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Alsoomse was a woman of Shawnee ancestry who was renowned as a passionate and fearless warrior among her people.


As a child, Alsoomse stood out among the Shawnee for her preference for solitude.[1]

When she grew older, her reserved manners gave way to a fierce and aggressive temperament. She was an idealist who was always determined to uphold her convictions even at the risk of death. For this, she battled against the Templars who spread their influence to the European colonies around her homeland.[1]

In 2012 under the title of the Independent, her genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by Abstergo Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Templar company Abstergo Industries, to influence the general public via the Animus games console. When the hacking collective Erudito revised the publicized account of Alsoomse, they clarified that she was a hero against the Templars but noted that her story was in fact a total fabrication.[1]

Personality and traits

Because of her asocial behavior as a child, Alsoomse received the name that translates to "independent" in her language. The moniker was fitting for her nature, as she was somewhat of a maverick among her peers, but though she was introverted, she was not in any way meek. In adulthood, her true character came to express itself as the willful idealist she was. While others might shy from peril, Alsoomse would persevere in the face of all obstacles with unbridled courage, courage that stemmed from her willingness to die for her dreams. To the Templars, her ferocity made her a violent radical, but to her supporters, she was a heroic champion of justice and truth who did her best to defend her people and their culture.[1]

Like many Assassins indigenous to the northeast Americas, such as Ratonhnhaké:ton[2] and Atasá:ta,[1] Alsoomse favored a tomahawk in combat.


  • Alsoomse is a name of Algonquin origin that literally translates to "independent".
  • In the Abstergo Story, the database for Assassin's Creed III multiplayer, Erudito declares in their hacked version of her file that her story is "completely fabricated". This is in spite of the fact that they also correct her file such that it explains that she was actually a hero who fought against the Templars. Their corrections would seemingly contradict their last statement that her entire narrative is false unless their revisions themselves are meant to be sarcastic modifications of what is otherwise a profile without a grain of truth.