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Amanda Sekibo is the technician in chief of the Abstergo Industries' Animus 4.35 at the London office.


In 2016, David Kilkerman informed Sekibo of Simon Hathaway, a new member of the Inner Sanctum and the new Head of Historical Research, since he will be using the new Animus for his project.

Later, Hathaway asked her permission to use the Animus during a videoconference. However, Amanda was forced to reject the session, as Hathaway had to meet Dr. Victoria Bibeau first. Simon tried to oppose the decision, but Amanda was categorical, as the order came from the CEO Alan Rikkin himself.

The following day, she introduced Hathaway, now accompanied with Bibeau, to Animus 4.23. She helped Bibeau to familiarize herself with the controls.



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