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Over the course of his time in the West Indies during the early 18th century, the pirate Alonzo Batilla came across many treasures, the maps to which he would retrieve from the wrecks of merchant and patrolling ships alike, after having engaged them in naval combat.


Hernán Cortés - The Spanish Conquistador

San José - The Rich Galleon

Imperio Español - The Treasure Fleet

Gems - The Rare Stones

Lovers' souvenirs - Dangerous Liaisons

British Empire - The Navy's finest

Aztec relics - Of Gods and Men

Mayan relics - The Lost Empire

Inca relics - Children of the Sun

Strange artifacts - The Oddest Treasures

Henry Morgan - The King of Pirates

François l'Olonnais - The Bane of the Spanish

Exquemelin - The Barber Surgeon

African relics - A plundered continent

Sea treasures - Rare finds

Lucky charms - Symbols of future wealth

Rare weapons - From all over the world

Snuff bottles - Crafted in the Orient

Alcohol - Drunk on plunder

Mayan Genesis - The Creation Myth

Lords of the Night 1 - The 9-day cycle

Lords of the Night 2 - The character archetypes

Lords of Light - Deities of the Earth

Vikings artefacts - First explorers

Mayan Weapons - Classic headbreakers

Chess Pieces - Ancient gameplay

Animal Kingdom - Holy figures

The Zodiac - The Sun's path

The Zodiac - The Moon's path

Headdresses - Gorgeous adornments

Independence Day - Revolutionary war artifacts

Pirates' Day - Navigation tools

Halloween - Esoteric stuff

Christmas - Celebration items

Chinese New Year - Chinese pirates' treasure


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