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Alif was a Moroccan member of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins during the Renaissance.


Growing up on a small coast village in Morocco, Alif was kidnapped by a group of pirates at the age of 6. He was put to work as a cabin boy and as he grew up, he learned the seafaring ways during his time traversing the Mediterranean Sea with the pirate crew.[1]

11 years later, Alif and his crew attacked a Venetian cargo ship which was in reality a ship containing soldiers lead by a captain who served the Doge. While his fellow pirates were captured and executed, Alif managed to escape and tangle the captain with a fishing net. Impressed with his abilities, the captain spared Alif's life and took him under his tutelage. Alif was then directed to the Assassin Brotherhood in Rome, who took him as a promising recruit.[1]

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