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All Things Come to He Who Waits was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore learned from Rosa about a ship returning from Cyprus. He headed to the Arsenal Shipyard to investigate. He followed a courier into the city and discovered that Rodrigo Borgia was also in Venice.


He who waits 1

Ezio reaching for the shipping manifest

Ezio was seated on a bench. Rosa approached him.

  • Rosa: There you are, Ezio. Why so serious?
  • Ezio: It's my birthday.
  • Rosa: Davvero (Really)? Cento di questi giorni (Happy birthday). That's wonderful!
  • Ezio: Is it? It's been over ten years since I watched my father and brothers die. Ten years hunting the men responsible. I'm so close to the end now, closer to understand what any of it was for.
  • Rosa: You may not see it, Ezio, but it's better here now because of the things you've done. Basta (Enough). Look, here. I have a birthday present for you. It's L'Arsenale's shipping manifest, from the day the boat left.
  • Ezio: The boat to Cyprus? You're serious?
  • Rosa: And guess when it's scheduled to return? Tomorrow.

Leonardo approached Ezio.

  • Leonardo: Ezio!
  • Ezio: Leonardo?! When did you get back?
  • Leonardo: Just now. I need to talk to you. Right away.
  • Rosa: Go on. Have fun, boys.
  • Ezio: This better be good.
  • Leonardo: Oh, it is! It is! Walk with me. Stay close.

Ezio and Leonardo walked through Venice.

  • Leonardo: These last two codex pages...I was studying the copies. I don't know why I never saw it before! But when put together, I realized the markings on the back clarify into words. Here: "The Prophet will appear when the second piece is brought to the floating city."
He who waits 3

The package being delivered at the docks

  • Ezio: Prophet...? "Only the prophet may open it... two Pieces of Eden..."
  • Leonardo: What are you saying? Ezio, what is this?
  • Ezio: We've known each other a long time, Leonardo. If I can't trust you, there is nobody. My uncle Mario spoke of it long ago. A prophecy hidden in the Codex.... leading to an ancient vault that holds something... very powerful.
  • Leonardo: Grandioso (How grand). But, if you took these pages from the Barbarigo, then maybe they know about this vault too. That's not good.
  • Ezio: Wait...what if that's why they sent the ship to Cyprus? To find this...Piece of Eden...and bring it back to Venezia.
  • Leonardo: "When the second piece is brought to the floating city..."
  • Ezio: "...The Prophet will appear...only the prophet can open the vault..." My God! When my uncle told me about the Codex I was too young, too brash to imagine it was anything but an old man's fantasy! But now I see....the killing of Mocenigo....even the father and was all part of his plan! To find the vault...the Spaniard!
  • Leonardo: Rodrigo Borgia.
  • Ezio: The boat from Cyprus arrives tomorrow. I plan to be there to meet it.
  • Leonardo: Good luck, my friend.

They departed. The next day Ezio found the boat returning from Cyprus and saw a guard carrying the Piece of Eden off the boat and giving it to another guard. He then saw his uncle watching as well.

  • Ezio: Uncle Mario...? Where are they taking it?
He who waits 5

The courier is given instructions

Ezio followed the courier carrying the Piece of Eden. He reached a checkpoint.

  • Guard: The Maestro awaits. He will not suffer mistakes. Package it correctly. Do it now.
  • Ezio: The Spaniard's here?! That changes things. If I can infiltrate this group...take the place of the courier....they'll lead me right to the figlio di puttana (son of a bitch).

Ezio assassinated the courier and took his place.


Ezio assassinated the courier and used his armor as a disguise.


  • Rosa greets Ezio with the Joker's signature phrase "Why so serious?" from The Dark Knight.



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