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The Aloadai, also in the form of Aloades, is the term used to refer to the giant sons of the god Poseidon in Greek mythology, Otos and Ephialtes.


The Aloadai were born after Iphimedeia, a mortal woman, fell in love with Poseidon. Because of her love, she often walked the shores of the Naxos Island and gathered sea water into her lap. Sometime after, the twins were born.[1]

Over the course of their lives, the twins threatened the Olympians by trying to climb there, piling up mountain after mountain.[2] They also imprisoned the god of war, Ares, within a bronze jar for thirteen months after he slew Adonis, the beloved of the goddess Aphrodite.[3]


After their death, the Aloadai were buried on Naxos island, where their tomb was visited by the Spartan misthios Kassandra during the Peloponnesian War. She also infiltrated a fort named after the twins.[4]



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