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Alkibiades (c. 450 BCE – c. 404 BCE) was an Athenian statesman, orator, and general.

A friend of Sokrates and a relative of Perikles, he made the acquaintance of the misthios Kassandra during the Peloponnesian War.


Befriending Kassandra

Around 431 BCE, Alkibiades was present in a gathering hosted by Perikles. As he arrived, he prepared to indulge freely. Kassandra needed information from him, and in turn he asked her to bring him and his companions oil for their activities and asked her to join in. After Kassandra fulfilled his request, Alkibiades learned she was seeking a woman who had fled Sparta a long time ago, and suggested she seek out Anthousa in Korinthia.[1]

Olympic Games

A few years later, Alkibiades met Kassandra again at the docks of Kyllene in Elis while she was transporting the Spartan pankratist Testikles to the Olympic Games in Sanctuary of Olympia at the request of the Spartan king Pausanias. Unfortunately, a drunk Tesktikles attempted to hug Kassandra, only for her dart out of the way as he tripped over a basket of fruit and fell into the water, where he was slain by sharks. Following Testikles' demise, Alkibiades volunteered Kassandra to take his place.[2]

After Kassandra won the first sparring matches against Orion and Erastos, Alkibiades began to feel ill while complimenting her. Barnabas and Kassandra suspected he'd been poisoned, especially after learning he'd been celebrating with the Olympic judges Demophanes and Kallias. Luckily for Alkibiades, he didn't consume enough poison for it to kill him immediately like the other party guests and Kassandra was able to recover the antidote at Fort Koroibos, saving his life.[3]

Personality and characteristics

As a young man, Alkibiades harbored not only a somewhat flamboyant attitude but also a rather insatiable libido, frequently engaging in threesomes and even foursomes with men and women together. He was not against morally questionable, if not illegal, means for his own personal gain, and he had Kassandra perform many such illicit tasks for him as well. He got rid of Diodoros whom he owed money, attempted to poison a rival politician, and instructed Kassandra to steal an olisbos from a woman whose husband controlled trade routes—all without any qualms. Nonetheless, he did help a woman escape from her supposedly abusive husband "out of the goodness of [his] own heart".[4]

Behind the scenes

Alkibiades is a historical figure who features in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey as a supporting character voiced by the Canadian actor Tyrone Savage. When asked who he would choose to romance with in the game during a comedic Q&A video, Alexios' actor Michael Antonakos answered Alkibiades.[5]