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ACO Amanai Cave

Amanai Cave

Amanai Cave is a cave in the Amanai Hill flanking the northeast side of Siwa, Egypt near the house of Hepzefa. During the Ptolemaic dynasty, the farmers of Siwa heavily depended on its springs for fresh water.


In their childhood, the Medjay, Bayek and his future wife Aya would often visit the Amanai Cave.[1]

In 48 BCE, bandits seized control of the cave and its fresh water spring as a means of extorting money from the people of Siwa, who desperately relied upon it for agriculture.[1][2] Notwithstanding this, they would assault anyone who came near their camp, both to rob them and to affirm their power. To dissuade intervention by the local authorities, they planned to turn them away through bribery.[1] As a matter of fact, given the fears by the nearby Coral Escarpment Camp that the bandits were actually phantoms of Siwa's tombs, no soldier was even forthcoming. At a loss, the villagers then appealed to their Medjay, Bayek, for aid by sending a message to his close friend Hepzefa.[2] True to his duty, Bayek launched an attack on the bandit camp in the cave, single-handedly slaying all eight of the brigands and returning free access to the spring back to the people of Siwa.[1]



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