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Altan Khan (1507 – 1582) was the ruler of the Tümed Mongols and de facto ruler of the Right Wing of Mongols. He was a descendant of Kublai Khan, leader of the Mongol Empire and Emperor of China.

He is well remembered not only for creating strong connections between Mongolia and Tibetan Buddhists, but also for being the first Mongol to cross the Great Wall of China.


Starting in 1529, the Mongols under Altan Khan began launching raids on the Chinese border to gain territory.[1] In 1532, Altan Khan launched an attack to enter China by attempting to cross the Great Wall of China with the aid of the Templar Zhang Yong, leader of the Eight Tigers. However, the Great Wall's gates were closed by the Assassin Shao Jun, and the Khan lost Zhang Yong's support when the Assassin killed him during the invasion.[2]



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