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Alonso Pinto was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Spanish Inquisition.


Born during the Spanish Inquisition, Alonso acted as bosun on over a dozen ships, climbing the main mast, leaping from ropes and hanging from the sail in the heaviest of gale winds.

He was once a member of the Spanish Navy, but his tendency toward laziness and insubordination to his superiors earned him a formal discharge. After he left the navy, Alonso joined Rodrigo de Mendoza's pirate crew and found a kinship with his new captain and lifestyle.

When Rodrigo joined the Brotherhood, Alonso followed suit, hoping for a chance to face off with his former commanding naval officers.

Personality and traits

Alonso Pinto was a seasoned sailor with a wise cracking wit and a cynical sense of humor. While in a fight, his talent for acrobatics stunts made him a difficult and unpredictable opponent.


  • Alonso is a Spanish variant of the name Alfonso, meaning 'noble and ready'. Pinto is Spanish for 'spotted'.



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