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Connor chasing an Almanac page

The Almanac pages referred to stolen copies of Poor Richard's Almanack by Benjamin Franklin. These editions secretly contained crafting recipes for inventions by Franklin and other scientists of the day.


In 1754, while staying in Boston, Franklin's copies were stolen. Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee noticed his distress and approached him, who Franklin informed them of what happened, adding that if they could find the missing pages in their spare time, he would reward them.

During the American Revolutionary War, Haytham's son Ratonhnhaké:ton located the stolen pages in Boston and New York and used the crafting recipes to build a scientific display in the Davenport Homestead. These included:


  • In the Animus, the almanac pages are displayed as blowing around the cities, which Haytham and Connor must chase after.
  • The achievement "Blowing in the Wind" could be earned by completing an almanac.