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Alvis was a Norse skald and a resident of Ravensthorpe who served as flyting teacher to Eivor Varinsdottir during the 9th century.


Originally from Fornburg, Alvis and numerous members of the Raven Clan joined Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Eivor to travel to England to make a new start, having rejected King Styrbjorn's decision to cede his kingdom to King Harald Fairhair.[1]

Upon arriving in England in 873, Alvis and the Raven Clan eventually made settlement in the old encampment belonging to the Sons of Ragnar.[2] After settling in, Alvis lived in a house with Holger as his room-mate in a small hamlet behind the longhouse, between the stable and the museum headed by Osbert of Lunden.[3]

Behind the scenes

The name Alvis is derived from the Old Norse Alvíss meaning "all wise". In Norse mythology, Alvíss was the name of a dwarf who was to marry Thrud, a daughter of Thor. Thor was not pleased with this arrangement so he tricked Alvíss by asking him questions until the sun rose, at which time the dwarf was turned into stone.




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