Assassin stopped him and mortally wounded Church with his Hidden Blade. In his dying breath, the former Templar revealed the supplies were on the island. The Assassin recovered it and returned to North America with his father.[177]

In April, with the Aquila, the Assassins rallied the Patriot's galleys near the coasts of Georgia and captured British ships during the Frederica naval action.[178]

ACIII-Alternatemethods 13

Connor and Achilles discussing about Haytham

In June, Connor returned to the Homestead to discuss with Davenport about peace with the Templars. Even if the Mentor was skeptical about this, Connor wanted to try as the two factions could achieve more together. In New York, with his father, Connor captured Redcoat officers to discover the British Army's next move. Interrogating them in Fort George, a Templar hideout, they learned that the troops would march from Philadelphia to New York. As Kenway killed the officers, Connor criticized his brutal methods.[179]

At Valley Forge, the father and son argued on who must receive the intel, Washington or Charles Lee. The Assassin preferred the Commander as Connor blamed Lee for the burning of his village years ago. When Connor spoke with Washington his father revealed that the Commander ordered the attack on Kanatahséton which led to his mother's death, but also a new attack as rumor told the villagers allied with the British. Connor broke both his ties with Washington and the truce with his father for hiding the truth about his mother's death all along. Connor killed the Continental's messengers and stopped the Kanien'kehá:ka before the conflict could begin. But Connor had to kill his friend Kanen'tó:kon, who was manipulated by Lee to think Connor betrayed the village for the Patriots.[180]

ACIII-BattleofMonmouth 4

Connor and Lafayette revealing Lee's treachery to Washington

During the Battle of Monmouth, Connor helped the Marquis de Lafayette and Continental Army to fold after Lee sabotaged their defenses. Commanding an artillery unit, the Assassin slowed down the British army before helping the soldier to retreat to Washington's army. Exposing Lee's treachery, Connor asked Washington to act but the Commander decided that the Templar would be court-martialed. The Assassin decided to kill Lee if he was spared during his trial and warned Washington that Monmouth was the last victory he would deliver to him.[181]

Southern theater and rooting traitors

Even if Connor stopped to help directly George Washington on the battlefield, the Assassins continued to help the Patriots through the war while tracking the Templars among them. In July 1778, during the Battle of Wyoming, the Assassins killed the Patriot Templar George Dorrance after learning he was responsible for displacing several Iroquois villages.[182]

ACIII-Biddlehideout 5

Connor confronting Nicholas Biddle

Connor and Faulkner resumed their track of the Templar Nicholas Biddle and found him in the Caribbean Sea. Falling in an ambush, the crew of the Aquila prevailed and boarded the Randolph. After a duel, Connor defeated Biddle who explained that he ordered the British Navy to raid the American coasts to force the Continental Congress to create a proper Navy with him at its command. The Assassin allowed the Templar to die with his ship as the Randolph blew up.[183]

In August, the Assassins supported the 1st Rhode Island Regiment during the Battle of Rhode Island.[184] As the French Navy did not arrive due to a storm, General John Sullivan wrote a letter criticizing the lack of support of the Admiral Charles Hector d'Estaing. The Assassins convinced the French Admiral to be the bigger man to secure the Franco-American alliance.[185] Later, the Assassins received a black powder shipment in Newport and escorted it to their magazines.[186]

The Brotherhood also took part in the Southern theater of the war and tracked the Templars among the Patriots. In December, the Assassins helped the British General Archibald Campbell to capture Savannah as the city was held by the Templars' ally Robert Howe of the Continental Army.[187] In February 1779, during the Battle of Kettle Creek, the Assassins killed Templars' ally John Boyd who led a British militia in Augusta.[188] In March, during the Battle of Brier Creek, the Assassins tracked the Continental General Samuel Elbert who was suspected of being a Templar. The Brotherhood allowed his capture by the British Army.[189] In June, during the Battle of Stono Ferry, the Assassins killed the Patriot Hugh Jackson, a Templar associate.[190]

During the summer of 1779, the Assassins escorted spies of the Culper Ring from New Haven to West Point to keep Washington's movement secret from the British Commander-in-Chief Henry Clinton.[191] The Brotherhood also protected the editor of the New Jersey Journal Sheppard Kollock as the Templars wanted to silence its open discourse on the reality of some Colonial leaders.[192]

In June 1780, as militias from both sides were fighting at Ramsour's Mill, the Assasins convinced the British to retreat to minimize casualties.[193] The Brotherhood gave council to General Nathanael Greene who had lost many battles. Their advice permitted the Patriots to win the Battle of Springfield and prevent the British from returning to the northern colonies.[194]

In August, during the Battle of Camden, the Assassins killed the Templar Johann de Kalb who was a commander of the Continental Army.[195] In South Carolina, the Assassins protected the spy Emily Geiger who had information on the Templars' movements.[196] The Brotherhood also took an interest in Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, as his tactics were questionable and motives unclear, and tried to stop him.[197]

ACIII-BA-Westpoint 1

Connor showing the proof of Arnold's betrayal

In September, Connor was contacted by Washington who feared that the British would kill Benedict Arnold. The Assassin agreed to protect the General and went to West Point killing British spies. As Arnold saw Connor, the Assassin explained the plot against him.[198] The officer tasked Connor to help the soldier John Anderson to bring gunpowder out of the fort. During this mission, Connor captured another spy.[199]

Later, the Assassin eavesdropped a conversation between Arnold and Anderson who spoke about surrendering the fort to the British. Anderson was arrested by the Patriots who uncovered his true identity, the British Major John André.[200] When Connor confronted Arnold about his betrayal, West Point was attacked by the British. The Assassin defended the fort while Arnold escaped.[201]

In Carolinas, the Assassins identified the British Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his Draggons as a threat to the Continental Army. The Brotherhood protected the Patriot officers Thomas Sumter, Henry Lee and Otho Williams from the British calvary.[202][203][204]

In early 1781, the Assassins helped the delegates of the Maryland Congress to reach a consensus to remain a state.[205] Learning that the Templars left Annapolis, the Brotherhood investigated to confirm this information.[206]

In April, the Assassins protected the Continental Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben during the Battle of Blandford.[207] In June, the Assassins participated in the Siege of Augusta and captured the British Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Brown.[208] Later, the Assassins weakened the troops of Lieutenant Colonel John Graves Simcoe during the Battle of Spencer's Ordinary.[209] In July, the Assassins eliminated British officers during the Battle of Green Spring to bolster Washington's success rate and weaken Charles Lee's posturing to be named Commander-in-Chief. Nonetheless, the Patriots lose the battle.[210]

Last stand against the Templars

By September 1781, Charles Lee was discharged from his commandment but his life was spared. As Lee hid in Fort George, Connor planned to infiltrate the Templar hideout. While his apprentices cleared the tunnels of New York City, Connor and Robert Faulkner with the Aquila aided the French Navy in the Battle of the Chesapeake on the 5 September, allowing them to enlist their help in the attack on Fort George.[211] The next day, the Assassins participated in the Battle of Groton Heights to kill Arnold but they failed.[212]

Legacy 1

Connor discovering the corpse of Achilles

Later, Connor returned to the Homestead so Dr. White could tend to the wounded sailors.[213] At the manor, he found Achilles Davenport had passed away after writing a letter to Connor. The letter stated that all of Davenport's property would go to Connor and that his appearance in the old man's life had given him great hope for the future of the new nation that Connor had helped to create. After his funeral service, Connor and the Homesteaders buried Davenport next to his wife and son, to be remembered as the "Old Man on the Hill".[214] Subsequently, Connor hung up a portrait of his Mentor with his late family that he recovered for Davenport. Connor became the de facto leader of the Colonial Brotherhood.[215]

During the Battle of Lindley's Mill, the Assassins killed the British Colonel Hector McNeill they suspected to be a Templar.[216]

ACIII-Laststand 18

Connor killing his father

When Connor arrived in New York, Chapheau, Carter, Little and Zenger finished clearing the tunnels to Fort George while Lafayette assured him that the Admiral François-Joseph Paul de Grasse waited for their signal. Infiltrating the fort, Connor lit the signal tower, beginning the bombardment which created a breach in the wall but also injured the Assassin. Inside the fort, he met his father who informed him that Lee had fled. The father and the son began to fight but the Grand Master overpowered the Assassin. As Kenway was strangling his son, Connor stabbed his father in the throat. In his dying words, the Templar stated that he was, in a way, proud of Connor and that he should have killed him long before.[217]

Thereafter, Connor recovered Haytham's journal and read of his father's tragic childhood and lifetime of betrayal, also discovering that he had saved Connor's life: Haytham was the one who threw a knife at the hangman's noose during Connor's execution, fully severing the rope after Connor's apprentices had fired an arrow and weakened it.[218]

After Kenway's death, the Brotherhood focused on ending the war. The Assassins infiltrated Yorktown and sabotaged British fortifications to ensure a relatively quick surrender with limited casualties during the following siege by the Continental Army.[219] In July 1782, the Assassins negotiated with Sir Carleton for the evacuation of Savannah by the British troops.[220]

ACIII-Rest 3

Connor captured by Lee's men

In late 1782, Connor was tracking Lee who was the new Grand Master of the Colonial Rite. The Assassin confronted Lee during Kenway's funeral but was immediately captured. The Grand Master, enraged by his predecessor's death, threatened Connor that he would kill him after destroying all that he worked for. Lee then left while the guards beat the Assassin but Connor defeated them. One of them informed Connor that Lee was aboard the prison ship HMS Jersey. The Assassin infiltrated the ship but did not find Lee. Nonetheless, he learned from one of his mercenaries the Grand Master was in Boston waiting for soldiers. Before leaving the ship, Connor killed the leading officer on board.[221]

In Boston, Connor went to the Green Dragon Tavern and interrogated a mercenary who told him that Lee was about to leave the country. The Assassin chased the Grand Master across the docks. Their run led them to a ship under construction, which had caught on fire as a result of an accident. While Connor caught up to Lee in the vessel's interior, the ferry collapsed, causing injuries to Connor but the Assassin succeeded in shooting Lee in the stomach before loosing consciousness.[222]

ACIII-Chasinglee 13

Connor killing Charles Lee

Waking up, Connor learned from a harbormaster that Lee fled to Monmouth. Arriving at the Last Drink Inn, the Assassin spotted Lee who was drinking and bleeding. As the Grand Master accepted his fate, the two shared a drink before Connor stabbed him in the heart. The Assassin took as a memento Lee's pendant which was the key to the Grand Temple.[222]

In April 1783, Connor returned to Kanatahséton but all the villagers were gone as their lands were sold by the Continental Congress.[223] The Assassin only found the Crystal Ball he used a decade ago. Activating the artifact, he spoke once again with Juno who explained that his work was done and that he needed to hide the Grand Temple Key. After the Crystal Ball disintegrated, the Assassin returned to the Homestead and hid the key in the grave of his Mentor's son Connor Davenport.[222]

ACIII-Evacuationday 2

Connor witnessing the Evacuation Day

On 25 November, Connor went to New York to see the British evacuation of the city. Even if the United States were independent, Connor saw that slavery was maintained and continued his fight for liberty.[224] He spoke with Washington who wanted to retire in idleness while others would lead the country but the Assassin said that Washington should have the luxury of peace after all the sacrifices they had made during the war.[225]

Rebuilding the Order

After the resolution of the American Revolutionary War, Connor shifted his efforts towards strengthening the Colonial Brotherhood to bolster the Assassins' presence in the newly liberated colonies.[226]

Inevitable Confrontation 15

Connor recovering the Apple of Eden

While resting in the Frontier, Connor was contacted by George Washington who explained that he suffered from disturbing dreams. The former commander showed him the cause of it, Apple of Eden he found in Yorktown. When Connor touched the Piece of Eden, he experience an alternate reality where he never was an Assassin and Washington became a tyranical king of America.[227] After defeating the king, Connor escaped from this illusion. Washington entrusted to the Assassin the Apple because he did not want to be corrupted by its power. Aboard the Aquila, Connor threw the artifact in the sea.[228]

In 1784, Connor attempted to recruit the marron slave leader Patience Gibbs into the Brotherhood but the young woman escaped. Then, he asked Aveline de Grandpré to recruit her because of her reputation of freeing slaves.[226] In Newport, the Louisiana Assassin succeeded to recruit Gibbs and killed in the process her master, the Templar Doctor Edmund Judge.[229]

In 1785, after many years, the Assassins killed the governor of Connecticut Jonathan Trumbull who was a Templar.[230] During this period Connor founded a family while leading the Brotherhood.[231]


Eseosa at the Homestead

In March 1804, Connor sent a request to Eseosa, a member of the Haitian Brotherhood, to receive additional training for his role in the oncoming revolution. He willingly accepted this offer and traveled to the Davenport Homestead.[232]

In the early 19th century, the Assassins left the Homestead that mysteriously vanished.[13]

19th century

California Gold Rush

In 1852, during the California Gold Rush, an American Assassin robbed the carriage transporting pioneer John Sutter while it was traveling through the Great Basin Desert. Launching herself aboard the carriage, the Assassin killed the driver and confronted Sutter at gunpoint, telling him that the Maidu people whom he had enslaved and forced to mine the gold in his carriage for him wanted it back. At that moment, the Assassin noticed a gunman in the distance and shot him before he had the chance to shoot at her.[233]

American Civil War

During the American Civil War, the American and the Louisiana Brotherhoods worked to end the conflict, having members on both sides.[234] By 1863, the Assassin Varius, like his father before him, operated alone in New York City to fight the Templars led by the Grand Master William M. Tweed, boss of the Tammany Hall.[235]

The Mentor instructed Varius to steal a Dagger of Eden hidden at the Aztec Club and deliver it to General Ulysses S. Grant. During the New York City draft riots, Varius successfully recovered the Piece of Eden but was later attacked by the Templar Cudgel Cormac who stole the artifact. Later, the Assassin met Eliza, Tweed's servant, and inducted her into the Brotherhood. Together, they confronted Cormac who used the power of the dagger on Varius and stabbed him. Eliza saved her master using the Templar's air rifle, paralyzing Cormac. After bringing the Assassin to the hospital, the young woman gave the dagger to General Grant. Varius and Eliza continued to work together during the war.[235]

On 14 April 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot by Templar affiliate John Wilkes Booth. After Lincoln's assassination, the Assassins hunted down and killed Booth.[236]

In 1871, Eliza brought the evidence of Tweed's corruption, leading to his arrestation.[235]

20th century

Showdown with Nikolai Orelov

Tungska fall v

Nikola Tesla laboratory during the Teleforce

In the early 20th century, the American Assassins became acquainted with the inventor Nikola Tesla whose reputation was tarnished by the Templars. On 30 June 1908, while three Russian Assassins infiltrated a Templar facility in Tunguska to steal the Imperial Sceptre, one of the Staves of Eden, Tesla was tasked to destroy the place using the Wardenclyffe Tower to project a Teleforce beam. During the mission, one of the Assassins, Nikolai Orelov, was contacted by an Isu entity when he touched the Staff, showing him visions of the past and future. Tesla activated the Teleforce too early, resulting in the Tunguska explosion, destroying the facility, the artifact, and killing all the Assassins but Orelov.[237]

A decade later, Orelov recovered a Shard of the Staff and deserted the Brotherhood. With his wife Anna and daughter Nadya, he traveled from Russia to the USA.[238] In 1919, several members of the Assassin Brotherhood infiltrated the Bureau of Investigation and took up employment as agents, using the agency's network and government jurisdiction to further the Assassins' cause. During the Palmer Raids, the Assassins' position in the BOI secured the safe deportation of Anna and Nadya back to their home country.[239]

In 1926, the Brotherhood helped the Russian Assassin Sergei locate in the Connecticut wilderness Nikolai. However, Sergei was ultimately killed by Nikolai as the Assassin threated his son Innokenti for not wanting to return into the Brotherhood.[239]

In 1928, a team of Assassins in the FBI went after Nikolai and his son in their cabin. When they attempted to open a window, the cabin exploded, killing many Assassins. Afterward, the remaining five Assassins went into the woods to track down the Orelov. Finding their makeshift camp, the Assassins set off another. While the Assassins tried to capture their target alive, Nikolai did not have the same objective. Lured by a trail of rabbit's blood, one Assassin was shot in the head while two were stabbed by Nikolai. Another Assassin shot Nikolai in the leg and overpowered him in a fight but was killed by Innokenti.[239]


Nikolai and the Assassin's deaths

The last remaining Assassin managed to track down the Orelov who tried to get down a cliff by sliding down a makeshift zipline. After Innokenti used the zipline, the Assassin shot Nikolai. Approaching the wounded man, the Assassin told him that he would take him to the Washington safehouse, where Nikolai was going to tell them everything he knew about the Tunguska Entity, remarking the message was intended for the Brotherhood rather than for Nikolai alone. As the Assassin searched for Innokenti in the surroundings, he revealed that Anna and Nadya were safe in Russia. Nikolai said to his son not to believe the Assassin and to "be strong", which prompted Innokenti to reluctantly shoot his father and the Assassin, killing them both.[239]

Jazz Age

During the Jazz Age, an unidentified American Assassin operated in the United States. This Assassin interacted with several prominent contemporary figures, including Ernest Hemingway, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein.[240]

During the Spanish Civil War, the American Assassin Dwight Adams joined the Spanish Brotherhood and worked with Ignacio Cardona's team to fight Spanish Nationalists. In 1937, Adams and the team—excluding Cardona—were manipulated by the Instrument of the First Will member Rufus Grosvenor, who wanted to recover the Koh-i-Noor. Adams later confronted Cardona, who had allied with the former Templar Black Cross Albert Bolden, and died in the battle.[241]

World War II

During World War II, United States Army Colonel and Assassin Boris Pash attempted to uncover the secret behind the Nazi atomic endeavor, the Uranprojekt, which was overseen by Nazi General and Templar Gero Kramer. However, all the Assassins sent by Pash were eventually unmasked and killed by Kramer, prompting Pash to devise a plan to send an Assassin who would be unaware of the fact that they were an Assassin. Sometime before 1940, Pash recruited into the Brotherhood the British spy Robert Burton who infiltrated the organization of London criminal "Jack Turpin", in fact an SS officer and spy named Otto Hammerstein. Acting as Pash's mole, Burton would keep him informed of Hammerstein's activities.[242]

ACCo Eddie listening to Jack's proposal

Jack Turpin and Robert Burton talking with Eddie Gorm

On 7 September 1940, Pash learned that Hammerstein tried to recruit the docker Eddie Gorm to steal the research of French scientists refugeed in London. Investigating Gorm's background, Pash discovered that the former war hero was unknowingly the descendant of an Assassin bloodline. Seeing an opportunity to have a spy able to reach Kramer, Pash and the Assassin Lieutenant Julia Dusk approached Gorm to convince him to accept Hammerstein's offer and work as a double agent for the Allies. Gorm first refused but after his late brother's wife and children died during The Blitz, he accepted to work as a mole, oblivious of the Brotherhood.[242]

By 1942, Dusk became Gorm's contact in Berlin who had become a trusted defector and an Untersturmführer in the SS, becoming to Kramer. During an audience of SS agents, Gorm stabbed Hammerstein and took hostage Dr. Werner Heisenberg, the head of the Uranprojekt. The scientist confessed that the project was a cover for a hidden hydroelectric plant in Vemork, Norway, a project which involved the construction of a device called Die Glocke. As Gorm was surrounded by soldiers, Dusk saved him. During their escape, she was hit by a bullet but they succeeded in joining Pash, taking a vehicle to their hideout. While Dusk was treated, Pash revealed to Gorm their Assassin's allegiance and their conflict with the Templars. Upon learning this, Gorm decided to claim his Assassin heirloom and join the Brotherhood.[242]

ACConspiracies - Eddie forced to use Die Glocke

Gorm put in Die Glocke

On 27 February 1943, Gorm was parachuted into Vemork and infiltrated the hydroelectric plant, serving as a diversion for the British commandos' attack to destroy the heavy water stock. After a fight against Kramer, the Assassin was defeated and put to Die Glocke. The Templar explained that the machine, designed by Nikola Tesla and powered by an Apple of Eden, could explore the genetic memory of a subject. To locate other Pieces of Eden, Kramer wanted to explore Gorm ancestors' lives and ordered Tesla to start the machine but it exploded.[242][243]

Learning about the commandos' arrival, Kramer ordered the exfiltration of Gorm and Tesla but they were saved by Dusk. Tesla explained that the Templars abducted him and faked his death to build weapons for the Nazis. He accepted to hinder their work, sabotaging Die Glocke, and revealing that the Templar company Abstergo Industries was creating weapons in the Książ Castle in Poland. As the Assassins could not escape with Tesla, Dusk knocked him out, knowing that he would continue to work as a mole for the Brotherhood. The two Assassins survived by jumping from a cliff.[243]

During this period, Pash secretly established a truce with the Templar John von Neumann to end the war. The Templar accepted as Adolf Hitler was no longer under the Order's influence. Together they created the Project Rainbow: by using the Apple of Eden and Die Glocke, they wanted to travel through time to kill Hitler before his ascension.[243]

AC Conspiracies - Nazi Underground Structure

The Assassins after clearing the Nazi's underground base

On 15 July, Pash led a team of Assassins to attack Książ Castle to stop Project Riese while Dusk and Gorm were tasked to recover the Apple. The two teams succeeded, Gorm even killed Kramer. When they joined to liberate the scientists, Tesla revealed to Dusk and Gorm that Pash worked with the Templars to use the Apple. The two Assassins confronted their leader who wounded Gorm. To destroy the Apple, Dusk armed a hand grenade but it only killed her. Pash took the artifact and the Assassins left for dead Gorm.[243]

On 28 October, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Pash, Neumann and Tesla were onboard the USS Elridge to launch Project Rainbow. Gorm infiltrated the ship and killed Tesla to prevent the project. Pash explained that the Project could save Dusk and many lives, making Gorm doubt before being stabbed by Pash. Gorm pushed his former leader before committing suicide.[243] The experiment continued, the ship temporarily manifested in a future state for approximately 18 minutes but ultimately failed, claiming hundreds of marine soldiers' lives and severely damaging the Apple of Eden in the process.[244][245] Pash and Newmann ended their truce, and the Templar was forced to work on the Manhattan Project with the Apple.[243]

Bloodstone Unit

In 1950, Boris Pash worked on the Project BLUEBIRD, a CIA initiative to better interrogate subjects. In fact, Pash was searching for the effects an Apple of Eden had on the human subconscious to unlock the potential of an Assassin. By 1957, the former Russian hitman Alekseï Gavrani was inducted into the Brotherhood and was recruited by the Assassin and CIA director William King Harvey as his Agent QJ/WIN. On 8 February, Pash and Gavrani infiltrated the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. where the Templar John von Neumann was dying of cancer. While Gavrani incapacitated the guard, Pash took Tesla's Apple, stating that the Templar died from his illness.[246]

ACBs - Bloodstone Unit

The Bloodstone Unit in Vietnam

During the late 50s and early 60s, the American Mentor authorized Pash and Harvey to found the Bloodstone Unit, an extremist Assassin cell that carried out missions for CIA during the Cold War, breaking the Creed in the process. With Pash as the leader, the unit was composed of Gavrani, William Greer, Dhogura, Doni, the pilot Zenia and Julia Gorm, Eddie's daughter. Pash used the Apple to make them the perfect soldiers and killers. Pash and Zenia became lovers during this time.[246]

On 2 January 1963, during the Vietnam War, the Bloodstone Unit took part in a communication operation involving the CIA, United States Army and South Vietnamese Army to capture the Templar Cooper. Boarding a helicopter at the Tân Hiệp US military base, the unit was attacked by the Viet Cong. The Assassins survived and captured Cooper but Gorm killed the US soldier Muller that Gavrani and Greer tried to save. At their home base on Hòn Mê, Pash tortured and interrogated the Templar, discovering that the President of South Vietnam Ngô Đình Diệm was a Templar puppet. Gavrani confronted Pash about his methods, saying he corrupted the Creed. Pash fired Gavrani from the unit seeing him as weak-willed. In November, Pash manipulated the CIA to organize a coup against President Ngô Đình Diệm and killed him, unknowingly provoking a domino effect in the region.[246]

ACBs - Greer holding Apple

Gavrani confronting Greer who had the Apple of Eden

During this, unknown to the Brotherhood, Harvey was working with the Templars.[244] As the Order wanted to recover an Apple of Eden that the US President John F. Kennedy possessed, Harvey decided to use the Bloodstone Unit to assassinate the President, making them believe they hijacked the Templars' plot, while in reality, they endorsed it. Greer infiltrated the Templars and worked in Abstergo Industries, training with the Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's Apple of Eden to recover the President's Apple. On 22 November, during the President's visit in Dallas, Greer, who worked in the Secret Service, slowed the Presidential car permitting the Templar sleeper agent Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot Kennedy.[247]

In the panic, Greer took the Apple but was confronted by Gavrani who wanted to stop the Bloodstone Unit. Gavrani took the artifact and brought it to King Harvey, oblivious of his allegiance. To further his plan to recover Tesla's Apple, the Templar recruited Gavrani as his Agent QJ/WIN to fight the Bloodstone Unit, pretending he wanted to stop the rogue cell.[246]

In Hòn Mê, Pash made Gorm experience her father's memory to unlock his skills through the Bleeding Effect. After months of exposure, Gorm began to believe she was her father and wanted revenge on Pash for what he did during WWII. Zenia also became pregnant because of Pash who decided to bury the Tesla's Apple on the island.[244]

On 30 July 1964, Gorm escaped from their base. While the rest of the unit fled the building, Dhogura burnt the place to hide the evidence. At the same time, Gavrani infiltrated the island with the help of the USS Maddox which made a distraction. Gavrani killed Dhogura and tracked the rest of the unit for four days to Ninh Bình. As Gavrani took them at gunpoint, Zenia offered him to work with the unit to recover the Apple at the base. Gavrani accepted but on the way, Pash tried to kill him. During the fight, Gorm arrived, killing Doni and injuring Zenia. To protect Pash and Zenia, Gavrani fought Gorm, greatly injuring her but only to die at her hands.[244]

ACBs William King Harvey Holding an Apple of Eden

Harvey holding Tesla's Apple of Eden

To save their lives, the Assassins called Harvey to give him the Apple. The three Assassins arrived onboard the USS Maddox where Julia was treated while the Templar doctor Warren Vidic helped Zenia to deliver her daughter Nathalie, but the Assassin died in the process. When Pash gave the Apple to Harvey, he understood that he was a traitor. The Templar convinced Pash to give his work on Project BLUEBIRD and the memory resurrection to Vidic who will raise Nathalie as his child. After Gorm's recovery, she became the new Agent QJ/WIN.[244]

End of Cold War


William Miles handing the Animus blueprints over to Medeya Voronina

In 1977, the American Assassin William Miles met Nathalie Chapman, Pash and Zenia's daughter. She gave him the blueprint of the Animus, a device created by Warren Vidic to read Genetic memory.[244] In Moscow, Miles was pursued by Templar and was rescued by Medeya Voronina, a fellow Russian Assassin. He gave her the blueprints and requested she build it before the Templars could. When Voronina asked how she would be able to contact him, Miles stated she was to meet him at the spot she had saved him, between the old and new zoos, on the night of a full moon, assuring her that he would know whether she had been there. Miles then departed to meet another Assassin cell in the city.[248]


A photograph of the Farm

By 1987, an Assassin compound known as "The Farm" was located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, outside of Rapid City.[42] The community consisted of Miles and his wife, as well as some 30 other individuals, not all of whom may have been active members of the Assassin Brotherhood.[249] That year, the Miles' son, Desmond, was born. Along with the other children at the Farm, Desmond was trained under William's supervision, which proved to be extremely intense, often scaring him.[250]

The Fall

Finding Daniel Cross

Like the rest of the other branches, the American Brotherhood reduced their reliance on assassinations to effect change, and was led by a the Mentor who was the leader of all the Assassins. During the late 1990s, the Assassins and Templars were engaged in a solely political war for the Presidency, with the Assassins supporting candidate Al Gore and the Templars using George W. Bush as their puppet.[237]

In 1998, during a night out in a Philadelphia bar, the Assassin Hannah Mueller noticed a drunken Daniel Cross muttering strange words, and caught him speaking the word "Templar". As Cross pronounced a passerby to be a Templar and ready a knife to kill him, Muller intervened, reprimanding him for calling attention to himself. Believing he was an Assassin, She drove him to an Assassin camp located outside Philadelphia.[251]


Paul Bellamy meeting Daniel Cross during dinner

Checking the list of the Assassin camps, Muller discovered that Cross was not in any records. The following morning, she brought him before the camp's director Paul Bellamy, who began asking where he had received his training, and what his responsibilities as an Assassin were. Cross, however, was confused about the situation he was in, and could not provide any answers. Bellamy noticed that Cross had a tattoo of the Assassin insignia on his arm, though Cross was not aware of its meaning. Bellamy showed him his ring with the Assassin insignia, and asked him again about his identity.[237]

At this moment, Cross experienced hallucination and spoke Russian, mentioning "Tunguska". Bellamy asked about the visions he saw and understood that Cross was somehow connected to the Brotherhood. Unsettled by his continued hallucinations, Cross chose not to cooperate and stormed off to leave the camp. As two Assassins tried to stop him, Daniel attacked them both, managing to incapacitate them easily. However, Paul pulled him off and held his Hidden Blade to Daniel's throat, effectively subduing him.[237]

ACTF-Bellamy Hidden Blade

Paul restraining Daniel

While Cross was incarcerated in a camp's cabins, Bellamy contacted William Miles, asking him for information about Tunguska. Miles found out that Cross was the great-grandson of the Russian Assassin Nikolai Orelov who participated in the mission to recover Imperial Sceptre at Tunguska in 1908. Later that day, Muller entered Cross' cabin and found him stressed, expressing his concerns about sanity, and pleading with her to let him get his medication from his apartment. She reluctantly gave in to his request, and handed him a white hooded jacket, so that he could blend in with the other Assassins as they left the camp.[237]

In his apartment, Cross searched through his cupboards looking for his medication. After he found that there was none left, Muller tried to comfort him by saying that the Assassins could help him if he let them. Cross noted that he kept seeing a strangely shaped object during his "visions", which he then drew for her on the fog on his window. Muller quickly recognized the shape to be one of the Staves of Eden.[237]

Suddenly, Bellamy burst into the apartment. After reprimanding Muller for defying his orders, his attention quickly turned to Cross, telling him he was not safe in his apartment and that he had to tell them what had happened to Orelov. However, at the mention of his great-grandfather's name, Cross experienced yet another vision. Bellamy urged him to let them know what was going through his head, only to be punched by Cross.[237]


Hannah holding Daniel in her arms

While fleeing his apartment and making his way onto the rooftops, the events of 1908 transpire in Cross's mind. The two Assassins pursued him, imploring him to come down with them. As his vision reached its climax, Daniel's mind was flooded with a wide array of images; an Apple, Nikola Tesla, Eden, and his own birth. As he collapsed to the floor, Muller hurriedly cradled him. Cross assured her that he was all right, saying that he had finally found his purpose, that he had to find the Mentor.[237]

Daniel's quest

Over the next two years, Daniel Cross and Hannah Muller searched the globe for clues to the Mentor's whereabouts, visiting several Assassin camps in the process. At each location, Cross appealed to his fellow Assassins for their support and guidance. At some point, he met William Miles personally, who believed in his sincerity.[238]

Hannah Daniel meet

Daniel speaking to his fellow Assassins, with Hannah in the background

On 5 November 2000, while refreshing himself in his room, Cross was accosted by at least masked individuals who, after a brief struggle, managed to inject a sedative into his neck. The following day, he awoke to find himself in the Mentor's facility in Dubai. Speaking with the Mentor, Cross learned that his progress had been watched carefully by him and that he knew about his visions, and saw him as a unique asset to the Order. The Mentor passed on his own Hidden Blade to Cross.[238]

As soon as the blade was given to him, Daniel felt as if he was made to use it. In fact, during his childhood, Cross was abducted by Abstergo Industries to be the Subject 4 of the Animus Project. During Animus sessions, Warren Vidic inserted a hidden impulse in Cross' mind to be a sleeper agent, with for mission to kill the Mentor.[238]


Daniel killing the Mentor

As such, when Cross put the Hidden Blade upon his forearm, he murdered the Mentor. He immediately regretted his actions, unsure of why exactly he had done such a thing. Upon hearing voices from outside the room and driven by guilt and confusion, Cross leapt through the glass windows of the building, and into the sea below.[238]

Great Purge

Fall 3 Daniel Abstergo

Daniel returning to the Abstergo facility in Philadelphia

On November 21, Daniel Cross eventually made his way back to the Abstergo research facility in Philadelphia. Under the supervision of Alfred Stearns and other high-ranking Abstergo employees, Dr. Sung was forced to extract information from Cross by administering SK-345 to him. He subconsciously revealed the locations and secrets of the Assassin hideouts he had visited over the past two years, allowing Abstergo to initiate the "Great Purge", which nearly annihilated the entire Assassin Order.[238]

Hannah fall

Paul ordering the evacuation of his camp

During the Great Purge, many Assassin training camps were found and eradicated by the Templars, including compounds in South Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.[252] Nearly all Assassins within their camps, including children, were massacred by military agents under the order of Abstergo Industries. As news of the incoming Templar crackdown spread, the Assassin camps began organizing immediate evacuations. After Hannah Muller returned to her camp, Paul Bellamy informed her of Cross' betrayal. Since he knew the location of all Assassin camps, Bellamy pointed out that they were in danger, and had to abandon the camp. Muller simply stood in shock, not able to believe what Daniel had done.[238]

Although only a few Assassins managed to evacuate, a few off-the-grid settlements, including the Farm, managed to remain unscathed due to having been warned preemptively.[42][250] With the Mentor dead, and nearly all of the Assassin compounds seized by the Templars, the Assassins went into hiding, operating remotely from concealed hideouts and cells.[238][253] The consequent decrease of the Assassins' influence over American politics also allowed the Templars to be successful in placing their puppet, George W. Bush, as President of the United States of America.[238][254]

Within the next fourteen months, various Assassins, including Bellamy, were captured by Abstergo. Abstergo induced the subjects into a coma and bound them to Animi in the company's Philadelphia facility, where they were forced to explore the genetic memory of their ancestors.[239]

Post-Great Purge

Following the Mentor's death, control of the Brotherhood eventually fell onto William Miles, and he began to oversee the Brotherhood's activities.[255]

In 2003, on his sixteenth birthday, Desmond abruptly left the Farm, claiming he was fed up with his parents' paranoia about the Templars, and believing them to be nothing more than conspiracy freaks. Despite efforts to locate Desmond, the Assassins were unsuccessful in retrieving him.[250]

Despite Desmond's departure, William continued to loyally serve the Brotherhood, and kept in contact with the Assassin cells via their private email network.[250]

In 2005, when Lucy Stillman, one of his trainees, reached the age of seventeen, William made the decision to raise her outside the Brotherhood. This was to ensure that she would be able to covertly infiltrate Abstergo Industries, and her ties to the Brotherhood were severed as a result.[256] Eventually, Lucy was contacted by Dr. Warren Vidic, who offered her a position at Abstergo Industries. She accepted the offer and immediately started working with Warren on the Animus Project.[253]

At some point prior to 2007, William approached Clay Kaczmarek, who, like William, was a descendant of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, and offered him an induction into the Brotherhood, which he accepted.[256]

In 2010, William gave Clay the task of infiltrating Abstergo Industries. His job was to access the personal computer of Alan Rikkin, the company's CEO, and uncover details surrounding the secretive "Animus project". Succeeding in his efforts, Clay returned to the Assassins with a copy of an e-mail revealing the amount of funding being invested in the project, as well as the identity of the project lead, Dr. Warren Vidic, and the location of his new facility in Italy.[256]

Spurred on by this success, the Assassins decided to plant Clay deeper into Abstergo, this time as a test subject of Dr. Vidic's program. He was informed of Lucy's status as a mole who was already deep inside Abstergo. Assured that when the time came, she would aid in his escape, Clay agreed to the plan.[256]

On 9 December 2010, junior professor Shaun Hastings released confidential information on Abstergo Industries to WikiLeaks under the pseudonym "Guy Fawkes"; Abstergo quickly had the letter pulled, and Shaun abducted for interrogation. The next day, while he was being transferred, Assassin Rebecca Crane hacked the onboard computer of Abstergo's van to show that it was low on fuel. When the van pulled over to rectify this, Rebecca helped Shaun escape, and introduced him to the Assassin Brotherhood.[257]

In 2011, Templars under the command of Daniel Cross launched a raid on the Assassin hideout Hannah Mueller was located in. Hannah stayed behind to give her fellow Assassins time to escape and tried to reason with Daniel in hopes of returning him to his former self. However, her attempt was unsuccessful, and she was killed by Daniel.[258]

Clay's mission

Infiltrating Abstergo

On 1 February 2011, Clay was captured by Abstergo's Lineage Discovery and Acquisition team and inducted into the Animus project as Subject 16. Held within the Abstergo laboratory by Dr. Vidic, Clay was forced to relive the memories of his ancestors, particularly Ezio Auditore, for dangerously long periods at a time.[256]

Throughout this, Vidic kept the true purpose of their genetic explorations a secret, though Clay soon realized that their efforts were focused on locating a mythical "Apple of Eden". When Clay inquired about this, Vidic threateningly responded that he could not reasonably expect to be released if he knew what they truly sought. Later, William was able to contact Clay and told him to focus on his task; that when the time came, Lucy would rescue him, as they were a team.[256]

However, unbeknownst to the Assassins, Lucy's loyalties had already shifted. Years of isolation, coupled with William's withdrawn and careless personality, had driven her away from the Assassins and into the Templars' arms. Warren Vidic offered Lucy guidance and protection, and she willingly became a double agent for him.[256]

Eventually, Clay discovered the true purpose of the Animus project and decided that it was time for him to escape. Unfortunately, by this point, his over-exposure to the Animus had resulted in him suffering from the Bleeding Effect, and he soon found himself unwillingly exploring the memories of his ancestors without the use of the Animus. During one of these experiences, Clay found himself conversing with a figure calling herself Juno, who offered a shocking revelation about the true allegiances of his supposed ally, Lucy, as well as his own destiny.[256]

The Truth

"I promised to protect you, but I can't let you leave. William and the others must never know. I'm sorry."
―Lucy, in a letter to Clay.[src]

Clay reacted angrily when he was informed that his death was nigh and that his purpose from then on was to deliver a message to his eventual successor, Desmond Miles.[256]

In order to convince him of the necessity, Juno revealed that the years of loneliness and abandonment visited upon Lucy by the Assassin Order, so that she might better infiltrate the Templars, had in actuality turned her against them; her mission being to aid the Assassins in the discovery of the Apple, before returning it to the Templars. This betrayal shocked Clay, and brought him to the realization of his place in future events.[256]

After a while, Lucy discovered that Clay knew the truth about her true intentions and attempted to explain her actions, saying that William and the rest of the Order cared little for the lives that they destroyed in the pursuit of their goals, whereas the Templars did.[256]

Knowing she could not sway him, Lucy stated that she would keep the promise she had made to protect Clay, hiding the evidence of his new-found knowledge from Vidic, but that she could no longer afford to let him leave. Faced with no other option, Clay realized that there was only one way to get his message to Desmond.[256]

Clay's death and final message

Abs Room

Clay's message to Desmond

For weeks, Clay planned his suicide down to the most minute detail, biding his time and preparing his message, all the while enduring the repeated attempts by Vidic to uncover the location of the Apple of Eden.[256]

Eventually, Clay managed to create an artificial construct of himself inside the Animus, through hacking the machine during the night, and split it into thirty pieces to be united by his successor,[250] as well as sending one final e-mail to his father.[256]

The next day, Clay killed himself by slitting his wrists with a ball-point pen [citation needed] and draining his blood out of his body, in order to paint several cryptic messages in the rooms where he was being kept, hoping to ensure his successor recovered the message that he had died to pass on.[256][259] After his death, Abstergo dumped his body in the Tiber river in Rome.[256]

Desmond's journey

Captured by Abstergo

"I'm not an Assassin... not any more."
―Desmond to Warren Vidic.[src]
Desmond Recap 1

Desmond behind the counter in Bad Weather

In the years following his departure from the Farm, Desmond eventually traveled to New York and gained employment as a bartender at a nightclub called Bad Weather, most likely due to his looks. While he worked there, his specialty drink was the "Shirley Templar", a Shirley Temple cocktail with gin.[250] Wanting to avoid the Assassins, Desmond never used his real name, and made sure to only use cash to purchase items.[253] Over time, he tried to start a new life, but would sometimes begin to miss his family and old friends.[250] Unfortunately, Abstergo had already found Desmond after tracing him through a fingerprint at the DMV which was needed for his motorcycle license.[253]

Desmond Recap 3

Desmond captured by Abstergo agents

On 1 September 2012, Desmond was captured by Abstergo agents, at the command of Daniel Cross.[260] The next day, after awakening at an Abstergo facility in Rome, he was held captive for use as a test subject in the Animus.[253]

Dubbed Subject 17, Desmond was forced into the Animus, overseen by by Warren Vidic and Lucy Stillman, and made to relive the memories of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, a Levantine Assassin active during the Third Crusade. However, Desmond's subconscious resisted their efforts, forcing Warren and Lucy to bring him out of the Animus. When Desmond came to, he angrily claimed to be nothing more than a bartender, but Warren revealed that Abstergo knew of his history as an Assassin, forcing Desmond to finally admit his past life.[253]

AC1 Monitoring Desmond

Desmond inside the Animus 1.28

Desmond was then warned by Warren that if he refused to co-operate with their efforts, they would induce him into a coma, continue their work, and leave him to die when they had finished. Without much of a choice, Desmond agreed to help them.[253]

For several days, Desmond relived Altaïr's memories under the Templar's watchful eye, but during the nights, he was anonymously given a code by Lucy that allowed him to open the door to the bedroom provided for him, which granted him the ability to explore the laboratory that he was being held in. As he was presented with the opportunity, Desmond used it to access the Animus' computer, and, after he had stolen Warren's access pen, gained access to Warren's personal computer as well.[253]

Through reading private emails, Desmond learned much about Abstergo, as well as the Animus subject that had preceded him, Subject 16, who was noted to have suffered from the Bleeding Effect. Eventually, on Lucy's prompting, the Assassins attempted to liberate him, with the gunfire of their assault being heard through an intercom device.[253]

After the rescue attempt failed, Warren boasted that those Assassins were, in fact, the last of the group Desmond had escaped from, and that their desert hideout had been previously destroyed. When Warren left, however, Lucy reassured Desmond that that compound had been found deserted and that his parents had "probably escaped". During this discussion, Lucy convinced Desmond that she was also an Assassin and was working undercover to learn more about Abstergo's plans.[253]

When Desmond finished the memory of Altaïr that revealed a map to several Pieces of Eden, three Abstergo executives decided to dispose of Desmond; concluding that the information they had retrieved rendered Desmond an unnecessary burden. However, Lucy intervened and convinced them to keep Desmond for more testing, as his memories could still reveal more about the locations of the Pieces of Eden.[253]

After the executives left, Desmond realized that he was able to use Eagle Vision, an ability that he shared with Altaïr, which he had picked up through the Bleeding Effect. Using it for the first time, he perceived a strong interpretation of Warren and Lucy's true allegiances, as well as countless scrawled messages and puzzles on the walls and floor of the main laboratory and his own quarters.[253]

Escape to the Hideout

EfAI 5

Desmond and Lucy escaping the Abstergo facility

After Desmond spent some time alone in the laboratory, Lucy suddenly returned, covered in blood and demanding that Desmond was to get into the Animus before Abstergo discovered what she had done. Desmond, rather confused, agreed to her request and managed to synchronize himself with the closest genetic match between him and Subject 16, which was recorded on the Animus' memory core. Inside the Animus, Desmond experienced the birth of another of his ancestors, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, before he was pulled out abruptly so that the two could both make their escape.[259]

They eventually found themselves confronted by more Abstergo guards, but Lucy quickly disposed of them, much to Desmond's astonishment. They continued onward through aisles of office blocks and Animi, until they reached another coded door. Unexpectedly, Lucy's access key did not work, but Desmond was able to unlock it through his newly acquired Eagle Vision. As they entered the parking lot, they were blocked by more Abstergo guards, though the two fought them off and managed to reach Lucy's car. Lucy ordered Desmond to climb into the trunk for "[his] own protection", although annoyed by her request, Desmond complied and the two managed to escape.[259]

Des Hideout 2

Lucy introducing Desmond to Rebecca and Shaun

Arriving at one of the Assassins' hideouts, Desmond was introduced to two more Assassins – Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane – who had previously worked with Lucy. Lucy told Desmond that they wanted him to be trained as an Assassin, which could be achieved in a matter of days, thanks to the Bleeding Effect. Doing so required him to learn through the ancestor that he had matched up with through Subject 16, Ezio Auditore, and Desmond agreed to help almost immediately, which surprised Lucy. After this, he was quickly plugged into the Animus 2.0, where he began to relive Ezio's memories.[259]

RebeccaII Animus

Rebecca introducing Desmond to the Animus 2.0

However, unbeknownst to Desmond, Shaun and Rebecca, Desmond's escape was a part of Project Siren, a Templar plan concocted by Warren and Lucy to extract more information out of him by relocating him to a seemingly safer environment. Both of the Templars hoped that Desmond would feel more at ease among Assassins, allowing him to access crucial memories more easily; particularly the ones that Abstergo desired. Lucy was then to contact Warren once the Assassins had located the Apple of Eden.[256]

After learning the skills of an Assassin through Ezio's lifetime and the Animus, Desmond was retracted from the machine, partly to test his retention of the techniques he had learned, but also to prevent the mental degradation that Subject 16 had suffered from being placed in the Animus for an extended period of time.[259]

AC2 Bleeding Effect

Desmond experiencing the Bleeding Effect

Tasking him with initiating security protocols around the hideout, Lucy left it to Desmond to figure out how to reach them through the use of his Eagle Vision and newfound freerunning skills. Just as he began, however, he started suffering vivid hallucinations of the Third Crusade era. At first, the visions were short and were nothing to worry about, but after completing the task, Desmond was incapacitated as the visions became more real.[259]

Taken back to medieval Acre by the Bleeding Effect, Desmond once again followed the memories of Altaïr, though this time, without using the Animus. Through the vision, he discovered that Altaïr and Maria Thorpe had conceived a child, Sef, who was to be Desmond's direct ancestor after Altaïr.[259]

The next day, Desmond had recovered from the experiences and returned to the Animus, though he neglected to tell his Assassin teammates about what had happened. From there, he continued to watch the genetic memories of Ezio Auditore, despite at one time being thrown out by "corrupted memory sequences".[259]

Eventually, the team learned that Ezio's nemesis, Rodrigo Borgia, had become Pope Alexander VI in 1492, so as to gain access to both another Piece of Eden, the Papal Staff, and the Vault underneath the Vatican. As Ezio entered this Vault, he was confronted by the hologram of a "goddess" who called herself Minerva.[259]

Minerva warned the Assassins of the end of the world, recounting the story of the war between "The Ones Who Came Before" and their human subjects. The Assassins were shocked when Minerva addressed Desmond by name, confusing even Ezio, and revealed that she was in fact talking to Desmond through Ezio. Mere moments after, Desmond was quickly pulled out of the Animus, and upon seeing the three rushing to collect their belongings, he realized that the Templars had found their location.[259]

Assassin hideout AC II 2

Warren Vidic confronting Lucy and Desmond in the hideout

As he climbed out of the Animus, Lucy tossed Desmond a Hidden Blade with the Assassin insignia on the bracer, and asked for his assistance in covering their escape. Making their way into the warehouse, they were confronted by Vidic and several Abstergo security guards, all of whom were intent on reclaiming Desmond.[259]

Together, the two eliminated all of the Templars that assaulted them, with Desmond – now fully synchronized with Ezio and possessing all of his abilities – masterfully using his Hidden Blade to kill many of the guards himself. With his entourage defeated, Warren was left to confront Desmond on his own, though he opted instead to retreat, before promising that their victory was only temporary.[259]

The four Assassins then fled north, with Desmond being hooked up to the Animus inside the van so that he could continue to search through his memories for anything useful. Meanwhile, the other Assassins began to discuss the nature of Minerva and her speech.[259]

Hiding in Monteriggioni

"What if I can't stop the visions? How long before I start painting symbols on the walls?"
―Desmond to Lucy about the Bleeding effect.[src]
BH-Mesmond LoF

Desmond performing a Leap of Faith

After the Abstergo attack on their warehouse base, the Assassins drove north in an attempt to reach an isolated cabin located in the Swiss Alps, where they would continue searching through Desmond's genetic memories. However, Abstergo set up a roadblock in Grosseto, Italy to intercept them. Looking at a map for a different place to hide, Shaun suggested that the team should take a detour that would lead them to Monteriggioni.[260]

Later on, the team arrived in Monteriggioni, one of the last Assassin safehouses in Italy. As the Templars were actively searching for them, and were analyzing the surrounding environment via the use of cell phone towers, the Assassin group were forced to set up their equipment underground, in the Sanctuary located underneath the Villa Auditore.[255]

BH-ShaunRebecca 2

Shaun and Rebecca entering the Villa Auditore

Whilst searching the grounds of the Villa Auditore for a way into the Sanctuary, Desmond – through the Bleeding Effect – saw a vision of Ezio in the past, who led him to a high, narrow ledge, which he promptly leapt off. Desmond immediately followed suit, resulting in him performing his first-ever Leap of Faith into a pile of hay. Desmond and Lucy then made their way to the Sanctuary, through the tunnel that was used by Ezio and the villagers of Monteriggioni during their escape after the Borgia attack on the town in January 1500.[255]

As the two of them passed through the tunnels, Desmond saw more visions, which troubled him, and made him wonder if he would eventually "start painting symbols on the walls". Lucy then scolded him, telling him not to joke about his condition, and reminded him that Subject 16 was dead and that he needed to focus.[255]

Retrieval 19

Desmond using Animus 2.01 in the Sanctuary

When the two reached the Sanctuary, Desmond saw another vision of Ezio, who seemed to have visited it in his old age. Before he opened the door to Mario Auditore's office, Desmond noticed the numbers 1419, 1420, and 1421 written on the walls, which he pointed out to the other Assassins. Shaun theorized that the numbers referred to dates; however, he admitted that he needed to do further research on the matter.[255]

After the team fully set everything up, Desmond was given the responsibility of bringing electricity into the Sanctuary, by inserting power splitters into four electrical power boxes located around Monteriggioni, which would allow them to divert small amounts of power from each source. After that problem was sorted, Desmond continued with his regular Animus sessions.[255]

During this time, Shaun exchanged and received a series of emails through the Hephaestus Email Network with the team as well as William Miles. William provided Shaun with updates on the locations and activities of the Assassin cells located in Moscow, São Paulo, Osaka, and Denver as well as telling him that he would be serving as the lifeline of the São Paulo cell once they contacted him. William also informed Shaun that, once they had located the Apple, they would be coming to the Assassin headquarters, the main base of the Assassin Brotherhood and the meeting place for its highest-ranking members, located somewhere in the United States. William assured Shaun that there would be a lot to show him there that he would love, as the headquarters had "lots of history".[261]

In his email, William informed Shaun that the Denver cell had unexpectedly gone off the grid, indicating that they might have been lost, and that headquarters was investigating it. Later on, William revealed that headquarters had gone to the Denver cell's safe house and had discovered that everything was gone, indicating that the cell had either been attacked and captured by Templars, who took all their gear for analysis, or they went code red without warning and had gone off the grid with no time to notify headquarters, with William hoping that it was the latter.[261]

Obtaining the Apple

Retrieval 13

The Assassins in the Colosseum Vault

After Desmond located the Apple of Eden through Ezio Auditore da Firenze's memories, the modern-day Assassins were still left with the mystery of how to access the Apple's Vault. Although Rebecca knew it was opened via a spoken password, the group was unsure of what it could possibly be.[255]

Desmond pointed out the numbers that he had earlier found written on the wall opposite the Sanctuary's bookshelf entrance, as well as the tetractys symbol, of which Shaun correctly deduced its relevance to God, and His 72 names. This number, Shaun also stated, was the same year that Rome's Colosseum was built. Following this, they all concluded that was where the Apple would be found, and began their long road trip.[255]

Upon traveling to Rome, the group separated, with Desmond climbing through the ruins of the Colosseum as the others tracked his route above ground. While he headed deeper, Desmond saw several visions of Juno along the way, until he eventually arrived at the Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, where he unbarred the door cover for the other Assassins to enter the building.[255]


A hologram of Juno speaking to Desmond

Upon synchronizing his DNA with a strange pedestal, several levers and structures lowered from the church's ceiling, to which a brief vision of Ezio showed Desmond the way to climb up. Along the way, more visions of Juno appeared, and she explained that the Vaults were made as the only proper places to hide away knowledge. Eventually, Desmond reached a structure with a lever, where he saw a vision of Ezio lowering it. Copying the phantom, Desmond also lowered the lever, which caused another pedestal to rise from the ground, along with a set of poles that Desmond used to make his way down.[255]

Once again synchronizing his DNA with the pedestal, Desmond activated an elevator that took all of the Assassins down to the chamber below, which held the Apple in its center. As it was noted that a free-running course was the key to bridging the gap, Desmond maneuvered his way around the chamber and lowered several levers, all the while seeing visions of Juno scattered throughout. Finally, the stairway leading up to the Apple was raised, and the Assassins noticed several symbols being projected around the room as they walked up towards the Piece of Eden.[255]

Retrieval 18

Desmond killing Lucy under the Apple's influence

However, as Desmond took the Apple of Eden from its pedestal, Juno's voice was heard, saying that Desmond's DNA had activated the Apple. Juno then took control of Desmond's body through the Apple, and forced him to stab Lucy in the abdomen with his Hidden Blade.[255]

After collapsing in the Colosseum Vault, Desmond was taken away by the Assassins. Having slipped into shock at the ordeal, his unconscious body was recovered and transported to an unknown location.[255]

During this time, Desmond was placed back into the Animus by William Miles and Harlan Cunningham, an American member of the Florence cell. In this session, Ezio and Leonardo da Vinci were shown to have discovered a smaller Vault in Rome, and as Ezio's DNA had activated the Vault, a set of coordinates that was intended for Desmond were projected, showing: 43 39 19 N 75 27 42 W. Finally, after reliving more memories, Desmond's condition worsened to the point that he entered into a comatose state.[255]

Denver cell

In September 2012, an Assassin cell was located in Denver. On September 27, the cell had unexpectedly gone dark. Worried that they might have lost another cell, the Assassin headquarters launched an investigation. By October 6, headquarters had gone to the Denver cell's safe house and discovered that everything was gone. The Assassin leader William Miles, when relaying this information to the Assassin historian and analyst Shaun Hastings, proposed two possible scenarios: either that they were attacked and captured by Templars who took all their gear for analysis, or they had gone code RED without warning and went off-the-grid with no time to notify the headquarters. Due to the Denver situation having escalated, William told Shaun that he could pass on the information to the rest of his team as they had a right to know about it, which Shaun subsequently did.[262]

The Altaïr II

Early missions

ACI Altair II

The Altaïr II

In 2012, Assassin leader Gavin Banks intended to seize a ship, the Altaïr II, in order to make it a mobile HQ for the Assassin Brotherhood, despite not knowing how to pilot a ship. He encountered Canadian Assassin Susan Drayton, who wanted to steal the ship to fight Japanese whalers. Gavin and Susan came to an agreement to work together, with Susan as the captain of the ship.[260]

Later on, Gavin and Susan rescued Dr. Stephanie Chiu from Abstergo agents in Hong Kong. They then recruited Chiu into the Brotherhood, and she subsequently joined the Altaïr II as the crew's doctor.[260]

At some point, William Miles assigned the ex-soldier and Assassin Emmanuel Barraza to the Altaïr II to serve as the ship's armorer and weapons instructor. Emmanuel considered William's act of putting him under Gavin's command to have been William pawning him off on Gavin.[260]

Gavin later rescued former Abstergo employee Emmett Leary from a group of Abstergo agents that had been sent to silence him. Sneaking into Emmett's house in the middle of the night, Gavin initially scared Emmett when he woke him up. However, when the Abstergo agents arrived, Emmett's urge to leave became so great that he asked no questions and followed Gavin in his "tighty-whities". Afterward, reports circulated of Emmett's death and he joined the crew of the Altaïr II as the cell's hacker.[260]

Gavin later recruited the transgender Scotsman Eric Cooper after the latter had systematically and vengefully hunted down and killed a hate group in Edinburgh who were responsible for the death of the love of Eric's life. Although suicidal at the time of his recruitment, Eric changed his outlook completely due to the warm welcome and acceptance he received from Gavin and his crew, having never experienced that before. Becoming the navigator and supervisor aboard the Altaïr II, Eric also became close friends with Stephanie Chiu, due to his regular hormone check-ups, and Emmett Leary, whom he closely supervised because of his laidback nature. Due to Eric expressing his intention to someday resume a normal life in Scotland, Emmett would often keep track of the ongoing events back home for him.[260]

Later on, Gavin rescued the remaining survivors of a fake Assassin Brotherhood in Georgia, which had been created by the brothers Akaki and Nodar Ninidze in an effort to put an end to the constant wars that plagued their country, after they had been effectively whittled down after being attacked on many fronts by the Templars. Retreating to the Pankisi Valley, Gavin relayed to the freedom fighters the secret history of the Assassin-Templar War. Eyes open to the truth, Akaki and Nodar were inspired to join the Altaïr II to take the fight to a larger scale than their home country, leaving behind a new and true Georgian Brotherhood.[260]

Roaming the seas


The inside of the Altaïr II

On 10 September 2012, Gavin was contacted by an Assassin operative who called him from a public phone in Brisbane, Australia. The caller told Gavin that it had been three days since he had last heard from his team, and that they had failed to report back. As Gavin instructed the caller to quickly pull out of the area, the telephone signal was interrupted. Later, Gavin personally confirmed that the Brisbane team had been eliminated.[260]

Two days later, Gavin received a call from an operative named Janice, who was the leader of the Assassin cell in Whistler, Canada. She demanded that Gavin send additional reinforcements as she had only two operatives with her. He replied that he would see what he could do, only for Templars led by Daniel Cross to attack the Whistler team at that very moment.[260]

Weeks later, on 5 October, Gavin called William Miles and updated him on the status of the Assassin teams in Brisbane, Osaka and Moscow. In turn, William, who was in Italy, briefly informed Gavin of the favorable progress the Assassins were seeing at his end.[260]

Traveling in America

As William's team attempted to flee Italy, Harlan Cunningham received a text from William on 16 October, telling him that the Templars were onto them and that they were going into hiding.[260]

On 24 October, Gavin received a coded message from Adriano Maestranzi, the leader of the Florence cell, who instructed him to head to New York and informed him that William should be making contact with the Brotherhood soon.[260] While Desmond remained in the Animus, William transported Rebecca and Desmond to New York, while Shaun stayed in Italy to attend Lucy's funeral.[250] On 25 October, Harlan was again contacted by William, who asked for his assistance in escaping Italy.[260]

At 9:51am on 27 October, Harlan led an ambush on Abstergo's tactical Delta Team, killing several of the Templar agents and allowing William's team to escape from the Templars' tail. Harlan sent William a text at 10:38am, informing him that they only lost one Assassin in the skirmish, and that one of the Templars, Daniel Cross, had "lost it" during the battle.[260]

Later on, Gavin met with William's team at an airport in Syracuse, New York, where he provided them with fake documents that allowed them safe passage into the country.[260]

Gavin then began traveling around the United States, attempting to draw the Templars' attention away from William's team. On 2 November, Gavin sent a text from Stillwater, Oklahoma, informing William that the effort had been successful. The next day, he sent another text from New Orleans, updating William on the upcoming Templar raid of the Florence Assassin team.[260]

During this time, William examined the Apple of Eden, though he concluded he did not have the genes to properly wield it. Upon arrival, William helped Rebecca stabilize Desmond, as well as monitor his condition. While overseeing Desmond, William questioned Rebecca and Shaun about him. William also mentioned that Desmond's DNA had a high concentration of First Civilization DNA, which would allow him to wield the Apple of Eden.[250]

Desmond's coma

Exploring the Black Room

"Right now you should be sitting in a hospital ward, drooling, and chewing on your tongue. For now the Animus is keeping you intact. Keeping all your ancestors from collapsing into one big mess. But if you can't find a synch-nexus, all those personalities will smash together. That won't be pretty."
―Clay informing Desmond about his mental state.[src]

Desmond overlooking the Animus Island

Due to the intense mental strain, the exposure to the Apple, and the incident with Lucy which caused Desmond to fall into a coma, William ordered Rebecca to place Desmond into the Animus and shut down all of its non-essential functions, stabilizing his condition. As such, this led to Desmond entering the Black Room, a safe mode built into the Animus' core programming.[250]

Upon first waking on the Animus Island, Desmond was met with a virtual construct of Clay Kaczmarek, Subject 16 of Abstergo's Animus Project. Clay explained that Desmond needed to continue reliving his ancestors' memories until they had nothing left to show him—eventually reaching what Clay called a "Synch Nexus". Once Desmond had located it, the Animus would be able to separate his consciousness from Altaïr and Ezio, and he would be able to wake up.[250]

ACR ClayMiles 1

Desmond meeting Clay on the Animus Island

Clay then coldly remarked that if he hurried, Desmond could make it in time for Lucy's funeral, which bombarded Desmond with flashbacks of the events that transpired in the Colosseum Vault. Desmond felt deep regret for his own actions, but he proceeded to relive the memories of Ezio Auditore, so that he could return to a conscious state.[250]

After completing the first sequence of Ezio's memories, Desmond overheard a conversation between his father and Rebecca. During it, William was examining the Apple, which made Rebecca nervous. However, William reassured her that he did not believe he had the proper genes necessary to use the Apple, with Rebecca following the conversation by guessing that Desmond did.[250]

Desmond was then pulled out of the memory corridor and back to Animus Island, where Clay explained that the Animus had detected him leaving his assigned partition, and had pulled him back to the island, acting as a failsafe program to try to keep his mind intact. Clay also told Desmond that he would keep the Animus distracted, in order to stop the machine from thinking that Desmond was a virus and deleting him.[250]

ACR Clay Nexus Explanation

Clay explaining the Nexus portal to Desmond

Whenever he collected enough data fragments scattered across Constantinople, Desmond could enter the core of the Animus and reflect on his own memories—the Farm where he grew up, training as an Assassin, his escape from the Farm, life in New York City, and his eventual capture by Abstergo.[250]

He recalled his relationship with his parents and regretted not listening to them, as well as coming to terms with his role as an Assassin, noting that his easiest days were long gone but that he did not want them anymore.[250]

Between certain sequences, Desmond was pulled out of Ezio's memories and conversed with Clay upon his return to the Animus Island. The first time they talked with each other, Clay asked Desmond if it was possible that he could go with him once he exited the Animus, and attempt to find another body which he could occupy. However, Desmond hesitantly refused, and Clay remarked that he understood the reason why and lamented on his situation.[250]

Later on, Clay asked Desmond if he regretted anything he had done in his lifetime, like leaving his parents and ignoring his role as an Assassin for so long. In response, Desmond admitted that he wished he had been more patient with his mother and father, as well as confirming to himself that things between him Lucy could have gone differently. Afterwards, Clay thanked him for "making sense".[250]

ACR Clay Deletion

Clay saving Desmond from deletion

Being pulled out a third time, Desmond was confronted with the sight of the island disintegrating around him. Clay proclaimed cynically that the Animus had scheduled them for deletion, grabbing onto Desmond as the virtual ground beneath their feet began to fracture. Desmond was bewildered at both the suddenness of it and whether Clay intended to have both of them die together. He was proven wrong with this doubt, when Clay sacrificed himself, pushing Desmond back through the portal to allow him to relive Ezio's final memories.[250]

Regaining consciousness

"I know what we need to do."
―Desmond, upon awakening from his coma.[src]

Desmond meeting Jupiter within the Synch Nexus

When Ezio discovered the Apple of Eden that Altaïr possessed, it began to glow. Ezio, recalling his experience in the Vatican Vault, called out to Desmond, knowing that he would be listening. He urged Desmond to make sense of all the questions and suffering he had been through in his life, while bringing his story to an end and directing Desmond into the Synch Nexus.[250]

It was here Desmond was confronted by another member of the Isu, Jupiter. The advanced being explained that the other Isu had built Vaults all over the world, each of them researching different methods of salvation from the impending solar flares. Each Vault's discoveries were transmitted to the Grand Temple, where Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva sorted through what the others had found. In all, six solutions were tried and tested, and although they failed, a major breakthrough appeared to be emerging. Unfortunately, before they could reach this conclusion, a massive solar flare struck the Earth, killing almost the entire Isu. Less than 10,000 humans lived, and fewer members of Isu remained, though both races worked together to rebuild mankind following the Great Catastrophe.[250]

Miles van 2

Desmond awakening from his coma

Jupiter then charged Desmond with a mission: to visit the Grand Temple. He told Desmond to take his words, and to "pass them from [his] head into [his] hands", as by doing so he would "open the way". However, he warned Desmond that he was not sure how things would end, for either him or Desmond. Following this, Desmond then woke up from his coma, with Shaun, Rebecca, and his father standing beside him as he sat up from the Animus' seat. After Desmond took in his surroundings, he told the others that he knew what they needed to do next.[250]

Preventing the Second Disaster

Into the Grand Temple

ACIII-Templecamp 1

Desmond, William, Shaun and Rebecca inside the Grand Temple

Desmond, William, Shaun and Rebecca soon arrived at the Grand Temple, where Desmond used the Apple of Eden to unlock the entrance. However, on doing so, the Temple activated the Bleeding Effect within Desmond, which showed him that a key was required to unlock its inner chambers. Due to the event causing Desmond's mind to enter a brief fugue state, he was placed back into the Animus by the Assassin team.[90]

Upon reliving the memories of Haytham Kenway, an 18th century Templar who once had possession of the key, Desmond learned that ultimately, Haytham's illegitimate son Ratonhnhaké:ton would come into possession of it. Desmond then began to search through his memories in order to find the artifact. Desmond occasionally left the Animus to explore the chambers of the Temple, where he often came across Juno as he had done in the Colosseum Vault. She explained to him the details of the six methods that the First Civilization had tried to use in order to save the world from the previous apocalypse, as well as continuing to urge him towards finding the key.[90]

AC3 Desmond Cross Skyscrapper

Desmond facing Daniel Cross

However, Desmond's experiences in the Animus were interrupted when it was revealed that the Temple's power sources were running low, and that they needed to be replaced. Thanks to Shaun tracking some down, the first power source was found in Manhattan. Desmond journeyed there to carry out his first proper mission as an Assassin, in which he climbed a skyscraper and parachuted from a crane to another building, where the power source was located. Whilst there, he encountered the Templar operative Daniel Cross, whom he disarmed and then knocked out in order to escape.[90]

After further exploring the Temple, Desmond came to realize that whatever was waiting for the Assassins beyond the door would ultimately benefit Juno in some way, though as Desmond was unsure how it would do so, he warned the others to "play it safe". Desmond also revealed to the others that when Juno appeared to him in the Colosseum Vault, he was shown a vision that showed that should Lucy have been kept alive, she would have taken the Apple of Eden to Abstergo for utilization in the Eye-Abstergo satellite, though it would ultimately fail. Because of this, Desmond came to terms with the fact that he was not forced to kill Lucy, but he instead did it to stop the Templars from gaining the upper hand.[90]

On 27 November, William received a text from Adriano in which he confirmed William's suspicions about the Templars' intent to hack their systems. Adriano also stated that he had decided a "hostile takeover" was in order, and that he would be preparing his cell for a raid on the Abstergo headquarters in Rome.[260]

On 28 November 2012, at 5:08pm, William received a message from Harlan from the Provincial road SP11 in Italy, informing him that they had infiltrated the Abstergo campus and killed four hackers along with some guards, and destroyed their servers, which meant Abstergo could not track William. After returning to the safe house in Florence on 29 November, Harlan discovered that he or another member of the cell had been tracked back to the base. He sent a message to William at 10:42pm, informing him that an attack was imminent, but that Adriano was refusing to leave.[260]

The attack came at 6:27am the next morning. Harlan managed to escape the safehouse while the other Assassins were killed, and Adriano detonated a bomb to destroy the Assassins' files. Harlan managed to confirm that all of the Templar agents were dead, except for Juhani Otso Berg, who managed to escape the blast. Harlan fled to Bologna, Italy, and on 1 December at 12:20pm, Harlan sent a message to William informing him of what happened, and that he was "going dark". William responded by telling him to stay strong.[260]

AC3 Daniel Cross Stadium

Desmond going after Cross in Brazil

Some time later, Shaun discovered a second power source that was in the possession of a wealthy woman who was set to attend a martial arts tournament in São Paulo, Brazil. After arriving at the stadium and sneaking across through the rafters, Desmond arrived at the room the woman was staying in, only to find Daniel Cross once more. After Daniel shot the woman and her husband, he attempted to flee with the power source. However, Desmond managed to catch up to him, eventually besting him in hand-to-hand combat and incapacitating him once more.[90]

ACI inthesameboat

The Altaïr II leaving Brazil

With the power source in hand, Desmond fled from the Abstergo agents pursuing him and escaped the stadium by boarding a train. He and his team subsequently left Brazil on board the Altaïr II, and returned to the Grand Temple. After the team's return to the Temple, William sent Gavin a text message which told him that all of William's team were safely back at the Grand Temple in Turin. William also added that the Templars had not followed them, and thanked him for his aid in transporting them back.[90][260]

Shaun located a third power source in a museum in Cairo, Egypt. However, as the team's deadline of 21 December was rapidly approaching, and Desmond had yet to locate the key to the Temple door, William went to retrieve the artifact in Desmond's stead. On his way there, he emailed his son, telling him to relax, as he had been "fighting these bastards before [Desmond] was even born".[90][260]

Rescuing William

Recognizing the opportunity, Vidic sent Juhani Otso Berg, now a Master Templar, to capture William in the Egyptian Museum. Seizing William, Abstergo brought him to the same building where Desmond had been incarcerated a few months prior. William was placed in the Animus, but refused to cooperate, knowing that it would prevent Abstergo from using his memories to their advantage.[90][260]

After Desmond experienced more of Ratonhnhaké:ton's memories, the Assassins were sent a video message by Warren Vidic, who explained that Abstergo agents had intercepted William at the museum and brought him to Abstergo's Roman facility. Vidic stated that in order to let his father free, Desmond would need to hand over the Apple of Eden. In response, Desmond complied but chose instead to begin a raid on Abstergo's headquarters. Soon after, Desmond traveled to the facility with Shaun and Rebecca.[90]

Upon his arrival at the building, Desmond was offered a peaceful trade-off by Vidic over the intercom, but refused. Desmond then fought security guards as he made his way to the building's upper floors, eventually arriving at the Animus room he had been held captive in, months before. There, Daniel Cross yet again confronted Desmond, ordering that he hand over the Apple. Before Daniel could shoot Desmond however, he suffered from the Bleeding Effect, causing him to suddenly speak in Russian. Panicked, Daniel fled and Desmond gave chase. Eventually, the two ended up in the room for the Templars' Animi Training Program, as Desmond caught up to Cross and assassinated him, and retrieved his gun.[90]

AC3 Abstergo Suicide Squad

Desmond using the Apple on Abstergo guards

Desmond proceeded to ride an elevator up to the fifth floor, where Vidic's office was located, killing any security guards that crossed his path. As Desmond made his way towards the office, Vidic explained his anger over the intercom, stating that Daniel was like a son to him, and that Desmond and the Assassins only took what did not belong to them, such as the Apple of Eden and Lucy Stillman's life. Eventually, Desmond made his way to Vidic's office, where William was detained. After Vidic told Desmond to give him the Apple, Desmond used it to control the security guards in the room, forcing one to shoot and kill Vidic before then influencing them all to shoot themselves.[90]

After freeing his father and hugging him, Desmond took the third power source and left the building, using the Apple to cover them. Once he arrived back at the Temple, he placed the power source in its slot, received the details of the last two solutions the First Civilization attempted, and then re-entered the Animus.[90]

On 19 December at 9:12pm Harlan was in Vienna, Austria and contacted Gavin by phone. Harlan confirmed that he was not being followed by the Templars any more and that he was at the safe house. They began to talk about Adriano and how they missed him, with Harlan expressing guilt over leaving him behind. Gavin reassured him that Adriano's death was not his fault and then told him to go to Rotterdam in the Netherlands to await further instructions from him. Harlan then said he would be ready, and Gavin told him to try to relax until then.[260]

Desmond's sacrifice

After reliving more of Ratonhnhaké:ton's memories, Desmond learned that the Assassin eventually buried the key to the Grand Temple's barrier outside of the Davenport Homestead manor in Massachusetts. The team traveled there and retrieved it from Connor Davenport's grave before they returned to the Temple.[90]

William went on to inform Gavin of the news, to which Gavin replied that he would pass it along to the rest of the Assassin Brotherhood.[260] Using the key to open the final gate, Desmond, William, Shaun and Rebecca proceeded into the Temple's deepest chambers.[90]


Juno explaining her solution to Desmond

Upon arriving in the central room, which contained a large orb set in a pedestal, the Assassins were greeted by Juno, who stated that should Desmond touch the orb, the world would be saved. However, immediately following this, Minerva appeared, urging Desmond not to touch it. She explained that Juno had previously tried to use the First Civilization's technology to conquer the world rather than save it and that she was sealed inside the Temple so she would not be able to do so. While the device would save the world from the impending solar flare, it would also kill Desmond and release Juno, allowing her to continue her quest to rule over Earth.[90]

Shocked by Minerva's appearance, Juno told her to show Desmond what would happen if the solar flare was not stopped. Minerva stated that while the majority of Earth's population would die, there would be a small number of survivors. Desmond would become a symbol of love and hope for the new world, similar to Jesus Christ, though following his death, his message would eventually be misinterpreted and corrupted by those who followed him, and lead to war, thus repeating the cycle of religious conflict through history.[90]

Despite this, Minerva pleaded for Desmond to let the world burn instead of saving it and releasing Juno. Desmond stated that if Juno was released, there would still be the slim chance that humanity could stop her, while if the world was allowed to be subject to the natural disaster that the solar flares posed, billions would die, and there would be no hope. Acknowledging Desmond's decision, Minerva stated that the consequences of it were his "to live – and die – with."[90]


Desmond sacrificing himself to save the world

With his mindset on his choice, Desmond turned to William, Shaun, and Rebecca, and commanded them to get as far away from the Temple as possible. William pleaded for him to reconsider his decision and find another way instead, but Desmond refused, stating that it was too late to find another option. With this, William, Shaun, and Rebecca hurried to leave.[90]

After the three exited, Desmond walked up to the orb. Juno watched as he touched it with his hand, his body shook violently for several moments and shone a bright gold; though, after a brief time, Desmond fell to the ground, sacrificing his life to protect the planet from the Second Disaster. Later, she was seen walking away from his body, thanking him for releasing her.[42][90]

Post-Second Disaster

Transfer of Power


Gavin aboard the Altaïr II

William, Shaun and Rebecca spent the next six months in hiding. Eventually, overwhelmed by the loss of his son, William decided to leave the Brotherhood, writing all his knowledge down in a book for Gavin so that he could lead and rebuild the Brotherhood. William also wrote a letter in which he informed Gavin of his self-imposed exile and apologized to him for dumping this burden on him, but also made it clear that his decision to leave the Brotherhood was final.[260]

Shaun and Rebecca spent some time trying to locate William but were unsuccessful. On 14 May 2013, Gavin received a coded text from Shaun with instructions to pick up him and Rebecca in Peru. Gavin and his team sailed there, meeting with Shaun and Rebecca Crane on 21 May, and they gave Gavin the book and letter from William. After reading the letter, Gavin was asked by Shaun what he was going to do about William, but Gavin felt there was nothing to do but wait and move on with their work in the meantime.[260]

Over the next few days, Gavin and his crew made improvements to the Altaïr II while sailing north. On 29 May, they reached California, where Gavin asked Shaun and Rebecca to be his eyes and ears in America and keep him apprised of Templar activity. He received several updates from Rebecca over the next few months, and on 27 August, Rebecca e-mailed him saying that she and Shaun had decided to honor William by finding out what had happened to Desmond's body.[260]


Shaun and Rebecca at "the farm"

On 3 September, in Alliance, Nebraska, Rebecca discovered an email sent by Abstergo Entertainment, looking for new employees. She then sent an email to Gavin in which she remarked that Abstergo Entertainment had been taking up a lot of the Templars' resources lately and that there had to be something going on behind the scenes, stating that she and Shaun had to investigate.[260]

As they traveled through South Dakota, Shaun and Rebecca visited the ruins of the Farm where Desmond grew up. Rebecca remarked that they barely knew Desmond, to which Shaun responded that despite that, they had experienced a lot together and made a difference, comforting her.[260]


Eric, Gavin, and Susan

On 11 September, Gavin and his team stopped in Honolulu Harbor. Susan wondered why they were not in Osaka yet, and Gavin expressed concern over the fact that his former Mentor Kenichi Mochizuki, leader of the Osaka Brotherhood, had not contacted him. Eric noted that all of their communications had gone down in December, but Gavin informed them that he and Kenichi had their own way to communicate.[260]

Susan was worried about sailing into a trap, but Gavin reassured her they would not fall into it. He then ordered Eric to set sail for the Philippines, saying they were going to go "shopping". By 1 October they had bought weapons from arms dealers there, which Emmanuel inspected.[260]

On 11 October, Gavin read an article about Abstergo Entertainment's Montreal studio which included a statement from its Chief Creative Officer, Olivier Garneau. Gavin emailed Rebecca and questioned her on who Garneau was and what he might know.[260]

Undercover at Abstergo

AC4 Shaun Rebecca Lobby

Rebecca and Shaun at Abstergo Entertainment

On 24 October, Shaun and Rebecca arrived in Montreal and eventually managed to infiltrate Abstergo Entertainment, with Shaun taking a job as the lobby's barista in order to facilitate communication with Rebecca, who was acting as a courier. At some point, Shaun and Rebecca approached John Standish, the head of the IT department, in order to have him act as their mole inside Abstergo Entertainment and help them gain access to its servers.[263]

However, unbeknownst to Shaun and Rebecca, John was secretly a Sage, a human reincarnation of the Isu Aita, and a member of the Instruments of the First Will, who took advantage of this opportunity and eagerly set about using the Assassins to gain access to the building, in order to effect his own plan to reincarnate Juno, the former wife of his past incarnation.[263]

Over the first few weeks of his employment, John asked a number of different researchers for favors but was repeatedly turned down by them. Eventually, on 29 October, a new research analyst joined the company and became the first to agree to help John. At John's behest, the analyst hacked computers, Animi, security cameras, and servers around the facility in order to obtain information on Abstergo's actions for the Assassins, though the analyst was not originally aware of this.[263]

After obtaining a number of data files, the analyst was charged with passing on this information to Rebecca and Shaun, who routinely collected it at Shaun's coffee stand in the building's lobby. After John's true motives were revealed and he was killed by Abstergo, Rebecca and Shaun contacted the analyst directly, claiming that they were willing to continue with the hacking project if the analyst was as well.[263]

When the analyst gave the Assassins everything Abstergo had recovered from Desmond's body, including recorded memos to his father, William was able to move on, and sent a message of thanks to the analyst.[263]

On 2 December, Rebecca emailed Gavin, informing him about John's death and their intention to leave Montreal in order to analyze the information they had gathered and plan their next move.[263]

The Trident of Eden

In 2016, the Brotherhood discovered that Monroe, a former employee of Abstergo on the run, had come out of hiding, Griffin was sent to investigate. Discovering that Monroe recruited a group of teenagers who discovered clues leading to a Piece of Eden while using a stolen Animus, the Assassin tried to learn what they knew and to prevent the Templar's from reaching them first. Later, as an agent of Abstergo accosted Owen on the street, Griffin intervened, neutralizing him but the young teen managed to flee with the help of Monroe.[235]

Griffin's intervention did not prevent the Templars from eventually finding the warehouse where the teenagers were reliving the memories of their ancestors and they sent a strike team that captured four of them. However, the last two, Owen and Javier, escaped thanks to the Bleeding Effect and Griffin found them back thanks to the tracking device in their stolen Abstergo bike. Griffin convinced them to work with the Assassins. The teenagers revealed that during their time in the Animus, they discovered that a Dagger of Eden was gifted to Ulysses S. Grant who kept it until his death in his family cottage.[235]

When Griffin returned to his safe house he received a call from Gavin Banks, who revealed that the Dagger was in fact a prong of the Trident of Eden, they took a private plane to New York and from there drove to Grant's house. However, Monroe arrived there first and left with the artifact before, the stash being empty. Before they left, three helicopters filled with Templar agents arrived at the house and after Owen destroyed two of them with a grenade they escaped. Griffin subsequently scolded Owen for disobeying his order not to engage, threatening to forgo his promise of exonerating his father to the teenager if he disobeyed again. He then reminded Owen and Javier that there were still three Pieces of Eden that Abstergo desired and the Templar's believed they and the other teenagers were the key to finding them. He offered them a choice to carry on, to which Javier was considering refusing, but Owen, on the other hand, was willing to accept Griffin's offer.[235]

Griffin spent the next few weeks training the two teenagers in basic combat and free running. Subsequently, Griffin was warned by Gavin that their Abstergo informant, Rothenburg, had tipped them that his storage unit safe house was compromised, and ordered him to rendezvous with Rebecca Crane. Griffin scuttled the safe house but was forced to abandon his car as the Templar strike team arrived earlier than expected. After dealing with the Templar's, Griffin taught the boys how to blend in by taking a cab to their new safe house, where they met Rebecca, who had set up an Animus for Owen. Rebecca explained to Owen that a Chinese ancestor of his encounter the second prong in 1259. Soon afterward, she was forced to leave on a different mission.[235]

While supervising Owen's Animus session, Griffin reluctantly let Javier leave the safe house, but the young man stole his car to break into the police warehouse where Owen's father's case file was stored. Upon Javier's return, Griffin scolded him for risking their safe house's location and informed him of the three Tenets of the Creed, saying he was lucky he did not compromise the Brotherhood. Though Javier protested that he was not an Assassin, Griffin stated that sooner or later a side would have to be chosen.[235]

Once Owen was out of the Animus, having learned nothing about the second prong's location, Griffin informed him of his friend's reckless actions. Owen soon searched through the evidence, finding a spit sample that contained his father's DNA from after the robbery, Griffin stated they would first have to get access to a Helix and the Abstergo Cloud to view his father's genetic memories.[235]

Griffin then contacted Gavin for any intel from Rothenburg, only to learn that the informant had gone dark, leaving Griffin's only recourse to rescue the other teenagers from the Templar's. Owen and Javier insisted on coming with him, reasoning that the others would not trust the Assassin. After equipping themselves with pain grenades and laser arrays, Griffin drove them to the Aerie, where their friends were being kept, and taught them how to avoid the security systems. Unfortunately, Griffin later got separated from the two. Deciding to clear the two boys a path, Griffin made his presence known to the Templar's as a diversion. He soon met up with Javier, who had rescued Natalya and David, who had chosen to flee the Templar's, but Sean and Grace chose to stay, which Griffin found unsurprising. Griffin then took the wheel of the high-tech car the teenagers had stolen and was able to evade Abstergo helicopters thanks to the car's stealth functions. He then learned that Monroe had also staged a rescue attempt and that he and Owen were left behind.[235]

Upon returning to the safe house, Griffin desired to vacate the place immediately, believing Owen would be interrogated with drugs or have Helix analyze his DNA. He then contacted Gavin, who informed him that Rothenburg was displeased with the raid and had nearly broken off contact before revealing that Isaiah was planning an expedition to Mongolia. With their safe house secured for the time being and Isaiah not ready to leave for several days, Griffin asked Natalya if she would go back into the Animus to locate the second prong. Natalya agreed on the condition that he take them all to Mongolia, which she then talked over with Gavin.[235]

Griffin, Natalya, David and Javier traveled to China via cargo plane. While on the plane, Griffin asked Javier if he wanted to join the Brotherhood, an idea that Javier liked. The Assassin told Javier that after they find the Trident of Eden, his introduction could be arranged but the matter would be discussed after their mission. When they arrived in China, they met the Assassin Yanmei, who provided a private jet for the journey to Mongolia.[235]


The Colonial Brotherhood was trained in stealth, eavesdropping, swordsmanship, marksmanship, hand to hand combat as well as free running, pickpocketing, lock picking. In terms of equipment, most of the Colonial Assassins wielded Hidden Blades, swords and pistols, while some also utilized rope darts.

Their naval fleet grew vast and had many Assassin ships spanning the colonies.[264]

Largely the assassination techniques were the same as previous branches. such as the Italian or Ottoman brotherhoods, except they trained themselves to use the foliage and height of the bushes, cliffs and trees as an advantage over tall buildings.[264]

After the revival by Ratonhnhaké:ton, the Brotherhood had become more diverse and specialized, such as apprentices' skilled use of small melee weapons. Native American weaponry was also utilized, even by non-natives, such as Jacob Zenger's use of Native American warclubs. Unlike the previous generation, the Assassins were known to carry two flintlock pistols. Each Assassin was also taught new skill-sets by other members, such as setting ambushes and the tactic of disguising themselves as soldiers to escort Ratonhnhaké:ton by guard patrols. The Assassins were also trained for the use of the Assassin flag ship, the Aquila, for contract missions.[90]


The Colonial Assassins did not have formal robes or uniforms to wear or specific colors like other branches tended to have. Most chose to take on the appearance of civilians, though exceptions existed in high-ranking members such as Hope, Kesegowaase, de la Vérendrye and Liam, who wore hoods and elaborate robes. Though suggested, the uniforms of the members of the Colonial Brotherhood during the Seven Years War were those worn by the 'Gang Leaders' who appeared to be regular members of the Brotherhood with highly skilled training. After the revival of the Brotherhood, new recruits did not wear robes or hoods, with only Ratonhnhaké:ton remaining as one wearing traditional hooded Assassin robes.[90]

All Colonial Assassins had their pistols and melee weapons visible on their person. Metal armor was not worn during the Colonial period, but some Assassins utilized leather armor from hunting animals. The branch also adopted the practice of concealing the entire Hidden Blade mechanism under the sleeves of their clothes, rather than strapping it over them, further improving Assassins' ability to blend with the crowd.[264]


Colonial Assassins

Seven Years' War
American Revolutionary War

American Assassins

Post Revolution
American Civil War
20th century
Purge Era
Post Second Disaster

Allies and puppets

Colonial Assassins

Seven Years' War
American Revolutionary War

American Assassins

American Civil War
Early 20th Century
Late 20th Century
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