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Aliyah Khan is an English card shark who was a former dropout of the London School of Economics. She is the estranged daughter of the Templar Fahad Khan, who abandoned Aliyah's mother when he discovered she was pregnant. Aliyah is a descendant of Omar Khaled, an Assassin during the late-17th and early-18th century.


Early life

At the age of 5, Aliyah went to live with her aunt. While there, she was stuffed in a washing machine by her cousins as a cruel joke. Although she was later saved by her aunt, she learnt that it was her aunt who had instructed her children to push Aliyah into the machine to teach her lesson. Aliyah then fled the household and from the trauma caused by the event, she developed claustrophobia.[1]

Aliyah's experiences in primary school and her foster homes were less than pleasant. She never had any friends, nor did she want any. Instead, Aliyah spent her time scheming. One scheme involved stealing tests from previous years and selling them to her classmates for a small profit. However, one day Aliyah gave a test out for free to a less-than-fortunate student named Emma nicknamed "Pudding-Face" by others for her weight. The act of charity helped Aliyah realize that she liked helping the underdogs. Aliyah, noticing how Emma was constantly bullied by others, taught her some Silat moves to help defend herself. However, after Emma had defended herself from bullies and returned from a suspension, Aliyah noticed that she had become the bully and somewhat regretted helping her.[2]

Aiding the Assassins

In late 2019, Aliyah was engaged in a street card game, using slight of hand she scams a rich fool out of £100. Eventually the police arrive and break up her game, she is forced to flee. Finding a hiding place in a garbage dumpster Aliyah waits patiently for the police to pass. While hiding in the darkness of the dumpster her claustrophobia starts to get the better of her, but she breathes through it until the police pass her by.[3]

Taking the underground subway home, she gives a homeless beggar her winnings. After the man objects to the high amount she assures him and leaves. After arriving home to her flat, her room-mate Bianca tells her to shower immediately as she still smells like a dumpster. Bianca then reminds Aliyah that she still needed to repay Bianca's father for his investment into their crypto company scheme, a joint-effort originally thought up with Jarrod Eubanks—a former business partner who had since run off with the investment. Bianca's father will lose his home if Aliyah does not pay him back, which she swears to do however she can.[3]

Traveling to the enclave of Chinatown, she met the Assassin Gavin Banks while playing poker in an attempt to earn enough money to pay back her investors in the Crypto market. Having lost all of her chips to him, Aliyah sought out Gavin after the match and demanded to know his identity. Gavin gave her an address, telling her to find it if she wished to know more.[3]

The next day, Aliyah was contacted by the registrar of the school, learning that she was given the chance to return to the institution, her funds having been paid by an "alumni." Later that day, after recovering from her shock and disbelief, Aliyah met with the registrar and the other higher-ups of the school to learn that it was indeed the truth. She surmised the mysterious "alumni" could be none other than Gavin Banks.[3]

Following the address given, she then went to meet Gavin, which led to a warehouse on the London Docklands. She was met at the door by My'shell Lemair, who granted her entry. My'shell quickly grew annoyed at Aliyah's constant questions. The duo were then joined by Gavin who explained himself to Aliyah, telling her that he knew where her former business partner—Jarrod Eubanks hid her money. If Aliyah was to help Gavin and his associate, he would reveal the whereabouts of the money. Gavin summarizes the Assassin-Templar War for Aliyah and tells her of her ancestor Omar Khaled—an Assassin and apprentice to Isaac Newton—from the 1600s. Using the Animus, Aliyah relived Omar's memories to find an inscription on rare Royal Mint coin. The inscription contains a code word to help stop a computer virus in modern day. After some hesitation, Aliyah agreed to enter the Animus in exchange for the promised return of her crypto funds.[3]

Entering the simulation, Aliyah is brought into 1696 London in the mind and body of her ancestor Omar Khaled. However something appears very wrong, Aliyah cannot see anything only darkness. She hears Omar save two beggars from a runaway horses before calling to be let out of the Animus. My'shell then informed her that Omar was, in fact, blind. Aliyah, confused at how she can possibly be able to see an inscription of a coin if her ancestor was blind was told be Gavin to be patient. The blindness of her ancestor somewhat set off her claustrophobia, but she agreed to go back in to get the information Gavin needed.[3]

After further reliving Omar's memories of an explosion, Aliyah was almost pulled from the Animus after a time when her vitals started to elevate. Gavin, however urged My'shell she continue.[3] After some time, the simulation ends and Aliyah is startled out of the Animus. My'shell informs them that the Templars are near and begins to pack.[1] Someone had been monitoring the Animus, however there is no one outside the facility. Gavin wanted Aliyah to continue, but before she did she asked about the coin she was searching for. Gavin told her that the inscription on the coin is a kill code for a new software program Abstergo intended to influence the Dark Web with. Knowing what would happen if she were to leave, Aliyah elected to get back into the Animus.[2]

The Templars then close in on the warehouse and the trio are forced to flee via a secret underground waterway. My'shell grabs the hard-drives and they escape, the tunnel leads to a shipping container. Loud noises sound from outside, checking on My'shell's mobile they track the Templars' movements. My'shell passes Aliyah her phone, but due to her claustrophobia getting the better of her again she drops the phone making a thud that alerts a Templar. When he opened the shipping container My'shell slit his throat with her Hidden Blade, Aliyah horrified continued to panic.[2]

After Gavin calms her down, they eventually make their escape and hide out in the London Zoo. While discussing where to get another Animus the group come to the realization that there isn't another Animus in London. Aliyah then suggested the London office of ExploreDNA—an Abstergo run ancestry service—located in Soho. That night, entering under the guise of cleaners, Aliyah and My'shell sneak around to find a DNA terminal for Aliyah to plug in her VR headset. When they are apprehended by a security guard Aliyah tackles him to the ground and tape him up. Returning to the VR headset and logging in, Aliyah enters the simulation. Finding herself inside a Memory Corridor, she is greeted by an artificial intelligence calling itself Shaun Hastings. After My'shell turns off the AI, Aliyah enters the ExploreDNA server's simulation.[2]

Personality and traits

Aliyah suffered from claustrophobia, a condition which she had inherited from her father.[3] After her stint in the Animus, however, Aliyah noted that she no longer felt claustrophobic in dark spaces nor was she afraid of the dark, even saying she felt in her element. This was due to Omar's blindness, so she had gotten used to fighting without seeing. [citation needed] Aliyah has at least a basic knowledge and experience in Silat martial arts.[2]

Aliyah also possesses a no-nonsense attitude and has a strong moral code against the rich and ignorant. She excels in poker and has a strong knowledge of probability and percentages, this coupled with her talent for slight of hand made her good at scamming people out of their money.[3] Aliyah developed a hatred of the Britney Spears song "...Baby One More Time" after her cousins played it on full volume when they locked her in the washing machine.[1]



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