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"So, this is what France has come to. Parasites bleeding the Revolution dry."
―Aloys la Touche, overseeing a public execution, 1793.

Aloys la Touche (unknown – 1794) was a former tax assessor, enforcer of the Roi des Thunes at the Cour des Miracles, and a member of the Templar Order.


Before the French Revolution, la Touche was part of the middle-class and worked as a tax assessor. However, he was dismissed from the office and charged with bribery after he discovered that 10,000 livres were missing from the King's treasury and wrote a report about it. Dedicated to his work, la Touche became frustrated over the aristocrats controlling the administration of the kingdom, believing that they were more interested in personal profit than doing their jobs.

Disillusioned and disgraced, la Touche joined the Cour des Miracles, where his newfound cruelty and his knowledge of the economy helped him to become the right hand of the Roi des Thunes. La Touche was present when his master applied for membership into the Templar Order, but was rejected by the Grand Master Francois de la Serre.

On Charles Gabriel Sivert's recommendation, both la Touche and the Roi des Thunes were later recruited by the extremist faction of the Order, led by the self-proclaimed Grand Master François-Thomas Germain.

After the death of the Roi des Thunes in 1791, Germain placed la Touche at the services of the fellow Templar Maximilien de Robespierre, to spread propaganda as a way of expanding the Templar influence among the populace. Robespierre entrusted la Touche to oversee his Reign of Terror in Versailles. Due to la Touche's role in the turmoil in Versailles, he was feared and hated among the populace.

La Touche was eventually killed by the Assassin Arno Dorian in 1793, while overseeing an execution of Arno's old acquaintances Hugo and Victor, who were set to be killed by guillotine.




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