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Alponos (Ancient Greek: Ἀλπωνός) was a village and a small polis of ancient Greece, located in the White Crystal Hills region of Lokris.

The first village founded in the region, it also served as the naval base for the Greeks during the Greco-Persian Wars.


During the Peloponnesian War, the village was visited by the misthios Kassandra. While visiting a small shrine there, she recovered the original transcription of a theorem belonging to Zeno of Elea on the request of the philosopher Demokritos.[1]

Some time later, the village was visited by a mercenary claiming to be the "Eagle Bearer", under the guise of helping the village prepare to defend against a pirate invasion. Secretly, he was working with the pirates and sabotaged all he could.[2]

When the time came for the pirates' invasion, the imposter was no where to be found. Megakles, the only military leader of the village and the man who had accepted the imposter's help in the first place, eventually met with the real Eagle Bearer, Kassandra.[3] Attempting to clean up the imposter's mess, Kassandra accidentally made things worse.[2] Although, when the pirates attacked, she and Megakles readily defended the village, after which Kassandra was rewarded for her trouble.[4] Kassandra then tracked down the imposter to a nearby cliff overlooking the village and killed him. [5]


  • Historically, Alponos was allegedly abandoned by c. 426 BCE after an earthquake and tidal wave destroyed it.[6]



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