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Ambush in the Temple was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek visits Yamu's Temple of Sekhmet to catch up with his old friend Menehet.


Bayek entered the courtyard and found Menehet waiting.

  • Menehet: Bayek! What good fortune. I thought it would be years before we saw you again!
  • Bayek: Hail in peace, Menehet. How is your family?
  • Menehet: The children seem to grow larger by the minute! My wife and I have our hands full. And you? Is there any news of--
  • Bayek: None.
  • Menehet: I forget myself... There are so many things in your life best not spoken of. Forgive me.
  • Bayek: I see by your garb that you've been promoted.
ACO Ambush in the Temple - Bayek Menehet Reunited

Bayek reunited with Menehet

  • Menehet: Ah, yes. The High Priest, in his grace, made me his second. And my rank is not the only thing he has changed. You must see the temple!
  • Bayek: You will give me a tour?
  • Menehet: Of course, of course! At the moment of your pleasure.

Bayek agreed to the tour.

  • Menehet: Ready to see our beautiful temple?
  • Bayek: After you, Menehet... or is it "Servant of the Goddess"?
  • Menehet: "Menehet" will do for one as good as family.

Bayek followed Menehet into the temple.

  • Bayek: This is far from the sorry ruin of my last visit.
  • Menehet: Yamu now plays constant host to ceremonies showing our "rustic" way of life... which attract many visitors with more gold than sense.
  • Bayek: A description well suited to Alexandrians. How does this sit with your faith?
  • Menehet: I confess that my thoughts are sometimes uneasy...
ACO Ambush in the Temple - Bayek Surrounded

Bayek surrounded by Menehet's children

A temple worker gave Bayek a bowl of offerings, which he took, and knelt in front of the pool within the temple. Bayek noticed some kids hiding behind a column. He smiled, and shook his head, placing the bowl into the pool. The children then came from behind him, 'attacking' Bayek.

  • Bayek: Oho! Vanquished by a gang of ruffians, silent as (ghosts)!
  • Child 1: Uncle Bayek! Uncle Bayek!
  • Child 2: Hello, Uncle!
  • Menehet: Jewels of my life, why have you left your mother's side?
  • Child 3: Pick me up, Uncle Bayek!
  • Bayek: See now, there's no need to attack a man from behind when outnumbering him four to one.
  • Hasina: You told us to... secure every advantage possible over a dangerous foe.
  • Bayek: Yes, yes, yes...

Bayek roared in jest which scared the children, laughing, away.

  • Bayek: And I am very dangerous!
    Hide well, for the Wanderer stalks your path!

Bayek and the children played a game of hide and seek. Menehet offered Bayek some hints.

  • Menehet: Hasina loves to look at the sky. I think I saw her on her way to the upper floor. Soris might be bothering the sacred animals outside. He often plays at being a gladiator. I have told the children over and over that they are not permitted to play in the temple, but they never listen.

Bayek discovered Nailah hiding behind of the columns.

  • Nailah: You found me. Your turn to hide!
  • Bayek: Come away from there, Nailah. You're getting in the priests' way.

Bayek continued to search for the other children. Nailah followed him closely.

  • Bayek: Nailah, are you following me?
  • Nailah: You might get lost with me. It's a big temple!

Nailah kept following him.

  • Bayek: Your father wants you to go home.
  • Nailah: And I prefer to stay with you!

Bayek and Nailah traveled to the backyard.

  • Nailah: Are you going to sleep at our house again?
  • Bayek: Not this time, but I do hope to pass by and visit your mother.

Bayek and Nailah discovered Soris standing in front of a cage containing a hyena.

  • Soris: Beast, you will meet your end at the hands of the mighty gladiator, Soris!

The cage broke and the hyena escaped.

  • Bayek: Soris! Stay back!
  • Soris: HELLLLLP!

Bayek killed the hyena and together with Nailah, they continued their search.

  • Nailah: Do you want to hear a secret?
  • Bayek: Not if its about your father.
  • Nailah: Awww.

He and Nailah travelled upstairs.

  • Nailah: My sister always sneaks up to the temple roof at night to look at the stars. But don't tell anyone -- the priests would be so angry!

They discovered Hasina standing at the edge of the roof.

  • Bayek: Hasina! You must come down from here.
  • Hasina: This would be a good place to watch the stars!
  • Bayek: Only the priests are permitted here. You know that.
  • Hasina: Yes, but I want to see--
  • Bayek: Hush, come down now. We can watch stars from the riverbank.

Bayek and Nailah went down to the second floor and continued to look for the other children.

  • Nailah: My father is never at home these days.
  • Bayek: Why not?
  • Nailah: He has too much work with people coming from all over.
ACO Ambush in the Temple - Bayek Finding Keba

Bayek finding Keba in the well

Bayek discovered Keba in a well and jumped down.

  • Bayek: Keba? What in the name of the gods are you doing down there?
  • Keba: I wanted to hide, but now I can't get back out... I'm scared.
  • Bayek: Stay calm. I will help you out of there.

Bayek destroyed the reed fence blocking a tunnel leading out of the well, and escorted Keba out.

  • Bayek: This way, through the tunnel.
  • Keba: Thank you, Uncle Bayek!
  • Bayek: Go straight home to your mother. She will be worried.

Keba returned home.

  • Bayek: That's the last of the children.

Bayek found all the children. He returned to the courtyard, where he found a man confronting Menehet.

  • Man: Look at this! Fraud abounds in your market, and you claim you can do nothing?
  • Menehet: The dealings of the market are beyond me. Speak rather to the offending merchant.
  • Man: Priest, you have proven as false as your mummies!

The man walked away in a huff.

ACO Ambush in the Temple - Menehet Confronted by Customer

Menehet confronted by a customer

  • Bayek: Menehet! Your brood is delivered safely home.
  • Menehet: Thank you, friend.
  • Bayek: What did that fool want with you?
  • Menehet: Some visitors, having purchased religious objects, are angry when our village has no more dead cats to sell them. Though not a merchant, I am often the means by which the aggrieved snuff their anger.
  • Bayek: This matter needs a firm hand.


Bayek was reunited with his friend Menehet. He played a game of hide and seek with his children before returning them home. He also discovered from Menehet that there was a problem at the market, with fake religious products being sold to visitors, causing Menehet some distress.



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