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Alice Adler (died November 2017) was an Abstergo technician and member of the Templar Order. Alongside her Templar husband Thomas Adler, she had a daughter named Elisa.

Adler was in charge of the Animus in which was plunged Maxime Gorm, the grandson of the English Assassin Eddie Gorm


Following an accident which rendered Adler's daughter totally amnesiac, Alice and Thomas stole an Animus and one of the Abstergo's subjects, the comatose Maxime Gorm, and fled to Madrid. The Adlers used Gorm as a test subject in order to find a cure for their daughter by trying to heal the young man's broken psyche through the Bleeding Effect. In order to do so, they submitted him to several painful sessions in the Animus and came to believe that the missing key to their researches was an Apple of Eden.

Taking Elisa as his patient, the doctor Florent Carpentier seduced the young woman and convinced her that a surprise visit to her parents in Madrid was a good idea, as being surrounded by people who loved her was the best way to recover her memories. As the Adlers were arguing about Elisa presence in Madrid, with Thomas also noticing the looks between his daughter and Carpentier, Maxime Gorm suddenly appeared in the living room.

To the horror of Elisa, the young man revealed that he was also an amnesiac that her parents had kidnapped and were experimented on in their basement. While the Adlers were trying to explain themselves to their daughter, Carpentier made a quick call to the Brotherhood to let them know that he found Gorm and that he was proceeding to his elimination. Carpentier threw a knife toward Gorm, but the knife instead hit Thomas in the chest, killing him instantly. As he moved toward Elisa, Claire jumped on him and begged Gorm to protect her daughter before the Assassin stabbed her brain with his Hidden Blade.



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