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Alonso Pinto was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Reconquista.


Born during the Renaissance, Alonso joined the Spanish Navy, where he served as bosun over a dozen ships, climbing the main mast, leaping from ropes and hanging from the sail in the heaviest of gale winds. However, his tendency toward laziness and insubordination to his superiors earned him a formal discharge. After leaving the navy, Alonso joined Rodrigo de Mendoza's pirate crew and found a kinship with his new captain and lifestyle.[1]

When Rodrigo joined the Brotherhood, Alonso followed suit, hoping for a chance to face off with his former commanding naval officers.[1]

Personality and traits

Alonso Pinto was a seasoned sailor with a wise cracking wit and a cynical sense of humor. While in a fight, his talent for acrobatics stunts made him a difficult and unpredictable opponent.[1]

Behind the scenes

Alonso is a Spanish variant of the name Alfonso, meaning 'noble and ready'. Pinto is Spanish for 'spotted'.