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"Amenemhat III arises as Sobek, the son of Neith. Eats with his mouth, urinates, copulates with his phallus. He is lord of seed, he who takes the women from their husbands, wherever Amenemhat wants, according to the desire of his heart."
―Inscription on a statue of Sobek in his tomb[src]

Amenemhat III (died 1814 BCE) was a pharaoh during the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt whose reign was considered a high note of the Middle Kingdom period.

During his reign, Amenemhat III commissioned several pyramids, one of which located in Haueris Nome south of Faiyum would eventually serve as his tomb. Within, a statue of Sobek bore an inscription that promised Amenemhat would rise as Sobek, son of Neith.



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