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This article is about the Portuguese pirate hunter. You may be looking for Álvaro Gramática, the Abstergo scientist.
"If I ever descend to hell... it'll be to drag you there! You'll never be free of me!"
―Alvaro antagonizing Alonzo, 1716[src]

Alvaro (died March 1717) was a Portuguese pirate hunter who tracked escaped slaves and pirates in the Caribbean during the early 18th century.


He first came into contact with the French pirate Alonzo Batilla at Cozumel during his efforts to locate Jumao, though Alonzo was defiant in handing his fellow comrade over, prompting conflict between the two.

Following this encounter, Alvaro attempted to prevent Alonzo and Aaminah's attack on a fort at Isla de la Juventud, but was overcome by Alonzo's vessel, before swearing to return on their next meeting with a stronger fleet of ships.

In 1716, Alvaro tracked Batilla and his crew to the Arctic Ocean, where the pirate was tracking a white whale. After he lost the following naval battle, Alvaro sank with his ship in the frozen depths, cursing Batilla with his last breath.

However, Alvaro had survived from the battle but was badly burned and rendered completely insane, obsessed with Batilla. As such, in March 1717, Alvaro allied himself with a French admiral and set a trap for Alonzo in the arctic. While backed by an entire fleet, Alvaro and his ally were nevertheless sank by the pirate, presumably for the last time.



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