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"Alfie Gardner? Who's that? Where'd you hear that? I don’t know him."
―Alphonse de Marigot.[src]
Dandy Render

Alphonse de Marigot

Comte Alphonse de Marigot, known as Alfie Gardner as a youth, was an Englishman of humble origins. However, he quickly outgrew his background when he, at the age of 15, took on a job at the Comédie-Française in Paris. There, he made sure to meet various men of influence and power, thus increasing his own stature.


By his 18th year, Alphonse, having accepted a position aboard a merchant brigantine, had journeyed to the West Indies. Upon his patron's death, Alphonse inherited the business and subsequently established the de Marigot plantation in Martinique. By this time, he had come to regard his humble background with disgust, instead pretending to be of French origins, to the point of adopting the title of "Comte".

He would later meet a young, chatty stowaway called Charlie Oliver. Showing great affection for the boy, he gifted him with a tricorn. Unsure what to do with him, he introduced Charlie to the Templar Order.

In 2013, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the entertainment branch of the Templar company Abstergo Industries, to influence the general public via the Animus game console, under the title of the Dandy.


  • Comte is the French word meaning "count" or "earl". Alphonse is a French variant of the name Alfonso, likely derived from Germanic words adal ("noble") and funs ("ready"). Marigot is a town on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, whereas de is a French word for "from".
  • Alfie is a diminutive of Alfred, from Old English elements aelf ("elf") and ræd ("council, advice"). Gardner is a variant of the word "gardener".



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