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Amara was the daughter of the Pephkans Leiandros and Kore living in Lato during the 5th century BCE.


Like everyone in Pephka, Amara learned about the Minotaur since she was a baby. Since her father took advantage of this myth to create his enterprise of 'Minotours', Amara was targeted by the Cult of Kosmos. They kidnapped her during night and threatened her life in order to ensure Leiandros' acquiescence.[1]

Amara was taken to Zakros and held there in an underground cage, along with others.[1] While she pretended to sleep, Amara overheard and wrote down when the leader of the 'Masked Men' spoke of a meeting place in Kydonia.[2]

Days later, Amara was rescued by her father and the Spartan misthios Kassandra. After learning that Leiandros had been the 'Minotaur' within the Cave of the Brave all this while, Amara gave Kassandra her notes about the whisperings of the 'Masked Men' before heading to Warrior's Rest to meet her mother.[2]

Making plans to leave Pephka, Amara mentioned how one day she might be "just like" Kassandra.[3]




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